What It Costs To Live In San Francisco | Making It

What It Costs To Live In San Francisco | Making It

Everyone wants a piece of San Francisco right now. That’s why it’s so hard to live here I’m assistant professor of sociology at San Francisco State University. Between me and my partner we make anywhere between a $100,000 and $110,000 a year and that’s considered low income here. My family of four: my partner, our two children live in a one-bedroom apartment in a high-rise we pay $2,400. We are living in a university subsidized apartment, so that’s why we have it a little cheaper, but it’s still a one-bedroom apartment. For four people it’s a little tight, right? I’ve lived in many major cities, and I’ve lived in San Francisco before, but this time around it’s super hard to find affordable housing. So when I get up in the morning I get my kids ready to go. My partner and I will be tag-teaming on that. I’ll get breakfast started, and I’ll cook eggs and sausage, cut up an avocado. Child: “I want avocado.” You don’t like avocado, but you like eggs. Child: “I don’t want eggs!” On days that I go [see?] child care. After we’ve eaten breakfast, we’ll head over to her daycare. We pay around $1,300 a month for daycare for our two-year-old daughter. I think that the state should have more responsibility to working parents and working families to help them afford quality child care for their children. Our transportation costs monthly vary, but this is where we’re trying to save money San Francisco and the Bay Area has a definite car culture, but between me and my partner we share one car. We pay around $60 for gas a month because we drive a hybrid and we fill up for gas every two weeks or something like that. When I get onto campus, I’ll grab a coffee and a bite to eat. Come to the office, I will get my work done, respond to emails, get back to paper writing or grading or something like that in my office. After I’ve done some work in the office or after I’ve taught, I’ll go to lunch at a local sandwich shop. On some days my husband and my son will join me and we’ll have lunch together before I come back to work. Feeding a family of four, we really rely on meal planning and cooking at home. So, every week we try and go grocery shopping. We are Lucky enough to live in the city where we have friends and are raising our family in community. So, at times friends come over to share a meal with us and they’ll bring dishes to come and share and break bread together. The bay area is a lovely place to grow up in, right. It’s super diverse. I remember growing up here as an immigrant and a child of an immigrant and knowing that my mother was working a low-wage job. Being a working-class family and an immigrant family here in the Bay Area was never easy, right? It’s not just like it happened in 2017 where, you know, it’s hella hard to live here now. I think there is some sort of myth around that that it’s just happening at this moment Even if I am a professor and I have these great benefits Often it’s harder and harder to justify how to live in this city because it’s so expensive Homeownership in the Bay Area feels like chasing a dream. It’s what they call a seller’s market. There’s no negotiation. Someone will always outbid you in terms of buying a home here in San Francisco. When we do buy a home, it will be in the East Bay. Somewhere not in San Francisco and not in the peninsula. There’s a push and pull about living in San Francisco: the, you know, “I left my heart in San Francisco” kind of feeling, but also you’re brokenhearted in San Francisco because you can’t afford to live here.

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  1. We spent the day with a state university professor to see how her family of four deals with the city's high cost of living. Watch Next: What It Costs To Live In London – http://bit.ly/2y1tIKw

  2. 1300 dollars for daycare? Wtf? With that kind of money you can buy 2 kids in some part of the world if you want (just a joke btw). Man don't have kids. You will be doing a lot good for the environment and the future of this planet. Just give that 1300$ to someone who already has a child.

  3. How is it the stats problem to help you pay for child care??? No disrespect but you chose to have a couple kids and that shouldn’t be the tax payers responsibility.

  4. Hahaha wtf??? People are so stupid if you can’t afford it then move. No one forces you to live there. Go to Nebraska where the average home is 100k. Lol

  5. Im just now seeing all of these videos addressing the pathetic excuse for living conditions in the San Francisco Bay Area. It has been this way for years. Unfortunately It doesn’t seem like any significant improvements will be made within this generation. Too many greedy assholes who don’t care about people who are just trying to survive. Instead all anyone cares about here in the bay is how much money they can wring out of you.

  6. Paying 12$ a month for a 3 room house in Ukrainian countryside, and 100$ for 4 rooms house in Ukrainian city 🙂
    But it's not that developed as SF

  7. Why live there if it costs everything to live there? You could buy your own house on acres for a small fraction elsewhere in beautiful states.

  8. She should probably not be talking about how the government should do more for her child’s daycare costs while buying breakfast and lunch out everyday. I have a wild idea: MOVE if you can’t afford it.

  9. Ive seen a good amount of these videos and people seem to always focus on how expensive everything is. Well, if you cant afford it, move. I have a few friend in Oregon who use to live up in Portland. Rent has gone up drastically in the past few years. Their solution was to just move further away from the city. The drag of the commute sucked for them, but they mentioned the amount they're saving and the larger amount of room in their new place is worth it. Seems like people want convenience without paying for it. When I know of people who are working three jobs just to keep up with rent in areas where rent is low, I feel little sympathy for people who are making 100k and just dont use their brain to move more affordable location.

  10. San Francisco has absolutely NOTHING that I have any interest in. Even if you gave me my choice of ANY home and paid me to live there, I still would not stay.
    After Robin Williams died, that was the last thing that would have kept me anywhere near that shitshow of a city.

  11. Imagine making over a 100,000 a year and still thinking the government should give you money to raise your kid.

  12. If she moves to the east bay she has to pay bridge toll which people voted to raise bridge tolls. It’s not just SF it’s the whole Bay Area…

  13. "I go grab a bite to eat then head to the office"
    "I go to lunch I go to a local sandwich shop"
    "we like to meal plan"

  14. I bought a home back in 2004 for $675k and now it's worth $1.1 million. Back in 2010-2013 it was worth $330k when the housing bubble burst. My wife and I own 4 car's ( well 2 of them are our 2 kid's) and we make $150k a year combined put our kids through private school and now college. It hasn't been easy but hard work and overtime has helped but yes it's gotten goddamn ridiculous here in San Francisco.

  15. Move to Fremont (roughly 30 miles away from SFO). It’s easier to commute coz you have Bart and comparatively affordable.

  16. Just visited San Francisco was really rough homeless everywhere ,rubbish everywhere and overpriced would not revisit

  17. San Francisco looks horrible. I was there a couple days ago and trash was everywhere and piles of human feces were seen in the open on Market street, a place I remember as being super clean as a kid. The smell of urine was there during every step. Public transit is over crowded to the max. Skateboarders only skate right in the middle of heavy pedestrian traffic areas when they could easily move to a less busy area with the same props to do tricks on. I didn't see one cop in the whole city, but plenty of homeless people that are clearly on drugs. I wouldn't be surprised if those sky high valuations on property plummet when tourists like me stop going. I won't be going back there any time soon.

  18. Makes 100,000 a year but pays 2,400 for rent…. uuuh living in San Francisco is not a problem for you

  19. At 2:50 she uses the word "husband", it was really weird her just calling him her "partner" repeatedly up to that point.

  20. Is it annoying how she keeps saying her "partner"? Why not say boyfriend, husband or spouse? Heck baby daddy is less annoying. Are husband and spouse trigger words in S.F.?

  21. Dont forget that some sidewalks and streets smells like shit cause of all the Crack heads shiting on the on the streets

  22. Insightful series. The professor can't have it both ways. You can't on the one hand decide to have kids and on the other suggest that there ought to be financial help, subsidisation for childcare costs. The problem is that few people (from research I undertook) are willing to move to a different city. We are all burdened with costs but remember one thing…

    1,000,000,000 + people currently face water scarcity and 800,000,000 + food scarcity. Every 2 minutes a child dies of hunger. When are we going to help them?

  23. I mean SF is hella expensive and the East Bay is expensive too but she isn’t being smart with her money so 🤷🏻‍♀️

  24. San Francisco hella dirty so is oakland not worth paying to smell piss everywhere and being over crowded.

    My company paid 10k for a 4 bedroom apartment in the mission district crazy they coulda rented three houses in San Jose for that same price almost and we woulda had yards garages and a breath of fresh air.

    I’m from Portland and one thing not on that graft is Portland doesn’t have sales tax. And is much better living situations rent in Portland for my two bedroom was only 1100

    But it’s weird you join the trades you make almost up to or more money than a professor in some cases. Without the student debt.

  25. We live in a community where tech employees making over 100k live in RVs because they can’t afford rents. Google employees too, not just startups.

  26. High price to pay in a Domestic Enemy Democrat operated city/state:

    Kate Steinle.
    The Bologna family.

  27. Gavin Newsom said he'd raise taxes San Francisco Democrats say this and vows to give FREE HEALTHCARE TO ILLEGAL ALIENS and KEEP THE SOUTHERN BORDERS OPEN he said this while smiling and laughing and holding his kid.


  28. I rent a 3 bedrooms with 2 bathrooms apparemment in a haussmannian building in Nantes for 400 euro so 500$.

  29. sf is really expensive like groceries can be like $3.00 for a pound of the simplest things and the houses and rent are really expensive. the minimum wage is $15.00 an hour and when the wage goes up just by a bit everything in stores start becoming more expensive.

  30. 💩💉💩💉💩💉💩💉💩💉💩💉💩💩💉💩💉💩💉💩💉💩💉💩💉💩💉💩💉💩💉💩💉💩💉💩💉💩💉💩💉💩💉💩💉💩💉💩💉💩💉💩💉💩💉💩💉💩💉💩💉💩💉💩💉💩💉💩💉💩💉💩💉💩💉💩💉💩💉💩💉💩💉💩💉💩💉💩💉💩💉💩💉💩💉💩💉💉

  31. Is it me or the world is going towards favoring the most richest? I mean a person who earns 150k to 200k is like supposed to be rich as well right? But still not enough?

  32. Buying lunch everyday is not smart as well. For a sandwich that’ll cost you about 7-10usd. That amount of money can buy you a tray of chicken breast that’ll give you 3-4 meals

  33. SF is not a town I would put money into. Full of criminals and scum, while the poor homeless people roam the streets like zombies. Burlingame, Hillsborough, Mountain View or Los Altos are worth it but cost even more than SF.

  34. Yo why she keep saying "my partner and I" like he just some sperm donor or a helping hand lol and $100 – $110,000 between 2 people isn't a lot of money period

  35. I lived in a townhouse with my family in San Francisco but my Grandma moved when I was three cuz it's really expensive

  36. you could always buy a house for the same price of an apartment outside of sf, every city around it is way cheaper. Also an avocado doesn't cost 2 dollars anymore. It costs 8…

  37. $1300 daycare for one kid. Let's say just 10 kids in a class(fat chance) so the school gets $13,000 a month. Teachers are lucky to make $1600 a month. Something is broken.

  38. Let’s be real about this: the problem is that a of lot companies, mainly big tech, are moving to the whole Bay Area, they bring in all these employees to work and live close by, meanwhile natives like this lady in the video, after growing up believing this whole West is Best myth, refuse to leave. And both parties are idiots that will pay basically anything to keep up that lifestyle that living in the Bay Area is all about. It’s just all greed on both sides of it, those that come in, and those that stubbornly choose to stay in an overpriced cesspool.

  39. i just went to san francisco and i don’t understand why anyone would want to live there. i get that it’s where all the tech jobs are but it’s not worth the hype imo. so crowded, full of tourists, insanely expensive, and it’s very dirty. trash laying in the street, human waste on the sidewalk, syringes. i’d heard about san francisco having problems, but i didn’t expect it to be THAT bad.

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