What’s Holding You Back From Investing In Real Estate

What’s Holding You Back From Investing In Real Estate

What is holding you back from investing
in real estate? Like you can watch video after video after video. If your
subscriber to my channel or others, there’s so much knowledge and
information and wisdom out there. And at the end of the day, when people aren’t
taking action it usually it’s not because they’re missing information. It’s
something else. And today, I want to talk about and all my experience having
worked with thousands of people. Tens of thousands. I have found that 3 things
hold people back more than anything. I hope today to get to the bottom of that.
And then freaking kill it, squash it so you never have to let that get in your
way again and get out there and start productively becoming a successful real
estate investor. Having helped thousands of people invest
successfully in real estate, I’ve had a chance to really kind of take apart the
human mind and diagnose if someone fails, how are they failing, what are the
thoughts that lead to the failure? And what are the biggest limiting beliefs
that actually keep people from crushing in real estate? Because reality is so
many people watch me on YouTube and they… They look at my lifestyle all of my
world travel and the cool things that I’m able to do. And money is what enables
me to have the opportunity to do so many of those things. And that money comes
predominantly for my real estate investing. And I’m like, “Why aren’t more
people doing this?’ It has nothing to do with how intelligent you are. It
certainly doesn’t come down to whether you have money or whether you come from
money. Because I certainly didn’t. It actually comes down to a mindset. People
when they come to my event here in my event center space, part of that time is
yes here’s your million-dollar game plan. Here’s how you make money in real estate.
Let’s customize it. But you know what the rest of the time really is? The rest of
the time is really honing in on your psychology, your financial psychology and
the way that you see the world. Because childhood teaches us to be fearful human
beings. It teaches us that we’re not enough. It teaches us that there’s not
enough resource and not enough money. Today, I’m going to be doing a deep dive.
And I want to actually jump into the 3 limiting beliefs that I have seen
do more damage keep you from doing real estate than anything else. And let’s go
ahead and crush it together right now. Number one, what if I fail? Right? I mean
like this is one of the biggest fears that people have is there’s a fear of
failure. And as a result, they usually don’t try. I want you to understand
something. I get it. You have failed before. If this is a fear of yours. And
here’s what child had taught you: We as little children, we’re not born with a
natural fortitude that says, “I’ll try it a million times if that’s what it takes
to win.” No. Most kids will try something 1, 2 or 3 times. And after 3
times, if they don’t get it, you know what they decide? They decide “I’m a failure.”
And I just want to tell you like right now,
failure is not in your DNA. In fact, if you think about it, out of 400
trillion sperm, you’re the winner. Like you’re the one that made it. You’re here,
you’re standing, you’re breathing. Take your hand put on your heart. If it’s
beating, guess what? Then you are a walking miracle and you’re freaking supposed to
be here. Right? So, you’re already a winner. Mentally we train herself that we’re a
failure. And instead. what you need to do is you got to drink the different juice.
Instead of “I’m a failure. I’m a failure. I’m a failure.” Which is stuck in your
head. You got to sing a different song. You got to rehearse something different.
There’s a part of my morning everyday that is set aside for rehearsing what
I’m creating. Because I believe that we’re co-creators here with God. He like
gave us this unfinished planet. And your agency and how you use it determines the
results that you produce in life. I have 24 hours a day today like you have 24
hours already. And if I’m more successful, it just means I’m making different
choices. Here’s where it started. Before, I was making better or worse choices. What
I was doing instead is they became super aware of my thinking opens and closes
doors. So, instead of “I’m afraid of failing or I’m afraid”, you understand
that chemically in your body that fear, the chemical is the same fear for
excitement. It’s adrenaline. And the only thing that’s different is your
interpretation of it. So, chemically, biologically, nothing needs to change.
Just the meaning that you place on fear. In taking all of that energy instead of
saying, “I’m afraid and I’m afraid of failing”, you get to say, “I’m excited to
succeed. I’m excited to work at it again. I’m excited. I win. I’m growing. Everything
is going my way.” Now, I know you’re thinking, “But Kris, that’s not true right
now.” Thought proceeds result. Listen to me. You have to master your mind before you
can master anything else that happens out here in the real world of reality.
You’re going to have to practice thinking a certain way. So, for this first one, the
fear of failure, you just got to get super focused on what it is you want.
Instead of pouring life and energy into what you don’t want. If you’re afraid of
failure, if you think of failure then you’ll produce failure. If you believe
you’re successful, then you actually can become successful. So, here’s the secret:
You’ve got to practice being successful here every day and just reciting it. And
believing it and then you can start seeing a little bit of it and then more
of it and then the most of it. You know the next thing that I see
crushed people in real estate is “I don’t know how. I don’t know how. I don’t know
how I’m going to do it. I don’t know if this is going to work for me.” Here’s the problem:
You think that knowledge is going to save you. You think that knowing things
is why you’re going to succeed. It’s not what you know. First of all, it’s usually
who you know. And number 2 is how you feel. If you associate with successful
people and you command your feelings to feel great about life, that will do more
and take you further than this “I don’t know how.” Here’s what I know:
If you become absolutely convicted… In fact, Tony Robbins. One of my mentors. One
of the things he talks about is absolute certainty. If you can develop by choice
an absolute certainty that you’re crushing it, that you’re winning; then you
have a shot of actually making that a reality. And so, this whole idea of I
don’t know how, the tyranny of how is he says, it’s going to freaking mess you over.
Don’t worry about how. You got to know what you want and become absolutely
convicted that you’ve got it or that you’re getting it or that it’s coming
your way. And the how always follows conviction. So, how to get what you want
will come naturally if at first you actually know what it is you want.
So, before I share number 3, let’s just back up. Number 1, make sure that
you become absolutely enamored with practicing and rehearsing success in
your life in present tense positive affirmation beliefs. Number 2 is you
need to actually instead of focusing on how you need, to focus on what you want.
And convince yourself live it in your mind that you’re actually there getting.
it. But the third thing that really takes people down is this whole idea of “I
don’t have what it takes.” “Somehow Kris Krohn is more special than
me. Somehow this person has skills.” Listen, I want to be really clear. God did
not spend any more time on me than he did on you. I maybe have cultivated some
of the potential and turned potential into skills. This my friend is true. I
have created… I’ve put myself to task and I’ve worked my butt off to take
potential and raw material and turn it into skills and you can do that too. But
you can’t give up after 1, 2 or 3 times. You’re going to have to actually
stick with it. You’re going to have to actually play the game. And you have to
eradicate the idea of failure. There is no failure. There’s just people who are
making money or there’s people who are learning. And if you instead aren’t going
with option 3, “I’m just a failure”, then it means that you didn’t realize the lesson
because you’re being a big baby because you didn’t get what you want. Stop being
a big baby. Dude, you’re acting like a child.
“I wanted this. I went after it. I didn’t get it. Now, I’m upset. I must be a failure.”
It’s like, “Dude, grow up.” The reality is you wouldn’t have
to try a hundred times or a thousand times. And when you bring your commitment
level to a level that says, “No matter what, I’m going to do whatever it takes and
I’m going to keep going.” Then and only then are you actually going to have a shot at
figuring it out. So, my friends, today what we’re talking about is your financial
psychology. And if you want to win at the game of real estate, you got to win the
game here first. The biggest gift that I could really give you is really showing
you how to master your mind. And to do that, you have to become aware of every
thought that you think that it’s taking away from the life that you want to
build. We as human beings focus on what we want. But before we can learn how to
do that, what we want is what we don’t want. In other words, what we fear. So, we
focus on what we don’t want. You got to start learning how to focus on what it
is you actually want instead of a fear of what you don’t want happening. Because
that’s what you’re going to manifest. That’s what most of us human beings do. So, I’ve
got 2 aids that will help you in this. Number 1, knowledge is power. When you
get a plan that feels good in your heart, fear dissipates. This is a game plan for
you. I wrote this book. It’s the first of many books. This plan is what I tribute
my reputation and my success, the millionaires I’ve created. I tribute it
to the knowledge I poured into this book. Because when I became financially free
as a 26 year old, I got sick and tired… You know how they say, “There’s no such
thing as a dumb question.” Ha!ha!ha! It’s the one not asked.
Dude, the reality is I was getting the same question over and over again. How’d
you do it? How’d you do it? And it sound like, “You know what? It’s not a dumb
question. I’m stupid because I’m not answering it.”
So, I wrote a book and said, “If any of you ever want to know how I did it, don’t ask
me.” Read this book so I give you the thorough answer and not rip you off by
giving you just a little bite-sized piece. It’s all right here. This book by
the way is free. You don’t have to pay for this. Cover the shipping and I’m
sending this out to you. And this book as a gift will give you knowledge that will
build confidence that says, “I can do this.” This will give you how to as well. So,
it’s really powerful. But the second gift is each quarter I put on an event. And
there’s a link to my lowest price discount right now if you actually click
on the link below. I spend four days with you. It will
change your life. You will never be the same person again. Yes, I’ll give you a
million dollar game plan. Yes, I’ll customize it. Yes, I’ll share with you
exactly what you got to do to build wealth but you know what’s going to happen
that’s way more important. You’re actually going to develop the mindset
for success. And that’s the real thing. That may not be what you come for but
it’s what you leave with. And trust me when I tell you that’s what makes it
such a life-changing experience. So, in the links below, you’ve got knowledge and
then you have an invitation. Get proximity with me. Spend 4 days with
me and give me an opportunity to take your brain and keep the good parts and
then help you rewrite the parts that can eliminate the limiting beliefs and set
you on track for maximum success. Hey, I hope you enjoy the video. Thank you so
much. I made it just for you. If you liked it, hit that like button.
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