What’s inside a Beaver Home?

(splash) – Oh my gosh it’s opening up right now. You guys are seeing it first right here. (screams) (metallic sound) – Welcome back What’s Inside. I’m Lincoln, this is Dan, and today, we have these giant tools for an awesome thing that we’re gonna do. – We got a crazy project
up here in Alaska. We have tools. I think it’s pretty funny that we always go to Home Depot or Lowe’s
no matter where we’re at in the world. I still haven’t decided
which one we like more. We need to find tools
that are good for getting into a beaver dam. There’s a big old fan. Where’s the beaver dam
destruction section? Ah. – Saws. – Oh, what about like wire cutters? What is this wrecking claw? Dude that sounds cool, let’s get that. I think this is good. We got this guy, this thing,
and the big old hatchet. Looks good, let’s go. (upbeat music) We got some family from up here. Dan and his son Caden. Lesley, Lincoln’s mom, grew up with Dan and, like, they are around the same age and so they grew up together,
went to school together and everything, but they’re cousins, and so it was really nice to
come to help us out today. This is an old beaver
dam that has been here for a lot of years, and we
are gonna take it apart. So I keep saying beaver dam. It really is a beaver
lodge or a beaver home. There is a different. The beaver dam is what build, it’s almost, it is a dam. It’s just what it says it is. And they make that to
have the water go up. So the beaver lodge or the house, that’s where they actually live, and they want it to be
somewhere that’s close to their food, away from predators, and they can access it and exit it out of two different
holes under the water. They’re strong enough that bears will come when they’re really hungry and they’ll scratch away the top and they don’t access it. That’s how tough these things are, and that’s what we’re
gonna try to get into, so can we get into a beaver home? I’m not 100% confident. Caden has a towel and some goggles. We’re gonna have him swim down and look inside of the hole with GoPros. Sounds very safe. Are you ready? – Yeah. (splash) Oh! – [Dan] Oh, he got scared. Did you see anything? – Not really but there’s
rocks on the back. – [Dan] Wanna try again? – Okay. (splashing) It’s gone muddy. – See how muddy it is in there now? We don’t know what those shots look like, but I hope that we gave
you a little insight into the entrance of a beaver home lodge. Were you scared? – A little. – Lincoln just wants to dig. Definitely don’t do this at home. Like don’t go and just say, “Oh I’m gonna tear up a beaver home.” We made sure earlier that
this is completely vacated. And he’s been watching
these throughout the year. Dan, what’s the strategy here? Have you ever dug a beaver home before? – I never have. Most people don’t dig the lodges. They dig the dams ’cause
they’re causing a problem. I think we’re just gonna try to move as much stuff out of the way. We know that there’s
gonna be sticks and rocks. – Ugh, it’s like concrete. – [Dan] What can we expect
to be inside of this thing? – What I’m hoping to
find is a living space. – Look it’s a rock. – [Dan] A rock. So can beavers just carry rocks? – There’s way more rocks
than you would ever imagine, and they carry them over and put them in to give it structure. – [Dan] Okay, cool. – My job is chucking these
sticks into the river and I like it. – [Dan] I think you’re doing a good job. Any observations from the
initial sticks and mud and rocks? How does it smell? Can you describe the smell? Does it smell like your shirt, your socks, or your underwear? Which would it best describe,
the smell of this mud? – Hm, I think it’s your shirt. (screams) – [Dan] Oh, burn, wow. – Earthy musky. – Earthy musky. The new What’s Inside
scent will be earthy musky. Look for it in stores in November. What is that? Is that a rock? – No, it’s a log. – [Dan] Solid. And look at the ends of it. It gnawed on the end right
there and right there. – [Dan] You can see the teeth. Little teeth marks on it. – Little teeth marks. One thing that I heard, I don’t know if it’s totally true or not, but I heard that they have to keep
chewing on these things because it wears down their teeth and if they don’t, their
teeth are just gonna grow and grow and grow,
so they’re always gnawing on the wood to help their teeth. – They have a dense layer on the outside that actually has iron on it. It’s very strong so they can go through these really thick, hard woods. – Do human teeth have iron in them? – Not, this is a layer of, it’s orange. Like when you look at
a beaver and it smiles. – Lincoln’s teeth are orange, too. They have a layer of orange. – Let’s see, you got some iron teeth? – I think it’s like Cheetos. Are they orange? Oh no, well, just the, it’s
a thin layer of orange. Here’s where we’re at so far. We’ve pretty much gone
straight down into a hole. (upbeat music) We’re making some progress here. I don’t know what it looks
like to you guys on camera, but this is what I call progress. This looks good, and it
looks like we’re getting to the cavity right now. Oh that is totally the cavity. There’s the hole. We’re getting into the, what’s it called? Not the home, the lodge. – Alright. – It’s a Justin Bieber den. – A Justin Bieber den. (screams) He actually scared me. (laughs) Okay, just for the record,
there were multiple, hardcore Alaskans that, I’m sweating, that have been here for years, and they told us, “There’s
no way you’re gonna be able to get down there. You can’t get into that, it’s too tough. Bears can’t get into it.” We are getting in right now. Look at this. Beaver home versus shovel. Beaver home wins every single time. – [Lincoln ] What? That’s metal. – Look at that. That’s beavers. It might have taken our shovel. – But they’ll never take. – They won’t take out pick axe. – Our … – Pick axe. – Or whatever this is called. – That’s why I think it broke because we got in really good. I was giving it some leverage. – [Lincoln] Whoa, look at that. – Oh my gosh. There’s the roof right there. Oh my gosh, Dan. Oh my gosh it’s opening up right there on that other side. To the right and or left. Like it’s all underneath this whole place. Dan is getting in there. He’s doing work. Come check this guy out. He works just as hard
on his four wheelers. (engine revving) Let’s Ride Alaska. That’s his YouTube channel. Right now he is currently
at eight subscribers. (electronic music) Pause this video, go
subscribe to his channel, and then come back over
here, and see the end because he is doing work. He’s getting in this dam. Not a dam. He’s getting in this beaver thing. – Look at this. Oh my gosh. (screams) – Okay I need to get the
GoPro and look in there. We got some different things. We got some flashlights. We have a glow stick. I think we dropped a
glow stick down in there. Phew, okay, GoPro, glow stick. I’m going in. How can I get in there? I just want to crawl in the thing. Going in a bit. See how wet it is. Okay, I’m coming in. My foot is in, and I’m touching some logs. It’s not completely
falling in to the water, so that’s good. Glow stick, light ’em up glow stick. – Light him up, up, up,
light him up, up, up. – Oh my gosh, oh my gosh. Look at that guys. That goes so far back, and there’s mud. Do you see that? Look how far back that’s going. Oh wow. We are looking inside the
beaver lodge right now. You guys are seeing it first right here. – Whoa, it goes so far! – Wow, what’s inside a
beaver house is awesome. – [Dan] How long have your
ancestors been in Alaska? – Oh, a long time. – You’re a partial Eskimo, right? – Yeah, an Iñupiat Eskimo. – [Dan] What kind of? – Iñupiat. The first time I have been
inside a beaver house. – Here’s the thing,
Lincoln’s jumping on it and bouncing right now. It’s really strong. The way that the beavers
build these things, it’s in layers, multiple layers. They criss-cross, and they
must do it very strategically. Like I have a family of engineers. Everybody three generations
down other than me is an engineer. I just destroy stuff, but I can appreciate how hard it took them to build this. Like you can jump on it. Think about a giant bear
scratching and clawing and jumping on this, and the beaver can just sit down there in the bottom. Yeah, I’m really impressed
with these beavers. (screams) I only want to call it a beaver dam. That’s what it is to me. (upbeat music) That is the beaver hole,
beaver home, beaver lodge. We got inside of it. These are our friends from Alaska. He has eight subscribers. Can we get to 8000? His channel is right here. – Let’s Ride Alaska. – Let’s Ride Alaska, go check it out. Let’s go get some food. (electronic music) Musky is definitely the
right word for this. First it would be slime. Don’t tickle my ears when
my head is in a beaver hole. Number one rule with a beaver hole. Oh boy.

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