Wholesaling Real Estate | My Top 7 Tools I use for Wholesaling

Wholesaling Real Estate | My Top 7 Tools I use for Wholesaling

– Hey what’s up YouTube,
this week in the War Room I’m going to give you the top seven tools that I use every single day in my business that I cannot do without. The top seven wholesaler tools
that I use every single day. So check this screen out. Were going to go over the
top seven wholesaling tools I use in my business every single day. Now I use more than just
these, but you know what, I think these are important
to me and things I probably couldn’t live without at the
size that my business is now. Right, so let’s go to number one. Number one is Property List Manager. A lot of you guys hear me
talk about list stacking and what list stacking is is essentially I pull lists, the tax
deliquent lists, probate lists, the cold violation list, the vacant list, a bunch of other lists, I
pulled them and I put them on the side of a property manager tool. The property manager tool
tells me how many times these lists or this particular
property ends up on a list. Now the statistic is most of
the time we buy properties or we wholesale properties
that are at least on two lists, at least the minimum are on two lists. So it allows me to really
sniper down my call ratio. I don’t send mail so it really
helps with me being able to know exactly what properties
are on multiple lists and allow me to target
these properties more than I would target somebody
that’s on a single list. Another cool thing about this
system which it has a lot of tools that I don’t use but
the ones that I love is once a month it updates you with United States postal service lists as the vacant property. So it tells you what
properties are currently vacant according to the United
States postal service or the post office whatever you call them. So property list manager is a great tool we use in our business. Now we have probably 200,
300,000 properties in there so that’s why we’re able
to use it so efficiently and it works like a charm. And then the reality is, if
a person’s on multiple lists or more motivated than
versus being a one list. So this is a great tool. The link below is in the
description if you want to give it a try and the cool thing it’s only 99 dollars a month. It’s well worth it and the
other thing is you can do a one month 99 dollar free
trial and if you don’t like it you get your money back. Number two on my list is huge. We do not send mail at all, right. We’re working on some hybrid
system that sends some mail to a very coupled with
the property list manager and I’ll explain that in another video. But REI Skip allows us
to skip trace in bulk and we’ll upload probably
around 10,000 names a week. We’ll get those skip traced
back and those allow us to be able to call these people. Now I will admit they’re not 100 percent. Like you don’t submit 1,000
names and you get 1,000 results. I think the best we’ve
ever seen is we’ve sent in 1,000 names or 10,000 names and received around 8,000, 8,800. So about 88 percent accuracies what we get but we are very thorough
with our list meaning that we’re sure that the
person lives at this address and the addresses are
correct based on a system. We pull a lot of lists from List Source and we send them out to be skipped. We notice that the list that
we pull from List Source and the data they provide
us is pretty accurate so we see about an 80 percent return. But most people will
probably see around a 60, 65 percent return on the list. Now the cool thing is
the numbers are accurate. You won’t get 100 percent
of all your number back, but what you do get
back is pretty accurate. This is how we’re able
to reach 100,000 dollars a month without actually
spending so much money on mail. We’re able to call so
many people accurately. Number three is CallRail. CallRail is the center
of our business as far as every single marketing piece that we have whether it’s a truck,
whether it’s a business card, whether it’s a outbound numbers, whether it’s our PPC, Facebook
ads, any of those things each has a different number
which allows me to track how many calls I have coming in for that particular
marketing piece every month. You can also use it to do outbound calls so that you can show the same number. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it. The cool thing about this,
it’s 30 dollars a month and you get 10 numbers. Obviously I have way more than 10 numbers so my bill is a little
bit higher than that. And that’s pretty cool. Also before I move on, back to REI Skip, I didn’t mention the price. There is a price. I think it’s 24 cents
a lead that you submit. Remember you pay per a
search, not per a result, keep that in mind. A lot of people are confused about that. If you submit 1,000 names you’re going to pay for 1,000 names
even if you only get 700, 600 of them back found. It’s because of your list that you didn’t get 100 percent accuracy. It’s very similar when you
send mail and they return the mail, it says undeliverable. The effort has already been put in. And you know, pretty much
once the efforts been put in you’re going to pay for
the effort, not the result. Alright, CallRail, love it,
30 bucks a month, 10 numbers, you need it. If you’re still using Google Voice and you can afford 30 dollars a month, switch over to this,
it’s much, much better. Call Loop, Call Loop, I love Call Loop because that once we get
a property on a contract we have all the cellphone
numbers to our buyers and we’re able to send
out a blast text message with a link to the property. Now you can also have
advertising that says, for cash buyers, if you’re looking for discounted properties,
text bla, bla, bla to 555-778. Right something like that,
five, five, five, five. And they get into your
system and you get to capture their email and their
cellphone numbers so that in the future you can send
them out text messages. Text messages work and
more efficient than email and their open rate is much, much higher. So that’s how we use Call Loop. There’s some other functions but Call Loop is great
to be able to blast text your buyers list of a new property that you have under contract. I think the cost is per a credit and I think it’s fairly cheap. I think we usually spend about
as much credits as we need, I know it’s fairly cheap. OnCarrot or Investor Carrot. Investor Carrot is our website. They host several websites for us. What’s cool is they have
our sellers website, our buyers website and
Francis’ Realtor website which they just launched agent care. Now you can start off just by
doing 49 dollar month plan. I think I have, I think
I spend about 300 bucks with them a month. That’s because I have multiple
things and plus I have, Francis’ one actually costs the most, the agent one costs quite a bit. So I would invest in that
once you’re on scaling. It gives you a business presence. It allows you, when you do PPC marketing, paper click, whether that’s
on Google, Bing or Facebook or YouTube, any of that marketing, it allows you to push
people back to a website where they can read some
healthy information. And the cool thing is
you can have your website set up in 10 minutes. All the articles already written. A lot, a lot of cool stuff and
they have some cool training. Just worth it. Give it a shot. The link is going to
be in the bile as well. Investor Fuse. Investor Fuse is my CRM. Basically all my leads lead to that way. To be honest, I’m not 100 percent happy with Investor Fuse built on Podial because of the crazy notifications we get. We’ve been able to limit that. I think right now they’re
launching what they call Investor Fuse 2.0 which is no
longer on the Podial system. But overall, it’s made me a lot of money. It’s essentialized place
of where all my leads and my business live. If you’re having massive
amount of leads come in or you want to track your data, Investor Fuse is how
you handle it make sure that the lead never gets left behind as far as like follow up
and so on and so forth. This is very, very important for that. And moving on, Land Glide. I love Land Glide. Land Glide is when I’m
out driving for dollars which I still love to do. Riding around and I see a property, I can easily pull the property up. Once I pull the property up, I’ll show you here. Maybe you’ll be able to see it, maybe not. Land Glide is an app. It’s on Android and IOS. I won’t have a link for it but
I’ll put their website link but the best thing to do is
search in your app store for it. Once I’m driving around
and I see a property I can click on it and it takes me directly to the county website. It tells me pretty much everything
I need to know about it. It’s just a quicker way, faster way to know exactly everything. They’ve been updating the
app so you can put pinpoints on properties and go check them out later. But I absolutely love the Land Glide. And that pretty much sums it up. Those are the seven top
apps I use everyday. There’s a lot more that I
use but these are the ones that I love the best. If you’re interested in
using any of these apps, the links are below. Check them out. A lot of them are very,
very cost efficient. I think the most expensive
one I spend is on OnCarrot. That’s because I have the
biggest package they have. You can start at five dollars. I mean 49 dollars and I use these everyday. So that’s Property List
Manager, REI Skip, CallRail, Call Loop, OnCarrot, Investor
Carrot, and Land Glide. So these are the seven
apps I use every single day and tools that I use in my business. And you should probably
try to use some of these depending on exactly what
part of your business whether you’re scaling or not. Alright guys, so that’s my seven tips. I’ll see you guys on the other side, So now that you see the top seven tools that I use every single day
in my wholesaling business if you want to try them
there’s a link below. In the description, I’ll
have a link to everything that I use. And hey, if you’re watching
this video this far, please, please, please
give me a thumbs up, subscribe or share this
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group, Wholesaling Houses Elite. I’ll see you next time. (loud upbeat rock music)

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