YOUNG WOMAN Converts Truck into Full Time MICRO HOME to Ditch Apartment Living

My name is Magali Cote and I’m the owner
of an F-150 converted into a camper. I was studying commercial diving, had
like three months left on my course but my rent was over. I didn’t want to get
into a new rental apartment so I figured you know might as well just organize
the back of my truck and make it work. My dad helped me. We had both a lot of
experience you know him as the passionate woodworker and me as a welder
and he was putting me in like second and third gear to work faster and we did
this in two weeks. We did like 12 to 14 hour days and it was done. My jobs have
always been to work away. I either work up north. I work on the boat. I owned two
houses in my life and I felt like I had to work to pay my house. I did this and
you know what? It’s been the greatest thing. I can enjoy the time I have here
and I don’t have to spend it working all the time. I can just enjoy life at its
purest and simplest. I’m free. Welcome to my nano home on wheels. This
is a beautiful F-150 dark grey. It’s a five liter. There’s not much modified on
the outside of it so it’s pretty stealth. So basically it’s just a little camper
shell made out of fiberglass. I cut a hole on top to install a vent. The other
modification I did is install a little hook to dry my wet suits,
that’s all. I didn’t want to have any clothes in the back because when I’m
cooking everything smells like what I’m eating so basically my clothes are
separated from my little living area. My walk-in wardrobe. I have some jars here.
It’s very simple. It’s really cheap. Plastic drawers and I can still use my
seats when I remove this and I can have guests coming in and out and on the
other side I store my little insulation for my window. This is my shower bucket. I open this bad boy up and then I just throw some hot water in there. There’s a
little hose and I put it on top of my truck and with gravity it feeds down and
I can just rinse after a dive. I can put my shoes here. All my tools are in
here. The pole here to hang all my wetsuits and my jackets and in the back
of the seat here I can store my free diving fins. They’re really fragile so
I’d rather for them behind the headrest in the back of my truck so that’s how I
keep them safe. Everything is accessible from here. Can
turn my electricity on. It’s two AGM batteries. When I start my truck it
charges my battery. When I’m driving when I notice my batteries are going down I
just flock to a friend’s house and overnight they’re fully charged. I have a
five pound propane bottle inside there. This propane bottle lasts me like a
month in the winter and I can cook make coffees and dinners and it cost me seven
dollars to fill it up. So I made my own disposable wipes basically just a little
square half-and-half water and the Natural Mayor’s soap and you squeeze the juice out of it and you can wash everything and you put this away and you
throw it in your laundry. I am on Vancouver Island. It rains half a year
here so I cut the tarp into a triangular shape to make it fit perfectly to the
back of my canopy to block that rain that’s coming in so I just have a sticky
velcro on each side one on my truck and then one here and it works. When I sold
my big house I had to give away like at least 25 plants to my friends. I do not
call them artificial plants they are “everlasting plants”. You can’t maintain a
plant if it’s gonna freeze anything’s gonna get killed. I have this little
heater for when I’m parked somewhere and I have access to power and if it’s cold
but all the stuff I have is just plastic camping stuff or outdoor dishes and you
know they make really cute stuff nowadays so you can get some stuff that
you cannot break and you know everything has to be tiny and or collapsible or you
know light construction tools mixed with utensils. Oh and I have a tuna jig, oh
well. The challenging part of building this truck was how the heck am I gonna
screw things in the walls? It’s just like 1/8 thick fiberglass. I cannot screw anything through it so I did glue with construction glue
wood blocks behind so I can screw my stuff here. My little spice rack and I
store my teas in there. This shelf is fairly tiny and I put like a little lip
on it to prevent it from falling. My beautiful double sink it’s a very very
simple system fresh water and then gray water here and it’s hooked up with a
regular drain it’s just it’s going down together to the gray water. This pump is
just activated by hand just like this and I use this water basically for my
coffees because I find this little plastic bottle it kind of gives like a
little bit of taste to the water and it goes away in the coffee so I don’t mind.
It needs to be changed and I just re-bleach it and make sure
everything is nice and fresh so I don’t store this water for a really long time.
You can see every item fits perfectly so I got those two bottles of water and
then I got a little container here that’s just you know it fits perfectly
in there. I don’t know, I guess it’s for cosmetics or makeup, toilet paper and
you know my little bags. I have a plug here that I use with my inverter. Those
switches are for the lights and when they’re turned on I have this light here
that shows which one is turned on so you know I’ve told my friend, “hey, I want to
do a kitchen remodel”, so I ordered a $20 backsplash. Don’t you wish your kitchen
remodel cost 20 bucks? It’s just a camping stove here
propane operated of course. When I use it I use the fan or I just open the back of
my truck. For more counter space I have this
tiny little jar, it’s maple. My dad gave it to me.
I’m from Quebec so maple means a lot for me. This here is an olive tray. It was
probably five bucks and you just screw it in, can store my jewelry in there or
whatever at night. I made myself the curtains with my sewing machine here.
They’re really good for at night you can barely see I’m inside. If I have
a double sink I have a toilet, right? So here it is. Home on wheels toilet on
wheels everything’s there and when I have guests it turns into a laz-e-boy. So
that’s a propane heater. The brand is Martin. When you fire it up it’s just
like this bright blue flame that comes out and it really kills all the humidity
I have in my truck and in minus 30 Celsius I can only tolerate five minutes of it. A
lot of people are like, “oh don’t get propane it’s a humidity issue for a
camper”, so first you need insulation and second if you’re gonna go with propane
you need a flame you cannot go with like a ceramic heater. This will create a lot
of humidity. Regular camping mattresses. The bottom
one is inflated more and the top one is barely inflated so basically I have a
pillow top camping mattress. When I built the truck I had another piece of plywood
that I would flip and that was the whole goal of having two mattresses and I can
convert it into a double bed but it’s kind of a project on the go and I have
to work on it. The bed sheet is from Amazon. It’s a flannel for massage table
great for small beds. I can use my inverter here if I need to and here I
have a special compartment that I can look and open up and use my wheel space
and have access to my electrical basically I use the space to store my
spare guns. It’s like a safe space to store my things that have a higher value,
I guess. I lock the back of my truck and I lock this. I have some little hooks to
prevent the drawers from opening when I’m driving. Every container has to fit. I bought so
many and returned so many to use all the space that I have. Coffee Department. I need
to figure a system that you can interchange your stuff. My fridge is a
Yeti cooler. I didn’t want to spend energy on an actual fridge. You can store
a lot of food in there.s I put one bag of ice and it lasts me one week and you can
fill it with beers go to the beach grab your fridge. It’s a fridge to go. When you find a way to get paid to do
your passions and to be happy with everything you do in your life this is
what I’m trying to achieve in my life. I just have a passion for it. I converted a
shed when I was 17 and I lived in a shed. Sometimes I look at some van builds too
and I’m like, “wow, I really did fit a lot in the back of my truck”. Doing a tiny
home on wheels is accessible to everyone. You don’t even need carpenter skills or
an engineering degree you will learn them as you go and you will grow doing
your build and I think it’s the greatest adventure.

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