Wholesaling Real Estate With No Money: Turns $1 into $9,200

Wholesaling Real Estate With No Money: Turns $1 into $9,200

29 thoughts on “Wholesaling Real Estate With No Money: Turns $1 into $9,200

  1. Dreams do come true! Forgot to thank God for helping with this! Thanks Ty!….By the Way, I'm from Boyertown Pennsylvania not High Desert CA

  2. Hi Ty, this is Justin Forte in Philadelphia. I have a couple properties under contract and I'm looking forward to closing my first wholesale deal. I have them marketed on Craigslist, Zillow, etc and I keep getting other wholesalers that say they can get it sold. What kind of agreement would I have to have with them to make sure I get paid and that they don't steal my seller? I guess they can't since I have it under contract but would I assign the contract to them and then they assign it to the end buyer? Thank you!

  3. Great Interview! I'm motivated even more to get these 3 sold https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCUT6PWTIGJgLYcwdC-i356rbz4a5OqHj

  4. hey i am kind of confused on the earnest money deposit. Why did he only put $1 down? is this because the cash buyer paid for the earnest money deposit? i am taking so many notes and just want to clear this part up!

  5. thats whats up. I'm about an hour away from where he did his deal. technically did he do a double close then?

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