Why Isn’t Everyone Rich? | 6 Steps To Become Financially Free In The Next 5 Years

Why Isn’t Everyone Rich? | 6 Steps To Become Financially Free In The Next 5 Years

We’ve got more millionaires being made
right now than ever before. Like literally every 50 seconds, there’s a new
millionaire born. And every 2 days, there’s a brand new billionaire born.
Which is think about that like a thousand millions, it’s crazy. I mean
right now bottom line is 83% of the world’s wealth is going to the top 1%.
And so, that number is expanding, it’s increasing. And why shouldn’t it? I mean
in today’s day and age of technology, it’s wild, it’s crazy. We should have
more people experiencing more success. And yet, I’ve had a chance over the years
to get with tens of thousands of people. And I think ultimately diagnosed why
more people aren’t becoming more successful. And I think it comes down to
6 core ideas. First of all for the good news. In
today’s day and age, you have it easier than I did. You got it easier than
anyone’s ever had it. I mean, it is a crazy time for creating wealth like
never before. Because look at the resource. Social medias connected the
whole world. You’re literally a few conversations away from just about
anyone you could want to access in the world for making your dreams come true.
It’s pretty exciting. So ultimately, here’s the 6 things that I think you
need to keep in mind. Number 1, you’ve got to decide how you want to become
financially free. So for me, I did it through real estate because ultimately,
I’m like, “Wow, real estate has created more millionaires than anything else.”
Like, Dale Carnegie 90% of all millionaires did it real
estate. As real estate doesn’t care what you have or don’t have. It doesn’t care
about your education. And it most certainly doesn’t care whether you are
young or whether you’re old. So for me, like, my how was like, “I’m going to do it
through real estate investment” because it’s a super high probability if you do
things right. The second thing is once you know what you want to do, then you’ve
got to actually commit to doing it. And this is one of the hard problems that
people have is, there’s a lot of people that struggle with commitment. And
commitment means I know what I want and every day I am doing something about it.
Most people’s commitment however falters after weeks or months. And when you
really commit to something, at least for me, I decide until death no matter what,
I’m going to freaking figure this out and nothing gets in my way. And you need that
kind of resolve because the moment something doesn’t go your way or there’s
a or shortfall or something doesn’t work out, which by the way happens all the
time and no matter what you want to do. Like, that’s when the weak get weeded out.
You’ve got to decide upfront that you’re strong and you’re sticking with it and
no matter what. That’s what real commitment looks like. This third one is
hyper critical. You have got to get yourself a mentor.
Find someone that you respect. Yeah, subscribe to the YouTube channel, get
some of their books and materials. But at some point, you’re going to have to get live
with them to get into something more immersive. I mean, the reality is is that
anyone that is willing to teach you in today’s day and age, I think is pretty
amazing. If they’re the real deal, if they’re actually vetted, if they’re real,
it’s an honor to be able to find them, track them down and work with them.
Because most successful people are sick and tired of the judgments and the
ridicule and the jealousy of the world. So, they hide and when you find someone
that is actually willing to share with you, you want to figure out how to get in
their airspace. That is where you’re going to have your highest level of
commitment. Usually gonna get on a plane, get in a car, pay for a hotel, buy a
ticket. You got to do something to get in their airspace. You’re investing into
yourself. The people that aren’t willing to do that aren’t really committed.
They’re not really serious. But those who are, they give themselves the highest
likelihood of success. I have had physical proximity to over 30 different
mentors in the last 15 years that have brought me to where I’m at today. I had
to pay to get into every one of their air spaces. And everyone else that tells
you that they’re committed but they’re not willing to do that, it’s not showing
up on their pocketbook, it’s not showing up in their schedule, they’re not as
committed as they’re claiming to be. The fourth thing you have to do is you have
to be willing to invest. Like for me, I had to be willing to invest in real
estate. Now, it only took $5,000 to birth a million dollars in
profits. But getting that first $5,000, it took me 14 months of
saving. It was really hard to do. Whatever you’re going after, the reality is
it’s always going to take money. And the reality is we always have money for the
things that we’re committed to for the things that are important. I mean you
could be some crazy Star Wars fan and want to go to Disneyland to see galaxy
edge’s new park. And like you’d find a way to manifest the money so you can have
that experience. We get what we want in life. And so, when you know what you want,
when you’ve committed to it, when you gain proximity to a mentor to actually
guide and teach you in the process, then you’ve got to actually figure out how to
get super serious about saving money so you can put it
what matters. For me, that actually is how I paid for my first mentors, how I paid
for my first investments. Made all the difference. Okay, once you have all those
things put in place, there’s a couple more things that you need. Now, it’s time
to get a plan. I wouldn’t get a plan in place until you’ve been exposed to a
mentor until you’ve been setting some money aside and saving for investing in
in a program a property or with the business or whatever it is that you’re
going to be doing. You’ve got to get yourself a game plan which says, “Okay, now
that I know what I want, it’s now time for me to figure out how to get from
exactly where I’m at to that point right there.” In the game of real estate, I’ve
created thousands of game plans for people. Like, if you are subscribed to my
channel saying, “Kris, I want a game plan.” There’s a link below. You can get
yourself a free game plan. More importantly, I actually put my game plan
in a book that shows anyone how to become financially free through real
estate. And if you click the link below, you can have the book for free. I ask
that you cover the shipping and other than that, everything else is going to
get taken care of. And the sixth part which is probably the most important is
there’s got to be daily execution. This is the one thing that I feel like is
missing for most people. They might have a plan, they might even claim to have a
mentor. They might know how they want to become wealthy. But if every single day
you’re not doing something that moves you closer, then it’s not going to happen.
Like being a millionaire require a thousand decisions and maybe that’s one a day for the next
3 years. Those are the number of decisions you’re going to have to make
to actually build that wealth and have that. So, you’ve got to ask yourself “What
am i doing every single day to make this plan come true?”
So, listen. Thanks for watching this video. I hope it was really helpful. It’s made a
world of a difference for me in my life to getting to where I am. If you want to
get where you want to go and if you think real estate might be that path, you
can get my book for free. Otherwise, check out this upcoming video that I shot just
a little while back. Super popular. All about my millionaire strategy. Like
there’s a way no matter who you are to make your first million. Your first
million is the hardest. And then each one after that becomes successively, significantly
easier. So, check out that video. Make sure you are a subscriber. We’ll catch you

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  1. 100% agreed with 4:07. Investing is the main way to create wealth (including investing in yourself!). Great video!

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