Zoho CRM For Real Estate Agents – Real Estate Software Tools

Zoho CRM For Real Estate Agents – Real Estate Software Tools

– My name is Lior Izik, and I’m a business consultant
located in Toronto, Ontario. In the past few years, I had multiple real
estate agent customers, and together we created
a very interesting CRM that is working amazingly
for real estate agents. The big problem with real estate agents is that they will have a
problem to manage themself. Because they work by themself, they’re not accountable to anyone, and that’s the biggest problem. The system that I created
is managing yourself. It’s managing you. So basically, you manage yourself. But you cannot avoid the system ’cause it’s very persistent, okay. It’s like a Polish wife. It’s always after you. So this is really the
system that we created here. Now on top of it, it will also manage your taxes. It will help you with how much
money you need to keep aside for the government. It will help you to know how much money you made on the deal, and so on and so on. Let’s dive into the system
so I can show you a bit more. So first of all, everything
starts with a lead. Not all the leads will proceed in the order of hello, my name is Lior, I have a nice property to sell. You will say, “Great, I
like to sell your property. “Send me the contract,
I’m sending, I’m signing.” In real life, not all
the deals work like that. The person will be on vacation, sick. He will not answer your phone calls and so on and so on. The system that I created is
basically doing exactly that. So let’s assume, you see here you have the
different transitions. Let’s assume that you have a contact that you’re trying to call
and he’s not answering you. You will click on Missed 1. And whenever you click on Missed 1, the system will ask you when you like to have the next follow-up. So let’s say that tomorrow at 11 a.m. I like to have the next follow-up. I click Save, and the
system will do two things. One, it will send an email to LeBron and it will tell him, “Hey, this is Lior. “I tried to call you, there was no answer. “I will try to give you a call back “later on today or tomorrow.” Now LeBron is getting an email from me. I never clicked the
button to send an email. The system did it automatically for me. Now you also can see that the
system created a follow-up with James LeBron tomorrow at 11 a.m., which means this notification
will be also on my calendar. So as you can see, things
are getting wrapped up, and I won’t let you
forget about your leads. Let’s assume that you did talk to him. You click on Contacted, and then all the fields
that you need for the deal will be in front of you. You will have the first
name, the last name, what property is he interested in, maybe it’s residential,
maybe it’s a condo, if it’s a commercial property or not, the property size, maybe like few of them. And you will fill the details
based on the client needs. Whenever you finish, you click on Save, and the system will take
you to the next steps. You can have more follow-ups. You can contact in the future. Maybe the lead will say that
it’s a great opportunity but not right now, call
me in three months. Everything can be managed
using those buttons. At the moment that we have an opportunity, which means the lead will
tell you, “You know what? “I like to proceed with you,
please send me a contract.” You click on Create an Opportunity. The system is registering everything by itself automatically,
and the bottom line is that you have an
opportunity for James LeBron. Right now, it’s in Qualification Process, and as you move through the deal, there will be different stages, and every stage will initiate
different requests from you. For example, when it’s
Representation Agreement, the system will automatically
send the agreement to the client. The system is doing everything for you. Let me show you something cool. I’m clicking now… One second, let me just allow pop-ups. The system now wants to send
a representation agreement. I’m clicking here, and I’m selecting the
representation agreement from the system. I click Add. And now the system is
trying to map the fields. So I will map the fields, and that needs to be only one time. I’m matching the fields. The prospect is already
preloaded to the system. And I click on Quick send. The result is that the client just got a document for signature. When I’m clicking to sign, it’s exactly like DocuSign and
all the other applications. And I can click on Start signing. I have my full name, initials, and as you can see, my initials already
prefilled in the system. I’m just clicking around like you do in every other application. I have my number, and then I finish. And that’s it. The thing is that using this system, I didn’t need to click too much. The same thing will be
for the listing agreement. The listing agreement will pull all the
information from the deal into the listing agreement, which means I don’t need
to waste time anymore on creating documents. Everything is done by the system, ‘kay. Here we have, for example, the money. So that’s a percent deal. I’m getting two and a half percent. And now let’s fill more details. And I like the system to calculate the amounts
for me automatically. I will have also referrals fee for, it will be like
1000 bucks referral fee from the person who’s going
to renovate the kitchen. And my expenses were 100
bucks for the printing, and brokerage fees, let’s say, was 350. And I spent some gas on this deal. Let’s say 60 bucks. When I’m entering all the
information to the system and I refresh the page, you can see that I’m getting
here the bottom line. The bottom line is that I earned, from this deal, 20,490. That means that all the expenses are being calculated for me. All the income is being calculated, and I know exactly how much
money I have in my pocket from this deal. Now sometimes agents will
have to split commission with someone else. Let’s say there is a 10,000
bucks for another agent. The system will know exactly
what is my cut from this deal. Now whenever I’m closing
the deal, Closed Won, and I click Save, the system will create an invoice to the brokerage on my name. Everything is being registered. Only when the brokerage will pay me, this invoice will get closed, which means there is no more money that’s floating somewhere
that I don’t know about. Now that’s only the CRM. That’s one part. Using Zoho, you can
build your own website. It’s a drag-and-drop system. You can write whatever you want, and whenever you finish,
you click Publish, and the website is live. You don’t need the web developer. You don’t need any smart person to do this stuff for you. You can do it yourself. My website is based on Zoho Sites, like millions of others’ websites. You can have an analytic system that will tell you exactly how many people were on your website, what pages are they looking
at, what properties, where, specifically, the
cursor of the mouse is moving. You will know everything
based on the system, and it’s all part of one system. You can have social management system. If you know Hootsuite, this
is exactly like Hootsuite. You have one place that
you post your messages and they’re being spread all over all your social marketing assets. For example, on my Sunday, I will spend two hours
creating all my post messages, or my social messages, and I will schedule them
every two, three days, and then my followers will think that I’m
actually sending messages every two, three days, which I’m not. I just do it in advance when I have time. You can do the same
thing using Zoho Social. Now when people interact with you and they’re asking questions, you can respond to them using Zoho Social. You will not need to log in anymore to 50 different social media assets. Everything is being done using one place. Zobot is a very cool feature that you can have on your website. You can have this widget, and this widget basically
will have an interaction between the person sitting at home, looking at your website, and yourself. Whenever someone is chatting with you from the website, you
will get a notification on your cell phone. It will say that someone
like to chat with you. You click the button, and
you start chatting with them from your cell phone. It’s very cool, right? The SalesInbox also is
another very cool feature. There are 45 different features, right, this is only one of them, that you can get all your
emails into the SalesInbox. And it will spread all your mails into categories of deals,
leads, wannabe people, and you can actually put
your time into the majors and not the minors. Spend less time and
make more money, right? Zoho Campaigns, beautiful system. It’s like Mailchimp,
but the only difference between Mailchimp and Zoho Campaigns, that Zoho Campaigns is integrated into your
CRM, huge difference. For example, let’s say that I have leads that I was not able to close. Those are dead leads. They came to me with an intention, but I was not able to convert them. Now in that case, I will try to create
Campaigns that have meaning, that will create trust, so in two, three years, when
they want to sell or buy, they will come to me. Those people can be integrated
into Zoho Campaigns, which means I’m creating a campaign that will be specifically
for those lost leads. Now I can give you an
example as an investor. I’m selling and buying
properties all the time, and I’m working with multiple agents. The problem is that when
they’re sending me emails, all the emails are pretty much garbage ’cause they’re using one company that will send all the
emails to their clients, but they’re using the same information, which means I’m getting
40 different emails from 40 different agents,
and the content is identical. How weird it is, right? So as you can understand,
I click on unsubscribe, and I don’t want to get any
more of their bullshit emails. So that’s exactly the
story with Zoho Campaigns. You’re going to spend some time, you will create quality emails, and you will deliver to specific
people at the same time. Another example, let’s
say that I’m a buyer and I’m looking for a condo. Is it making sense that you will send me an
email for a new house? It doesn’t make sense. I’m looking for a condo,
maybe a townhouse. It will be almost the same price range, but don’t give me a house. It’s double the price,
or three times the price. You need to deliver to your customers only what they’re after for, right? Makes sense. Zoho Survey, it’s an amazing system. The reason is that before
you have a project, you can send an email to your people, or maybe on social media, and ask them what they
think about your project. For example, I send on social
media my business cards and I ask people, “What do you think about
this business card? “Do you think they’re
good or bad, new colors?” And people start to interact with me on social media, offering advice. When I created my first
book, my second book, when I created different things, I always send it to social media, and people start to talk about it. This way I’m getting exposure before I even got the project. That’s amazing! My first book was sold,
almost thousand copies, before it even landed. That’s because I start to involve people, what chapters, what do you
think, and so on and so on. That’s the way to go. Zoho Survey will do the work for you. The survey will be sent. You will get the information. You know exactly what people
think about your next project. There are more and more tools in Zoho. There are 45 different applications. All combined will cost you
about 30 bucks per month. Yes, I know. Now you have two options. One, I can give you the system as is. Just be my client, you don’t
need to pay me anything for being my client. Just be my client, and
you can use my system. I will copy it for you for a minimal fee. It will be a few bucks. Don’t worry, it’s not a big number, and you can enjoy the
system as much as you want. You pay Zoho 30 bucks
per month, and it’s done. As long as you are my client, you will be able to use
the system free of charge. You won’t need to pay me anything, only pay Zoho what they need. If, in the future, you will need to have
any kind of modifications or you will need different services, I will be more than happy to help you. That’s it, that’s the story. No hidden fees, no contracts, nothing. Use the system, pay Zoho,
and we’re good to go. Thank you very much for listening. I hope I didn’t bombard you too much with too much information,
but if yes, that’s Zoho. It is what it is. Thank you very much. Talk soon, bye-bye.

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  1. Thanks so much, Lior! I definitely recommend this implementation for your ZOHO, Lior is quick to respond to all my emails and to get my account up and running. He went above and beyond, I'm planning on taking his course too, I can't say enough good things!

  2. Simply incredible! I've been looking for this type of automation for years. I'm a Toronto RE broker and this man not only knows what he is talking about but also has backed it up with customized processes /tasks. I'm very impressed – I would love to learn more. Thanks for a great video (it gave me a lot ideas on workflow/process)!

  3. Is there anyone on here using his system that can give a report. Does it works or how to contact him for more information

  4. Does the CRM work for Lead generation and Lead info capture in conjunction with the website and does the ZoHo website builder support IDX?

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