What If Spider-man Far From Home Ended Like This

You want this, Peter? Well, COME ON AND GET IT!! C’mon Peter Tingle… You want this, Peter? Well, COME ON AND … They are creatures formed from the primary elements Water! Earth! Fire! Air! The science division had a technical name…but we just called them The BENDERS… I think he meant the ELEMENTALS! Erm…Yes, Elementals. That’s what I said … Mister Beck has destroyed the other 3 elementals, there is only one left The Fire Nation! Um, I mean the Fire Elemental ! The strongest of them all. The one that… …that destroyed my Earth. We have one mission—Kill it! And you’re coming with us. Listen Fury, this seems like big time, you know, huge superheroes kinda stuff. Sir, please, there’s gotta be someone else you can use! What about Thor? Off world. Um…Doctor Strange? Unavailable. Captain Marvel ? Don’t invoke her name. Oh, I see, erm, have you asked War Machine? On sick leaves. Captain America? On vacation. Black Panther? Visa problem. Hawkeye? Psff! Starlord? Overweight. Bucky? Missing in action. Hulk? Retired. This is for my familyyyyy!! Hey, what’s going on? Why is the animation lagging?! It’s not my fault that the internet connection sucks! For the love of God, Timmy, stop torrenting anime here! I’M TRYING TO WORK HERE !!!!! Sorry, my bad! Are you okay? I’m okay, I’m okay Is everyone okay? Everyone’s okay. I really like you. I really like you too. Did anyone see my shoes? Anyone? Forget about it. Who needs shoes anyways? Alright, everyone’s here. Let’s start the meeting. Shouldn’t we ask Spider-man to join us? He didn’t pick up the phone. So—When is Galactus estimated to arrive on Earth?

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