What Are Modular Homes? 🏡

What Are Modular Homes? 🏡

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  1. im just going to keep commenting cos im annoyed i dont know the fraze the video is gone and iv failed i knwo its real estare from round the world company yrew , international yrew , arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr i give up

  2. crazy this . in the uk we call things like this static caravans and normal caravans are the ones you pull behind your car , people put statics on camp sights and pay a yearly sight fee but save lots on other things like that , there all plumbed in to the electric water and drains as well if there a static

  3. Always with great info Kristina👍👍👍 Not sure if we have a modular home or mobile home business here but happy that you have different options on the mainland.

  4. Super interesting! I did not know some of those things either. And wow, what a LOT of notes needed on this one! lol 😆 I'm gonna have to rewatch it and take them down.


  6. Thanks mom, we are looking modular because land is super cheap in SC and NC. When compared with the price of getting a stick built home built on the land, the modular is definitely the more economical way to go, unless my wife goes crazy on shiny extras

  7. Wow! Very in-depth and informative. Thank you Kristina! YREW estate company! 😁 btw, of i don't make it on Thursday is because I'm still helping restock the hardware shelves at my work! 😣

  8. These modular home factories are pretty amazing. They are doing all kinds of new crazy stuff. I think factory built homes will become a lot more popular really soon. Thanks Kristina!

  9. This was a really good video, Kristina, For a little, I worked for a company that built Modular homes, the ones we built were going to an island off of Russia that were, two stories and all steel stud framing, with an attached garage…

  10. Modular homes and mobile homes are built completely different.. one of them is built to stick built codes and the other is not, Trying to get a mobile home built to code like a stick built home will cost a whole lot of money with a modular those are standard and not a upgrade

  11. No idea where Ascension Parish is but this was a super helpful video about the modular home buying process. Thanks!

  12. Not true.
    Modular home is actually built better than a stick home and can be put on a permanent foundation.
    A manufactured home Can not be put on a foundation and depreciates a lot faster and is not built as good and not like a home. They hv thinner walls, and everything is cheap!!!!!!
    Modular is waaaaaaaaaaay better and better built!!!!!!😁😁😁❤👍👍👍👍👍

  13. We happen to like ‘textured’ ceilings….you shouldn’t interject your own design styles on other people….everything comes back around every 20 years or so anyway…just let people choose their own style without influence…that said—tks for the vid. Was interested about the diff of mod and mobile.

  14. Christina, you never mentioned what, if any, tax benefit there may be by putting a mobile home on a small farm, as opposed to brick and mortar?

  15. In Ohio ,the dealership makes you sign over your land to go into the deal. If you cannot get the loan, you lose your land. Ohio doesn't care for their citizens to allow this.

  16. Very informative, thank you. However, enough with the background music. I want to hear from you, not someone's choice in music, not necessary.

  17. Thank you for all the helpful information. My husband and I have been trying to find affordable housing for our retirement years and have wondered whether mobile or modular might not be an option for us. We'll definitely study your videos as we make our decision.

  18. What if I put a mobile home on a piece of land that I own. Would that be considered real property also, even though it's not a stick build or modular home?

  19. That is great information and good to know as well. I live in a double wide mobile home and before that lived in a single wide home which I use as a storage building now, but still in good condition considering it's age. The reason I decided to buy a mobile home was because I don't have any children to leave the home to and it didn't seem right to buy a regular home. I didn't know about modular homes, but I would have probably considered getting one if the price wasn't too high.

  20. We just surveyed our 2 acre plot of land at my MIL's farm to put a home on. It is a process, but we are getting there. Went to a home dealer a few months ago and we have narrowed down our options. We are going with a modular since we want drywall in, and it will be cheaper to go with the modular than a double-wide. We live in IN, and a lot of homes are built in this state. This video has helped a lot!!! Thank you!! At the end of the day, it all comes down to what a person wants and what they can comfortably afford. Tired of paying close to $900 / mo. in renting a small house, and we can make 2 of 3 mortgage payments a month on that!

  21. You should check out the prefab houses at RoyalHomes.com. They have 5 design centers in Ontario and deliver to the U.S. I highly recommend touring their factory. The homes are next level modulars and just beautiful! They are actually better built than a site built home, in part because they are pre built indoors in controlled conditions and not exposed to inclement weather for months at a time. And no, I do not sell these home or have any connection to them. I used to be in the manufactured home industry and had the opportunity to tour the factory and visit one of the design centers many years ago.

  22. My sister is a doctor and fairly wealthy. She pays for everything in cash—yes, including her home—and chose to build a triple wide “mobile” in Florida. It has a roof pitched the same as a standard site built home, drywall, vinyl plank flooring, a huge kitchen with stainless appliances, nice counters, good sized pantry, open concept, etc., etc., etc. You cannot tell from looking that hers is a manufactured home.

  23. Hey Kristina, thank you for a great video!! I am a retired custom home builder as well as being a former real estate Broker in Mississippi, Alabama, and Colorado. This is a great service you are doing for so many folks out there that are wanting to purchase a home but are not able to afford an existing home or a stick built home and still have the same mindset about modular and Mobile homes that were built 30-40 years ago. Homes being built today are so much different today th hang what they were even 10-15 years ago. They actually adhere to stricter building codes than any site built home does today and like Gary explained in the other video, it's all about how well the owner takes care of the home once they move in.

    I do have a question for you tho. The wood wall behind you, do you know anything about that? Was it stained those colors on site prior to it being Installed or was it already stained when it was purchased? I've been remodeling my home the past 4 years and that's the finished look I'm wanting in living room, dining room, and kitchen. The wall behind you is absolutely beautiful!!!

  24. Nobody is a fan of popcorn ceilings, are the walls in a modular home drywall or do they use veneer plaster where blueboards are used and a thin coat of plaster is put over the board? Lath and Plaster is unfortunately not used anymore in home these days only in older homes.

  25. I do look at things to invest in even though I don’t really have a lot of money. I have a game plan to fix that. I plan to get an American Express Cruise Planners franchise and promote it like nobody’s business. It is 10 thousand dollars but that’s low in franchise world. Then use funds from franchise and buy into something like this among other things. It seems to have a low cost of entry compared to a lot of other real estate avenues to wealth. Warren Buffet did not become a billionaire by working a 9 to 5 job. Well actually he did do a 9 to 5 but as a stock broker until he learned how to get out of the rat race. He was not a billionaire until later in life and his investments caught up with him. He bought into boring but solid and undervalued companies and just keep re-investing until it he owned them. People can say all they want about manufactured ( the real term for mobile) homes but Warren bought the biggest company in the manufactured house industry – Clayton Homes. I think I will follow what Warren is doing and not listen to these Joe Schmoes that don’t what they are talking about

  26. I work for a custom modular builder and you have some correct info, but a lot of incorrect info also. If you site build a house, you have all those cost also, still need a driveway and water and sewer plus all the other stuff. How are the materials the same between mobile and modular? They are absolutely not the same, if they were, then they would both be mobile homes. Modular homes are built like a site built home, just built indoors like a mobile home is, so they are weather protected the whole time. Whoever you've were talking to, wasn't giving you all the right info. Also there are tons of modular companies out there, that offer smooth ceilings and endless upgrades. With financing, you'll need a construction loan and you will always want an off-frame modular home, not on-frame, because on-frame modular homes depreciate like a mobile home does. There is nothing wrong with mobile homes, but modular homes will always cost more because of the materials are that of a site built house, where mobile homes are cheaper materials, like metal, fixed roofs, paper wrapped cabinets, cheaper insulation and so on. If you look up videos on how mobile homes are built and how modular homes are built, you will see its a huge differences in materials. Just want to make sure you are giving the correct info. 🙂

  27. I've seen modular houses with flat ceilings and they looked fine. Builders, whether of stick-built or modular houses, like the textured finishes because they don't show imperfections, and almost any flat finish will have some imperfections, leaving it to the customers and builders to argue about what constitutes a "defect". For the same reason, they seem to hate surface mounted ceiling lights. I hate really rough finishes, especially the "monkey trowel" jobs that are messy for the sake of messiness, but a light stipple, or that repeating swirl from the 1950s, usually looks fine on a ceiling. And with a light texture, you can always plaster over it if you get tired of it; I've skim coated most of my ceilings just to hide 60 years of patches from adding wiring and the occasional plumbing fix.

  28. the land cost is the same for both if your starting out with nothing , also stick built homes are exposed to the weather were as modular homes are built in a controlled environment , they are built to withstand higher winds as some delivery drivers will get up to speeds around 70mph,so with that said you will know the homes will hold together at these wind speeds.modular homes are built to a higher standard and built to be picked up via crane were stick built homes would most likely collapse under the strain and pressure of being picked up via crane.

  29. For the price of a modular home and the land with hook ups can by a regular house. The problem is people want luxuries and don't want to start basic. Got to put the horse before the cart.

  30. Ms. Small horn, thank you for these fantastic posts; as a retiree, I am weighing my options.
    Your post is very helpful.
    Big hugs from Southern California!

  31. Ur awesome Kristina. I'm from Canada some information u share in ur videos are the same here. Great info….keep the great vids coming. Thank you. ☺️👍

  32. Just got this vid recommended! Super great vid, Such in-depth info! I was surprised at how much land is out by you though. Agree that unless you have the land, the traditional built comes out cheaper.

  33. Three terms get thrown about, 'manufactured homes', 'mobile homes' and 'modular homes.' Let's look at the terms.
    Manufactured homes are just that, homes that are manufactured 'off-site.' Usually in a factory. The funny thing is now some 'site-built' homes are using manufactured components, like roof trusses and even side walls, all made in a factory and then assembled on site. The lines blur.
    'Mobile Homes', the quintessential butt of many Southern comedian's jokes, are built in a factory and are built on a chassis. The chassis has axles, brake lines, and a detachable hitch. Up until the late 1970s and early 1980s, they were thin, used wood paneling, had little to no insulation and were nothing more than a travel trailer on blocks. After the 1980s and certain Federal laws went into effect, they became somewhat better. They still have a chassis, axles, brake lines, and a hitch, however. In some cases, a support structure and even a basement can be placed under them, although for the most part, you'll find dirt and cinder blocks.
    A manufactured home does NOT have a chassis, it does not have wheels, axles, brakes or a hitch. Most of them have 2×10 floor joists, 2×8 or 2×6 wall joists and 2×4 inner walls. They are built to the same code as a site-built home. They arrive on a trailer and are lifted off and placed on a foundation. Many even have full basements. Another aspect of 'modular' over 'mobile' is that on a modular home, you may have multiple stories. Mobile homes are not set up for multiple stories. Modular homes need a foundation to mount the floor onto, mobile homes do not, as they support the chassis and the chassis supports everything else.
    For a salesperson to say that you can make a mobile home into a modular home, or a modular home into a mobile home is either a misunderstanding or the salesperson is flat out wrong. It IS possible to spec a design either as a modular or mobile home, but once the build has started, it can not be changed from one to another.

  34. We built a modular home in New England in 1982. It was no different than a stick built home as far as value. We even got a full basement. I’m sure upgrades as far as colors etc. are even better. We sold the house successfully, and it stands up to all the NE weather.

  35. Popcorn ceilings are beautiful, as long as they look like mine, with glitter on them. And they are not just to hide imperfections, they are also to deaden sound, you your home does not echo inside.

  36. whats worse is when they put popcorn ceiling in a regular house to cover the shotty work. grat info thanks for the video

  37. As to checking out the builder’s reputation why not check with the county/ state’s Dept of Consumer Affairs &/or the state’s Dept of Business?

  38. I am looking into buying a modular home. I am uncertain of the land requirements to install one. I live in California and would be buying the land to place it in. Do you anyplace in California that can help with figuring all this out?

  39. The problem I found with modular homes the windows and doors are not standard size..you can't run down to home Depot and get replacements

  40. We live in Mississippi, we’ve been looking into buying a new home soon and your videos are great ! Thanks for the info!

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