What Would I Do if I Was Brand New in Real Estate

What Would I Do if I Was Brand New in Real Estate

It’s Saturday?! okay arm okay well I guess it’s Saturday so are today’s Saturday I’m gonna go ahead and do this
System Saturday today and here we go Alright serious time guys so earlier we went ahead
and I sent an email at to this week and (men I’m still tired) I sent an e-mail
after this week and I asked you what you want to learn on this System Saturdays Okay, we ended up getting hundreds and
hundreds of replies and I appreciate each and every one you for doing that
so obviously I can’t go through and do you know hundreds of these
right now but it was kinda overwhelming number of people not overwhelming but there’s
there’s a couple different topics that people wanted for me to cover which I’m getting ready
to cover in future System Saturday’s in some of those topic you’re gonna learn
within the next few weeks but also are one of the things that I
really wanted to cover because we got a lot of people interested in
this in we got a lot of replies from this was “John
what would you do if you were new?” so if I was new okay and just to say you
were to drop me into market that I did not know okay and I had zero money I didn’t have
any money and take credit away to so take my
credit away take my I’m take all my money away drop
me into a city that I don’t know in just go ahead and
just take some knowledge away for me as well what what I start with Okay, theres also a lot of people went ahead and said is that John if I could magically take all that stuff
away from you what would you do? Okay, very simple First law if I was in that situation
I would need money now so I would need money now so the faeces
route to a paycheck is obviously to arm work with fires that’s the whole truth over that’s the
fastest route to a paycheck is a go through and work with buyers in
the here’s why okay so another question that we got a
lot was that the the market is changing okay so the market is changing
everywhere and there is some there’s a lot of places through the country that are extremely
hot right now so inventories a little bit lonelier wanna know how to get
sellers okay and my take is what you sellers want what do sellers
what why do people sell a home schools are
looking for a buyer okay now if you go through and go after
sellers that’s really honestly not the basses route to a paycheck that’s not
the fastest route to a paycheck the fastest route to a paycheck is
working with buyers so that’s why I created buyers of fire that’s why I have a huge buyer business to this day is because I was in a
situation one day you know past for three years ago I was
there you now online didn’t have the
experience and I have now I didn’t have the buyers was that I have now I didn’t
have any that’s no I didn’t know the market like I know today okay knight-ridder was that I went right
after what everybody told me to go through do what every guru everybody told me to do was go and get
listings go and get listings don’t find sellers motivated sellers a one so we
their homes guys it’s not that easy go through and
do so when I quickly realized after spending ten thousand dollars while
there’s more keen okay was that you know there’s a lot of
more keen money they need to get involved and it’s is very very difficult to bring in a
motivated seller somebody that need to go through and
sell the property now whether it’s you know whether you’re I’ll you know
and getting a list seem as a Realtor whether your real estate
investor looking for you know deals Wholesale were arm deals we have whatever it’s very very
difficult for me going through spending ten thousand dollars three years ago on brain and motivated sellers in only bring in one of ten thousand
dollars I quickly realized that that really wasn’t going to go through
work was gonna go through work so at the time money online now I need
money now so what i did. as I qualify I’m not
gonna go ahead and really master sellers
because it’s pretty costly to go ahead and put out Paul Martinez won a
competition at I’m gonna do something completely
different you can we do something completely different mister building a
buyer’s list because I knew that if I filovirus list
that if I control although the I’m the up buyers in our
area yeah I could go through and pretty much
write my own paychecks and that’s what I want so that’s why did I started creating up
wire system creating a I’ll list that was very very responsive
to me and then naturally what happened is that
sellers came to me now the reason sellers came to me was
because I had what they want I have what they want which was all
buyers so if I was starting off right now UK and he dropped me into a market that
I had no clue about okay you put me in a market in Hawaii okay then I have no clue about you take
my credit you take my I’m all my money away from me in
everything that is exactly what I would start with
is getting a buyers list because I knew that if I could have these buyers if I can have the
wires I can Matt naturally hook them up with all the seller’s even
if I wasn’t one of the seller’s okay silly he even if I was I couldn’t
be a matchmaker put the two together and get AP in the middle I could go through and do that starting
off and then s things grown in my cash got higher I
could start flipping properties in Selly my properties out by email or
text message to my buyers list I could go through to do that I can
also go through bien if I didn’t even wanna sell a
property and get really really technical this in released get this thing sexy in a cute girl hands I’m put all I could put a mortgage company or
another realtor under a marketing service agreement okay so I put them under murky service
agreement I could be a leading provider for other Realtors and other up you know rose investors were mortgage brokers
okay so I can go through do that and I that’s where I currently do today is I sell my frat parties to Marshalls
the properties that I am okay that deals and I flip I also sell are all her holes to our R&R inside for
brokers are real estate brokers I sell I’m homes to our buyers list from
there we got 37 over the last forty four days nowhere do with that and then I also
have a mortgage companies under a marquee
service agreements in their pay me monthly four my marketing are for my leads basically
so there’s numerous different ways to get
paid just about immediately with working with fire so
what you control the bars you really can control your paycheck so that’s my answer to everybody is that
I wouldn’t go after sellers you know even though that’s what
everybody’s telling you to do and that’s what your mind things that you should go through and do
going to get what does sellers are you want and then the seller’s you can
actually go to you that’s why I created buyers on fire
that’s why I have such a big buyers list is because I didn’t realize
that that just put a different spin on it that I can’t control what they wanted
and then naturally they would come to me and I can make
money in some way and that’s how I grew my income that’s how I grew my
businesses was working with buyer so you guys should definitely go
through and get onto the buyers on fire waiting list I’ve got it right below I’m
really sit very very shortly I’m it is a software that will go
through and upbringing Bareilles for you in a bill that relationship for you and I can tell you that you can run your
entire business of a pin in it will blow your mind with what the software will go
through doin that’s my answer that’s exactly what I
would go through do is I would start building a buyer’s also make sure that
you don’t go ahead and you get on to buyers on fire waiting list because
it’s coming and everybody that’s on the waiting list
I’m gonna go in in the lower in for free also for free for 30 days you don’t have
to pay for anything so get on it right now and I can tell you that you’re gonna
love this so hopefully you enjoy this is absurd a do what everybody else is not doing and
go after the virus control them control your paycheck are now seeing eyes do

76 thoughts on “What Would I Do if I Was Brand New in Real Estate

  1. I stopped after you said you only brought in 1 motivated seller after 10,000 dollars, either the biggest lie ever or you just do not know what you are doing.

  2. Love it! Thanks so much subscribed! Thanks for the extra boost i needed today! Much success and blessing your way! 

  3. you said no money. Where did you got the 10k for marketing? also you said "and here is why" and the you went in a diferent direction and did not say "why". I beleive you are a smart guy and know your biz but dont know at least yet how to realy transmit you knowledge to others.

  4. Interesting story, but this is absolutely not a "real" strategy for real estate investing.  Anyone that you put on your buyer's list is not EXCLUSIVELY on your buyer's list, so having a bunch of them does not give you any control over the market.  And when we – as nvestors – market to sellers, we market that we ARE the buyer.  They aren't CALLING US because we have a big buyer's list.  The typical motivated seller will not even realize we HAVE a buyer's list because – they are selling to US, not our list.  But, if you are selling a system for managing a buyer's list, then I can understand why you would think having such a list is THE most important thing.  Unfortunately, having a buyer's list IN NO WAY helps new investors to find motivated sellers, and those SELLERS are the only way we make money.

  5. hello this is fawad iam going to start a real estate job. I need some best idea and I don't have anything in my hand like I don't have credit cards and no extra money even i have some deaths from my cards.plz guide me is it right time to start to be in real estate market or no .


  7. How do I become a mentor from you, I want your training, you seem to be honest and I don't feel a scam with you like with Iflip, Cameron or Jason louchs

  8. This is probably the best info I heard in a while. This makes so much sense. I have been looking for a sure fire way to get off the ground with my REI business. Thanks for posting!

  9. Sooooo true. Thanks for such a professional and seasoned advice. Now I know I was not that far from the truth, although everyone is telling me to follow on their steps, which works for them but not for me.

  10. Thanks. Funny thing: I had the youtube closed captions on accidentally and it translated "a bunch of buyers" as "a bunch of fires". We certainly don't want AI doing our REI for us. 😉

  11. Hi. john my name is Eric I want to no what email that you send to home owners on Craigs list for rent to own to get them to email back fast.

  12. Awesome video! Awesome channel! I definitely subscribed! Thanks for the education. I'm starting my real estate business and this is all super helpful. Thanks again

  13. Quick question….. How to build a buyer's list when you don't have any properties under contract? Would cash buyers be leery of working with a newbie with no current inventory?

  14. Hello In Our Country there are lot of agents and all agents advertising same properties most of time so quetion is how can i sale more than them? thanks

  15. ok So if you get a buyer's list and lets just say you do find a seller. what if they cut you out the deal completely? I mean what would be stopping them? I mean because basically what you're saying is to do exactly what a licensed real estate agent does…right? The only thing is…what if youre not an actual licensed agent…and youre just a regular person attempting to do what you're saying….Couldn't they cut you out the deal?

  16. what I have to obtain a real estate license before doing any of this? Or better yet to be taken seriously in the market?

  17. How do I start the free trial? If it's as successful as you say I know I can get and close a deal with just that and my profits will go to sustaining the software.

  18. I really like these videos. I was wondering how these strategies will work in Manhattan. Most of the properties in NYC are apartments. While about 70% of rental properties are rentals..apartment sales are on the rise. Would the buyers on fire product work in this market?

  19. Great info! This is the first video of yours that I have seen. Sounds logical to go after the buyers, but how exactly would you go after them? What steps would you take in that situation to find them, and get them to use you to match with sellers? You mentioned buyers on fire, is that a program that answers my questions? Thanks!

  20. my friends and family are not with me on this journey please help me get started on the mentor list will you MENTOR me i,m on SSI-DI with no sssstart up cash except 200.oo a month for mentorship

  21. How we doing on that 'Buyers on Fire' list.  Is it still available, and if so,  what procedure do I follow to receive a copy?

  22. this video just saved me a good 6 months worth of headaches, starting a buyers list ASAP, thank you for the amazing video!


  24. I'm confused. You are saying the exact opposite of what most say to do. They say get a deal and buyers will come. When you're advertising the deal , that makes sense. You're saying get buyers and the sellers will come. How? How will sellers know that I have buyers? The only thing I can figure out is that I would have a ton of wholesalers contacting me 2 JV.

  25. A buyers list is KEY. The bigger the buyers list the bigger the paychecks. Not 6-7-8 cash buyers. 100's on your list. The deals will happen from there if your active and take action seeking out distressed seller properties. Build a buyers list b4 finding the properties.

  26. Been a loyal subscriber over 6 yrs. Lived and Invested in Chicago, Wisconsin, and Indiana. I relocated from Wisconsin, to never deal with snow and ice again. All my friends and family said I ll fail California to expensive to invest in real. Well you gave me the inspiration, I'm in San Jose area. Have time for a mentorship. Like just chats, emails, do and don't in California. I know you to busy for face to face hands on. . If yes, I'm Michael, what's the best way to contact you?

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