Wholesaling Real Estate | Daily Breakdown of How to Run a Million Dollar Wholesaling Business

– You wanna know what a day in the life, the real day in the life of running a million dollar wholesale business, well here we go. (upbeat music) Brent Daniels and when
you are starting out in this wholesaling business, the only thing you need to
focus on in your daily schedule is how do I talk to as
many distressed homeowners as possible? So as we go through my actual day, like my breakdown of my
day and follow me around and show you what I’ve got
going on in my business, remember I’m at a place
where my acquisition managers and my disposition managers and my virtual assistants
run everything, okay? I am here just to communicate with them and make sure that everything
goes smoothly for them. I work for them. Don’t get it twisted. When you start hiring people, it’s not them that work for you, it’s you that works for them. You keep that in the
forefront and you are gonna be such a badass in this industry
it’s gonna be bananas. But when you’re just
starting out, your schedule, your morning schedule is vital. That beautiful time between nine and noon should be 100% focused
on getting on the phone and calling as many distressed
property owners as possible so that you build up your pipeline so that your pipeline is so full that you need to hire other people. See, that is the key I believe. I believe too many people are thinking that they need to hire people too quickly. I think that you need to
just overwhelm yourself with way too much action,
way too much results, way too much income coming in and then only then do
you bring somebody on. Because when you bring
somebody on, remember, you’re holding their financial
future in your hands. So it is a huge responsibility. So as we go through this
day really just keep in mind this is, if you’re just starting out, this is just to show you
what it really looks like at the point where you’re
making over $1,000,000 a year in this beautiful business
called wholesaling and I wanna bring a value to you in the sense of showing you
kinda higher level strategies that I use to run the business. So, it starts with, in the
morning when I come in, it all starts with getting on the computer and seeing what’s going on with my emails, with emails and messages from YouTube, messages from Facebook. There’s a lot of times when
people are referring me deals or asking me if I can help them sell deals because they haven’t necessarily built up their cash buyer database
or they’re not really sure if it’s a deal or not
and I’m more than happy and I feel absolutely blessed
that they’re coming to me and opening that conversation
’cause I think it’s beautiful. They’re being proactive,
that’s the way you gotta be. If you’ve got somebody in your marketplace that is absolutely crushing it, you need to be liking
everything that they have on social media, you gotta
be reachin’ out to ’em, sliding into their DMs,
everything that you can to get a conversation with those people because it’s so vital and you will see that those people will return
the love, they really will. So I look at this email here. I’ve got my email opened up here and it is a beautiful morning because I’ve got two assign,
signed assignment agreements on properties that we locked up this week and have signed through DocuSign. So what we do is we send through DocuSign so it’s very easy to send any
documents to get signatures. We got the buyer signature
early this morning. This one here is for 17,500 the other one’s for just over 5,900. It was a joint venture that I did with another amazing
wholesaler here in town and it’s just a great
way to start the day. So I like looking at that and making sure that this get to everywhere
that it needs to go. Make sure that it gets to title, make sure that my virtual
assistant gets all the numbers into our tracking sheet
so that we understand how much money’s coming in each week. It’s vitally important to
keep track of your numbers. You’ve seen me do some
videos on YouTube before but it’s absolutely vital
that you know your numbers. ‘Cause when you know your numbers you can have a duplicatable
and predictable business and that’s when the, that’s
when the magic happens. So, it’s really cool. In the office today
I’ve got my cold callers calling downstairs. We’ll go down there, we’ll spend a little
bit of time with them. Today at 11:30 I have an
unbelievable mastermind, a closed door mastermind with the top real estate minds in Phoenix with wholesale, with
flipping, with hard money and my goal, my secret
goal for this meeting is to convince them all to
come on this channel and share, pull out those gold nuggets
that they have in their brains and in their experience for you guys on this YouTube channel. The other thing I do in the
morning is I look through all of your comments that you leave here on this YouTube channel
and I get back with you. So, your voice is being
heard, please reach out. It is a true blessing, it is never a burden to respond to anything that you guys have to say. You’ve given me so much love,
I wanna give the love back. So first of all, I wanna thank you on it. If you haven’t subscribed
already, subscribe. Hit the little bell thing
and it sends you notices when this, when new videos pop up. But it’s just phenomenal. So thank you for that and
let’s get going with this day. – I have an appointment today – Yep. – And I didn’t quite get
that much information out of the daughter. So it’s a daughter trying to
sell her mother’s property. – Okay. – And so Billy was like how old is the AC, everything like that, just
so he could run numbers. – Yeah. – But I don’t have any of that information so I’m kind of blindsided on–
– Who did you talk to? You talked to the daughter? – And she doesn’t really know much about the property itself but. – So. – I’m meeting her today at noon. – Okay, so what I like doing is make sure you like
Google Earth it, right? Like type it into Google, look at, you can tell like the age of an AC unit just from Google Earth,
ya know what I mean, if it’s all beat up, it’s off
white, it’s lookin’ terrible then you know it’s probably dated. By the way, we don’t usually
sit this close together. This is just for the camera, okay? (laughs) So it’s just, this isn’t like
just a normal conversation. It’s a little bit staged but
it’s a real life conversation about an appointment that
Alejandra is going on today. So I didn’t want it to be weird. Anyway, like, I feel like
Barbara Walters or something. (laughs) Anyway, so take a look at the aerial. What is the, we’ll look at it
now, we’ll just pull it up. What’s the address? – It’s Melissa and Louisa. – Okay, okay.
– In Podio. – Yep, got it. So, all of our leads are in Podio. Most of the acquisition
managers like Alejandra know the lead more based
on the name of the person than the address, which
I love, that’s awesome. So, that is here. Yep, okay, and did she
give you an indication of the condition of the house? – She said that it needed some work because her mom– – Oh, I remember this one, yep. – It looks like it’s like a condominium. – Yeah, it’s a townhouse and
so you get this street view and then you can zoom in on it. I would say, this AC doesn’t look bad, you know what I mean? It looks like it has an swamp cooler on it but the AC doesn’t look bad. See that’s the tough
thing is with townhouses, when you’re looking at ’em it’s usually, the AC’s on the roof so it’s not like you can
go around and see it, and usually, you know, here in Phoenix, the roofs are flat so you
don’t really get a good view. But I’m thinking, from
here, it looks pretty good. So, okay, gimme more. So, condition is probably dated, it needs, usually with these townhouses because the HOA takes care of the exterior and the roof and everything, that’s fine. So you don’t have to
deal with that on rehab, so what’s going on on the inside? – So she just said that it,
in the notes that I have- – Yeah, let’s see the notes. Let’s see, this is from Chris. This is from Chris, nice. This is a Chris lead. Okay. It says here, 2009 flooring was replaced, kitchen been opened up, appliances 2009, bathrooms original, doors upgraded, windows, counters are granite. Looks decent, I mean, it sounds decent. He got really good notes, so
that was awesome on Chris. So Chris is one of our phone prospectors, he’s just downstairs literally right now making cold calls. We know that we’re trying
to pre-qual every lead based on the four pre-qualifiers: condition of the property,
timeline to sell, motivation to sell, and the price. So, so far on this lead, 2009 it looks like it was updated which is still 10 years ago, basically, so it’ll need, you know,
some freshening up for sure. We know it’s a three bed, two bath. We know that it’s a townhouse. Do we have any idea of what
they’re looking to get for it? – No, she did not give me
a specific price on it. She did say that she was having
some construction workers come in to take a look at
how much it is to remodel. – Okay, yeah. – She kinda is doing both the- – Getting both options. – Yeah. – Cash as is, or what
will it cost to fix it up? – Yep.
– Okay. Okay, I don’t like it, I don’t like that we don’t
have a price out of her. I would rather, before
you go on the appointment, kinda figure it out a little bit, but your appointment’s in an hour and, it’s in 72 minutes, so whatever. It’s a good learning experience, but I would prefer that you pulled out a little bit of the
value from her, you know? I would say, you know,
just to let you know so I’m not wasting your time, we’re buying units similar
to yours for around, it looks like we’re at like $75,000, you know, for around $75,000, is that something you would consider? No, yes, I don’t know, I
need to talk to people, you know, they need
validation from somebody else or at least, you know,
kinda feel confident that they’re making the right decision. So that’s what I would do here. I mean, she wants to get
rid of it now, is it vacant? She lives there? – No one lives there. – So it’s vacant? – Oh yeah, sorry, I thought you meant if there was tenants in there. – Yeah. – Yeah, it’s vacant. – It’s vacant.
– Yeah. – So, they wanna sell it
now, so we got the timeline. The motivation is it’s the mom’s home, she can’t take care of it anymore? – Yep. – Okay. And then really, the only thing
we don’t have is the price. So, yeah, you know, moving forward, just get the price of out of ’em, try to pull the price of ’em. – And the weird thing
about this situation, I feel like because I
haven’t gotten the price, is she doesn’t answer my phone calls, she’s only been emailing
me back and forth. – Really? – Yeah. Which I think that’s weird. – Yeah. Yeah, that’s gonna show,
I mean, in my experience, that shows just. I mean, people communicate
all different ways, but it feels to me like
this is more like an option as opposed to like, or
her second or third option as opposed to like her first option, like she wants to, you know what I mean? – Yeah. – Or she’s just really busy, she might have a lot on her plate. She might be, you know,
have a really, you know, stressful, time-consuming
job or something, who knows? We don’t know. So go on the appointment
and we’ll update everybody after you’re done. – Sounds good. – Alright, good. So, yeah, we’re gonna show you some, some of the action going on downstairs with some of our cold callers. We’ve got Eric and Chris down there, I’ve got my acquisition manager, Natasha is down there making
some lead followup calls, I’ve got her husband, Andrew, who’s been doing some text blasting for us which has been interesting. And, exciting! Because Eric is actually
up here running the camera, ’cause Alejandra usually does, but, exciting enough, I just got the new list skip trace back
from the Audantic list, so. Audantic is a really expensive company, they’re list data
scientists, whatever that is, and so it’s been working out well for us, not as well as like Driving for Dollars, Code Violations, Vacants,
but we’re gonna see. They changed up their
algorithm a little bit so it’s really, really cool. If you, I’ll put the,
we’ll put it in the notes, audantic.com, it’s kind of a weird word. But we got the skip trace back
from batchskiptracing.com, which if you use, you
can get it at 18 cents, if you use coupon code TTP, you get it at 18 cents an address. I don’t own the company, I
don’t get anything for that, I just want you to get the
best data at the cheapest price so that there’s no barriers
for you to not make calls. So, yeah, check it out. – Jose? Yeah, I’m sorry, my name is Chris. I know this call’s a
little bit out of the blue, but I was calling about a property I believe you own on Palm Lane. I said I was calling about a property I believe you own on
Palm Lane in Chandler. Yeah, I just wanted to reach out to you and see if you would consider an offer on your property there. Okay, I completely understand you. Do you have any other properties that you would consider selling? Maybe something that needs
a little bit of work? Got you, okay. Well I appreciate your time, Jose, you have a great rest of your day. (upbeat music) – I’m back. I just got back from an
unbelievable mastermind that happens once a month here in Phoenix. It was, it is filled with
incredible professionals, people that have huge, robust
real estate portfolios, people that have a ton of
money and they do hard money, people that are wholesalers. It was led by a guy by
the name of Jamil Damji. I mean, if you don’t know who Jamil is, Jamil might be the biggest
wholesaler in the country, does over, does around 70 deals a month. Let that resonate a little
bit, let that settle in. Oh, by the way, the exciting
news of this whole mastermind, because of the relationship
that I have with these guys, I have convinced all of them
to get on this channel with me in the next couple of months, I’m gonna be out and about. I don’t necessarily like
just sitting at my desk and doing these interviews. I think that there needs
to be more context, there needs to be more grittiness. I think there needs to
be more out and about and like real life, you know, moving around in some of these houses that are getting remodeled and really run down stuff, and just kinda gettin’ more in the scene, you know what I mean? I think it just, it
provides a better video, but, and so that’s what I’m gonna do, I’m gonna go to these guys’ offices, I’m gonna go to these guys’ rehabs, I’m gonna go and just talk to these people and they’re gonna provide so much frickin’ value on this channel, it’s going to be bananas. So that’s the thing, that’s
beautiful part about my day. Once you get to the point when you hire amazing people, right? When you hire winners in your team, acquisition managers,
disposition managers, office managers, virtual
assistants, cold callers, once you have that all
planned out and put together, then you have the opportunity, you’re still talking to people, never stop talking to people, baby. TTP all the way, 100%, but you’re talking to
just different people that are doing amazing things and it just, it elevates where you’re at, you know what I mean? It elevates your thinking,
it makes you think bigger, you’re around people
doing way more than you, it’s always important. So I’m gonna bring those
people to this channel, it’s going to be amazing. Now next, the next thing
I wanna do in this video is I want to get a recap. Earlier in this video, you
saw Alejandra talking about a lead that she was gonna go on, so we’re gonna see what actually
happened with that lead. Here we go. – Okay, here we go. Here’s a recap, a real life appointment that Alejandra just went on today at noon. Now, if you remember, we had
some of the four pre-qualifies, four pillars of
pre-qualifying, I can’t talk, which is condition of the
house, motivation to sell, timeline, and price. So, you went on the
appointment, how’d it go? – So I went on the
appointment and it went okay. She had people moving out some of the deceased person’s stuff and so she had movers there
moving everything out, so it was kind of a little
bit hectic going on, so I feel like she wasn’t really like- – Focused? – Fully engaged and focused, which kind of made it
difficult in that aspect. – To try to build rapport? – Yeah, to build a relationship. – Yeah. – ‘Cause she was talking to me, she was talking to them, it felt like. But she definitely, as soon as I started talking about price, she definitely had a number in mind. I was trying to get it out of her, she said she had a
relative that was a realtor that said the comps were
looking about 130 to 150. And then she was like, “But I know you guys need
to make a profit too, “so that’s why the lowest
I would go is 100.” – Yeah, yep. So if you remember, we were at 75. So now we actually have a number at 100. So what I’ll do is, Billy Bell,
disposition manager and I, we’ll break it down, we’ll look at it, we’ll see if there’s anything
there, probably not, right? – Yeah. – I mean, she could probably
clean it up a little bit and just put it on the
market, or is it just trashed? – I would say she could definitely put in some time and effort
to make it on the market, but I definitely think that there needs to be some work done, and so she’s debating if
she even wants to sell it or just put in the time
and sell it on the market and get more. – Got it. Got it. Well, you know,
here’s what we’ll do, we’ll give her an offer,
you know what I mean? We gotta, we got, we
have to be very clear on the terms that it is as is, that there’s no other fees involved, she doesn’t have a realtor, she doesn’t have to pay title and escrow, she doesn’t have to worry
about inspections, you know? If somebody goes in
there with an inspector, it could be like a bloodbath on all the things that she has to fix. And see if she’ll trade
some of that equity for speed and convenience, ’cause that’s essentially what we do. We trade speed and convenience
for equity in the property. So we’ll have to check that out. What do you think? – I think it like just being able to, ’cause we had that conversation
before, earlier today, how I hadn’t been able to
contact her through the phone, so it was just getting the right words to say it on that email being like, ‘kay this is, you know,
say the right words to like make it across like- – It’s difficult, over
print it’s so difficult because you never know. I mean, people could just not respond, you know, in a conversation, it’s instant. – Right. – Well, the most we can offer you is 75. – Yeah.
– Okay, no, right? – Right. – Then we know. You send me an email and then you’re like, okay, what happens? You send a text, then,
you know, what happens? You know what I mean? You never know what happens. So I think that the
important learning lesson here in this video is that, I keep saying video, I’m sorry. I’ve said video like 500 times
in this thing, I don’t know. Well, we’ll get better at this, I promise. But the important learning part here is we need to get the price out of ’em as much as we can from
the initial contact. Chris did his best, he put
some good notes in there, but this one was a little bit tricky ’cause she wouldn’t answer your
calls, she’d just email you. So it’s tough to get a sense
until you’re face to face and I think you did the right thing setting an appointment and going on it. – Yeah. – It’s just, at this
point, we just gotta see, you know, what her true motivations are. – Yep. – Yep, awesome.
– Alright. – Good job! Because I was at that
mastermind for 2 1/2 hours, my emails have piled up
from my acquisition managers and I’ll turn this, we tried to do the video
showing you my screen, it was a little bit goofy,
it didn’t really translate. We’ll figure it out, we’ll be better. But you can see the emails here. So that’s from my, you wanna show, yeah, that’s from my acquisition managers, and you can see that
they’re putting in notes on the leads that they’re
following up with. Natasha was downstairs,
she’s making her calls. Julie does it from her
house, which is great. They each have their own different process and so they put in the notes here. I’ll look and review those notes and see which are the hottest leads, which ones we’re gonna lock
up in the next couple of days, and just make sure that we’re getting good, correct numbers for them. You know, really comp
’em, really dive deep into the ones that look the
most likely to close. And that’s really the
remainder of the day, and then I get out of here
and I go enjoy my family. So it’s a lot of just, you
know, from my perspective, just overall kind of making sure everybody has what they
need to be as efficient and as effective as
possible throughout the day, and then just having really
awesome conversations with extreme, extremely
successful real estate investors or business people in
general throughout the day. So it’s really, really, really awesome, but again, I encourage you,
when you’re just starting out, strip back all of the other stuff, strip back everything
and just focus on this. Just have quality conversations
with distressed homeowners or property owners every single day. You do that, you win. You win 100%, it is a flawless plan. So just focus on how do I
have quality conversations with distressed property owners today? ‘Til next time, love you. (upbeat music)

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