Yuhua Hamasaki NY Apartment Closet | RuPaul’s Drag Race Out Of The Closet

– Hi, it’s me, Yuhua Hamasaki, from Rupaul’s Drag Race season 10, and we’re currently in my apartment in New York City. (upbeat electronic music) Luckily, in New York City, I have a very large closet. It is separated into
different types of clothes. In New York City we live
in really restricted areas. Utilizing space is very important. Where we pack our wigs,
our costumes, our makeup, I mean, every inch counts. This whole closet, it’s mainly drag, it is about 85% drag and then 15%, or less, boy clothes. I have my towels for showering, I have my underwear, I have my t-shirts, and that’s it. Drag basically takes up my entire closet. When I first started doing drag, the definition of drag as
portrayed by other girls, was to have this pageant look. Padded hips, bras, big hair, dramatic makeup, but I think after doing
drag for so many years, and also getting off of drag race, it’s just finding that middle ground of who I really am, instead of listening to what
other girls were saying. Up here you have my promo look that I wore for the season 10 promo. You have the shoulder pads over here, and then you have the handcuffs over here, and then in the photos
you saw this big dress. I first wore this for the reveal, I don’t know if you
guys remember this look. This Asian look. That was the first impression
you guys got of me. It’s sucked away in a ziplock bag. Ugh, do we have to go over this again? Cus I’m (bleep) proud of my heritage okay. Drag has made me a much more confident, happy as a person, and I’m very proudful of who I am. Part of that is showing
off my Asian heritage. For the longest time after
I moved here from China I had a culture shock. It was shown on TV that
if you’re not blonde, blue-eyed, white, your culture is to be looked down upon. So as I got to do drag more and more, I found my confidence and happiness with my culture. This coat that I made
that I didn’t get to wear for the show because I got sent home. (electronic music) I love shoulder pads because it makes the person look more stronger and it gives that look of like, wow, you know what I mean? I don’t know how to explain it. I love shoulder pads. For the finale look I did
this big Asian look again, with a big headdress, big fan, I wanted to use the fan because I didn’t get to do it during the entrance look. I was supposed to do it but then TSA didn’t let me bring it through, so I was like, let me
show it off one more time. I was not even sure what I was gonna wear for the finale, until 3 hours I was going to fly to LA, to like to go to the airport, 3 hours, I made this. It’s really cool. I don’t know if you guys remember, I wore this on the episode
that I got sent home. This was when I was
dancing in the background and then Aquaria was doing her lines, I was dancing with one of the members, I was wearing this. Pink. This inside was the leotard that I wore when I said, “My hot and flexible body allows me to exercise in all different positions.” This was the leotard. Now I’m making money off of it. I started sewing at a young age. I used to make clothes for my Barbies, and my mom taught me how to do that. And then, eventually, I
started making clothes for myself, and then for friends, and then eventually word got around that I make clothes. I didn’t even think that it was gonna turn into a business, I just thought, “Hey,
I’m here making clothes, I’m saving money, I’m making the clothes according to my style and my fit,” and eventually it turned
into a domino effect. Since I got off the show, I really haven’t had
time to make anything, so this was kind of the first thing that I really made. This little leotard with a peplum dress, some shoulder pads, some
lace, some crystals. (high pitched “ee-ah” sounds) For Rupaul’s Drag Race the girls have worn the outfits, includes Monét X Change. She wore that for her best drag look. That was the episode that she said I wasn’t a designer, just a seamstress, she chose the best drag
look that I made for her. Also, Miz Cracker, where she did the inner saboteur. I also have this outfit
that I recently made. Isn’t it beautiful? The fabric came like this, I bargained for the fabric, I’m very proud of that. Come look at the details,
look at the details. Like the inside is like, really well-made, it’s lined amazingly. Very well-made. When I see another Queen saying that they made an outfit, or they had a designer make the outfit, I’m always curious
like, how much they paid for it, if they got ripped off or not. Like if they say “I paid this amount of money for it,” I won’t say to them, but I’ll flip it over and I’ll see the seams
and I’ll see the cut and I’ll be like, “Mm girl,
you got ripped off girl.” And then over here you have my jewelries, my magazines, my crowns, my trophies. The only one missing is Rupaul’s Drag Race season 10 winner, that’s
the only crown missing. I wore this for the first time when I walked into the workroom. Pretty cool, right? And then, I wore these earrings for the promo! Do you guys remember this? I’ve had these bracelets
for a very long time, I’ve had these for probably like, 5 years. They’re so cool. They’re like, spaceship bracelets. That sounds nice too. Sometimes when I’m performing, these bracelets are louder than the music when I’m performing because they just move so much, it creates so much noise. I like to look like a drag queen, I want to look like I
have this heavy makeup on, this big hair, these stupid costumes on, I don’t want to look like a woman because out of drag I kind of look like a woman so I want to look opposite of that. And then I have this that
I wore for the finale, it’s really heavy, I don’t know if you guys notice, but this is like 20 pounds on my head. Imagine me wearing this at the finale, it is crazy. If you guys rewatch the finale again, in the beginning I go out
wearing this headpiece, but after like 4 or 5 hours I was like, (bleep) this, I am taking it off. Because it is so heavy. It is very detailed, it is very well-made, I mean, just look how beautiful it is. From front to back. When I made the ankh dress I was thinking, what would Rupaul wear down a red carpet? Like I know she likes to
wear flowy dresses long, and then when I made the headpiece I just thought, I like futuristic looks. I was thinking, Teletubbies. I was thinking of a circle on my head, and I was like, this looks kind of boring, so let me put a bow on top of it, and then little did I know, it was supposed to replicate an ankh. Well here’s more headdresses. As you can probably recognize this one. Ankh ankh! And then I have more here
that I didn’t get to wear. This would have been for Hats Incredible. How beautiful is this? This hat’s actually worn by emperors back in ancient China, it’s very inspired by that, it’s made of beads, crystals, it’s very very grand. Wee! So this I would have worn for the Mermaid’s Challenge, it is very huge. It’s big, it’s grand, it is just beautiful, just look at it. It’s very detailed. This one I would have worn
for Miami Summer Realness. Isn’t it beautiful? So much feathers. This was made by one of
my really good friends, her name is Cheng Huai Chuang, and this is like a mask
with safety pins all over, it’s very warrior-like. For inspirations before Drag Race I would look up costumes that were worn in concerts like Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears or Rihanna. But now, I just look for streetwear. I think it’s so cool, very urban, baggy, it’s like, streetwear but
good enough for red carpet. And this is where I sew, darling! Shall we make something? (machine whirring) Some people like to paint, some people like to draw, some people like to write. I like to sew. That is my relaxing moment where I can just tune out every thought and just focus on this. I think I’ll be in New York forever. I’ve tried traveling in LA before, Chicago, Seattle, UK, most cities, let’s just say that. I love New York City because I don’t know how to drive, it is 24/7 here, it is close to everything
I need to get to. I mean, I live three blocks away from the fabric store. How amazing is that? Thank you guys so much
for watching this video! I hope you guys learned
something new about me, but guess what? Rupaul’s coming to town to my apartment for dinner, so get out of my closet!

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