Wholesaling Is The Gateway to Real Estate | Max Maxwell

Wholesaling Is The Gateway to Real Estate | Max Maxwell

46 thoughts on “Wholesaling Is The Gateway to Real Estate | Max Maxwell

  1. I am the first to comment. I am proud of you brother. Much love. And god bless from Daniel C. Harrison of Alpha Star Tech Inc.

  2. My 1st deal was intended to be a wholesale. But decided to flip instead and haven’t looked back since. Real Estate Investing is key! 9 of 10 millionaires become so through real Estate Investing!

  3. I realize it may not be the most important thing but do I need to invest in a decent laptop for my business of wholesaling

  4. Dude at 2:02 is so emotional…..Max had came out already and softee was still yappin…..man learn how to cut yourself off bro… seriously bro!

    Grow up!

  5. You know…I'm so GRATEFUL that Max Maxwell exists in our World! He has, will be contributing to the masses for a long time! Can't thank you enough Max!🔥🙏

  6. Totally agree! Wholesaling is a great way to start off in real estate investing to help learn the ropes, and you don't need to have tons of money to put down!

  7. "Someone in life has to take chances… Uber, Airbnb,, Amazon etc. Robbers are ACTUALLY weak losers who are TOO scared to tale REAL chances- Unknown

    Business owners NOT doing ANYTHING special except basically TAKING CHANCES SO EVERYBODY ELSE CAN HAVE A "JOB"

    Max Take Risk no one else willing to TAKE.. $1million just for DATA… UNREAL !!!

  8. Be MINDFUL when u ask for success in LOVE, LIFE, BUSINESS (MONEY).. Often Times the Universe has to BREAK YOU DOWN in order to BUILD YOU UP.. Especially when YOU stubborn. I had many breakages just to be FINALLY building. Same with Max as he states ALL the time himself

  9. I really have to sit down and start reviewing and applying what you teach. If I get familiar enough I can be good at it just going to websites, looking for buildings etc. I know I can do this. Idk if I can from a different state, but I know I cannot keep working a 9 to 5.

  10. Can you guys do a seminar in buffalo, ny please. New York city gets all the attention and Western new york is forgotten

  11. "500 black people learning wholesaling…" n then me your token white girl 🤣🤣🤣 Max you're the man can't wait for this shit to pop tomorrow ! #WeLive20 🔥💪

  12. I'm just wondering…
    Will The Max Maxwell Team be coming to Detroit or Lansing in th near Future?
    Curious Minds wish to know'…if anyone knows, please share.

  13. $82,000
    x .70
    -$75,000 (Repairs)
    -$10,000 (My Fee)

    Is this right? Because the price came out negative

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