YouTube challenge – 5 day challenge for Realtors®

YouTube challenge – 5 day challenge for Realtors®

Get ready because we are doing a YouTube
challenge! Hey, welcome back to my channel. My name is Karin Carr. I am a
Realtor® in Savannah Georgia and I teach other real estate agents how to get
business from YouTube for free. Because that’s how I roll. I am super excited
because I’m going to be doing my first five day challenge ever!
We are going to do one thing each day for five days in a row to help you get
your YouTube channel optimized so you can start getting business – and I don’t
just mean leads, I mean people that find you on YouTube and call you and say – “Oh my gosh, I feel like I know you already! I’ve seen you on TV so many times! I can’t believe I’m finally gettin’ to talk to you!” Yes,
this actually happens all the time. Hence the reason I’m doing this YouTube
challenge.We are going to start on Monday, May 13th. It is going to go five
days in a row, Monday through Friday, at noon pacific/3 p.m. Eastern. So sign up
for the YouTube challenge below at this link and I will get you into the group
where we’re going to do it. I will send you notifications before we go live each
day and yes, there will be replays for those of you that can’t make it live. I’ve
designed this for people that are not yet doing video at all on YouTube, or
maybe you’ve been doing videos but you’re not getting leads from it yet.
We’re gonna overhaul your YouTube channel to set you up for success. So
click the link below sign up for the YouTube challenge and I will see you on
May 13th.

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  1. Trying to join but email link and Messenger link says, “Link is broken or expired”. Checklist has never downloaded. Please advise. Would love to watch.

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