Win a Custom Land Rover® Defender 110 and $20,000 // Omaze

Win a Custom Land Rover® Defender 110 and $20,000  // Omaze

When we say you can take your custom-built Land Rover Defender anywhere, we really do mean anywhere! That’s right. To support a great cause, Omaze is giving you the chance to win a customized Land Rover Defender courtesy of our friends at HIMALAYA. Now when it comes to building one-of-a-kind Defenders, nobody does it better than the world-class team at HIMALAYA. They begin with a custom-made chassis and then build it from the ground up with a powerful LS3 Corvette V8 engine. Then they add modern transmission, brakes, suspension and just about anything else you want, including an upgraded tire and wheel package, a modern, custom leather interior, adventure essentials, like a Front Runner roof rack, and a world-class paint job in any color you want. Oh, and not only are taxes and shipping included, but as a special bonus, Omaze is also throwing $20,000 in the trunk. So what are you waiting for? Click the link, or go to and enter now for your chance to win a custom-built Land Rover Defender, plus $20,000 cash. Best of all, every donation supports the National Geographic Society, a global nonprofit committed to exploring and protecting our planet. So hurry up! Go to, donate and good luck.

14 thoughts on “Win a Custom Land Rover® Defender 110 and $20,000 // Omaze

  1. I would love to win but you know I'm just going to be happy to know someone will be happy to win it and have some joy in their life

  2. This would be a dream come true!! Thanks Omaze for being such an awesome company and helping so many charities! I'm super stoked to support the National Geographic Society! You should think about doing one for the National Park Society too! Both are great organizations!

  3. This is a great way to help the National Geographic conservation program! It gets people excited to travel wherever they desire and see first hand how they are helping. Just entered!

  4. Just made my donation! I'm glad to help support National Geographic Society and to have the chance to win that beautiful car.

  5. definitely a beautiful truck, but wondering the irony. supporting wildlife conservation by giving away a 6.2L V8 4×4…. oh well I guess….I want it anyway!

  6. National geographic is a excellent cause to donate to, they ignited my love of photography and travel and the extra of having my favorite car up for grabs is insane good luck to everyone who entered with me 🙂

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