Wholesaling Real Estate | 200 Wholesalers in Houston

Wholesaling Real Estate | 200 Wholesalers in Houston

51 thoughts on “Wholesaling Real Estate | 200 Wholesalers in Houston

  1. Thank you Max for coming out to Houston. I learned a ton of valuable information. Keep on being a go giver. You are truly an inspiration to me and my family.

  2. Max is a true hustler you can give game away for free but is still takes a person with confidence to execute the game plan a 1000 no's 1 yes 20000 gotta really want it

  3. A lot of ppl don't even real eyez ALOT of deals right there in ur neighborhood. Right on ur block !!! Talk to ur neighborhoods too. Their family and friends ALWAYS have a deal for u too

  4. Great turnout! Glad we were able to pick out the venue for you guys, will upload the video soon. Thanks Max/BrianYoung Kings πŸ™πŸ½

  5. Max's on money about that these big-time wholesalers do not want to cold call so when you started off that's a good Advantage for you I recommend you the door knocking also

  6. Okay JRock love the video !!!! I was in the doordash shirt sitting in the chair! Me and my partners drove down from Dallas! Max and Brian so genuine and real!!! #DURUs

  7. my biggest obstacle so far has been underwriting. like i get a lead, and it takes me a lot of energy and time to analyze if it would actually be a good deal or not and if id be able to sell it or if id be wasting their time. seems like i can only handle a few leads a week because it takes a lot of talking back and forth with mentors/friends potential exploring options, looking up comps on zillow and redfin trulia, looking up tax data, etc. Maybe i should just go for the easy no brainers first?

  8. Houston here! I’m bummed I missed you, I feel like this is a sign! Thank you for your knowledge. I can’t wait to get started! 😊

  9. Where was this marketed? I didn't know about it, but I have just started watching the vids 2 weeks ago. We go hard in Houston.

  10. aye anyone who jams to lOFI is for sure the one to follow. Saw the Lofi 24/7 stream in the background lol. lots of gems in this video

  11. When doing the A-B contract, do YOU need proof of funds or a loan of some sort to put an offer on a house? Of course you have your EDM, but why would the seller go under contract with you without proof that you have the money.

  12. Still need u in chicago would be great for me to meet you and pick your brain im trying to work on getting my first deal

  13. Being from the H alittle sad I didnt get to hear the audio! ..sure it was alot of great info. Only done 1 deal but motivates to do more. Saw u in Dallas last week! Thanks for all the gems

  14. I am desperate, I’m not ASHAMED TO SAY! I am in HOUSTON,TX and I can NOT find a HOME I CAN Settle in with my children to even begin building wealth!… (Tired of Being Taken Advantage Of.)
    I HAVE NOT BECAUSE I ASK NOT… SO I AM ASKING… DOES ANYONE HAVE OR KNOW OF ANYONE WHO HAS A 3Br PROPERTY FOR LEASE and Do Not Mind Working with the City Of HOUSTON? I desire to do BUSINESS WITH THE BLACK COMMUNITY HOWEVER, I’m having a hard time getting in touch with such persons. Please leave a response or email me PLEASE [email protected]! Thank you πŸ™πŸΎ

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