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Hey Youtube Fam! It’s your girl Lia back
again with another video and today’s video as you can see from the title is a
another week in the life, month in the life who knows what this video is gonna
be. You guys know I pull shenanigans all the time but I’m just gonna take you
through my week. It’s pretty normal slash non-normal week in the life. Today
Saturday, August the 3rd. If you guys can see I am bare face because I’m going to
get a facial today. If you guys follow me on Instagram you guys know I get facials
pretty regularly. At least once a month I don’t have problematic skin as you guys
saw in my July favorites video. I say I have pretty normal dry skin, not a lot of
breakouts. Although as I come to you today with this video breakout right in
the middle of my my face. It’s like I cannot speak too soon but I’m here in
Charlotte at Revive Glam Studio to get a facial today. It’s important to
take care of your skin no matter if you have dry or oily or combination skin
whatsoever. And as you can see from the back in my last three vlogs I feel like
I have had boxes in the back but today’s is the last week that they’re gonna be
boxes in the back because I am actually moving this week. I will take you guys
along on my moving journey the rest of this week but let’s go get this
facial first. Let’s take care of this skin. So just got done getting my facial. I
feel like skin looks even better than it was before .I feel like skin is popping. I
feel like why makeup. Do I need makeup anymore? Do I need to stop using
makeup? Again if you are in the Charlotte region and you are looking for an esthetician and you’re looking for an african-american esthetician she will
now become my esthetician of choice. Desiree! Check her out! Um so now I’m
probably gonna have to go find food and then go furniture shopping and take you
guys along with me. I’m now in the University kind of area of Charlotte.
Where I used to actually live for six years I lived here in this side of town.
On this side of town we have IKEA. We have Ashley Furniture . We have a lot of
furniture places. So I’m gonna go eat and then probably going to take you guys
along as I go look for some furniture for my new dwellings. Because I got
to kind of start all over and you guys will probably see that when you see the
rest of my moving video but just stay tuned. So I am back and I am exhausted.
I did go to Ashley Furniture. Didn’t get a lot of footage in there just because
the guy wanted to come over and be helpful. So I didn’t want to record while
he was trying to show me things but it was good. I got some good use out of the
time there. I found the dresser, nightstand, and couch that I think I want.
I didn’t go to Ikea because I got hungry. Um but I don’t think I’m gonna get a lot
from Ikea this time. I love me some IKEA. If you guys don’t know my beauty room. I
have a beauty room tour video. I’ll link it up above but I’ll probably do another
one soon so you can skip it if you want to but I got my desk and my little rolly
drawers from there. But particleboard furniture although I love it. I love it
if I can get something very affordable that’s already built though. I think I
would prefer that more. Not that I’m anti you know IKEA furniture because I have
the Ikea furniture in my possession. It’s just that I mean the Ashley’s
furniture wasn’t that much off from the IKEA furniture I’d seen online and for
me to just get it in my home without having to stress about install that’s a
good thing. So I might get my mirror from Ikea. I saw a cute mirror that I wanted
from Ikea but nothing else really stuck out to me online from Ikea. So I think
I’m good. I think today I’m just gonna kind of chill out. That facial was
everything and I am kind of tired now and I am a good old steak and shrimp
from my favorite favorite hibachi place in Charlotte. Go to Hanaya’s. It’s off of
University. I used to love that place when I lived on that side of town but
now that I don’t I don’t get there that often. But when I am on that side of town
you best believe I’m going over there so check them out they’re awesome. Best
hibachi in my opinion in the city but I’m gonna go in probably fall asleep and
see you guys possibly tomorrow. I’m gonna edit tonight finish packing up some
stuff. So it’s not really that exciting things going on today
but hopefully it’ll be exciting through the rest of my week.
So now I am back. Today is Sunday August 4th. It is 10:30 a.m. I got up
really early this morning so I could hurry up and film and I have my moving
boxes right here. This is the last video I’m ever going to film in this space.Well not ever I still have access to this place but but it’s probably the
last video I’ll ever film in this place. So I’d love to this filming aspect. I really
love the stairs though. I think the stairs really gave a homey feel. Now it’s probably gonna be a few weeks before I film my next video because I
gotta figure out when I do move what and where I’ll film. I mean it’s all about
lighting. It’s about finding where I’m gonna set up and all that. Here has
been good. I mean I’m right in front of the door so all the light is coming in
here which is awesome. I’ve had this table from my subscribe button. This
other table for my pillow over these last couple months of filming. But I will
be leaving. The thing I’ve always kind of hated about this is the walls here. The
walls have kind of always blended in and made my videos a lot darker than they
were at the house. At the house I had the stairs and it had three kind of me
windows around me. So all the light came in so I felt like it brightened up the spot.
Where as opposed to here I feel like it’s not as bright and that’s why I got
like a new camera a little bit after I moved here because I felt like it was
gonna jugg things up a little bit and it did. But again it’s just weird crazy
filming my last video here. Filmed my final thoughts on this hair. Although I’m
sill going to be wearing it for a few more weeks. I just again don’t know what
filming is gonna be like in my new place. So I didn’t want to set up any
expectations and then forget to film my final thoughts of this hair. But yea
just want to come on here and say that and I’ll probably see you guys later on in this
week. Hey Youtube fam I am back. It is Wednesday August 7th. I know I haven’t
seen you guys since Saturday and I have been doing this makeup free thing all
week. So I’ve been doing this no makeup thing. Skin is really kind of glowing. I
needed a little breaky breaky from makeup but I wanted to come on here today and do an
apartment tour. Now I got my keys today. Literally got my keys today. Literally my
first time actually seeing the apartment as well. Seeing the actual apartment. Been
through a model of what this format looks like but had not seen this room
because somebody was renting it for the last two months. So I’m gonna give you
guys a mini kind of house tour apartment tour. Not house tour apartment tour
today. So I’m gonna take you guys on that. It’s after work time so I apologize if
the lighting isn’t as great as it could be it’s like five 5:41 p.m. but I’ll take
you guys along on this journey. So this is the front door. This is what it is giving you!
And then you head over to the second bedroom and this is what the second
bedroom looks like. It actually has kind of French doors that are kind of meant
to be opened and let’s see if I can show you how it’s meant to be open. And then
you can open it you know like that. They said they could change the doors out to
be locked doors cause you know in a normal bedroom the doors are a locked. But I was like this is gonna be an office. So it’s fine that the doors are kind of
these French doors anyway. They don’t have a need really to be locked. But then
you come over here and again the second bedroom is gonna be of course smaller
than the first bedroom but there is no fixture though. So of course when it
starts to get dark it’s gonna be really dark in here. So I’m gonna have to come
up with some unique lighting situation just because of course this room is not
very well lit but if you come over here it’ll probably be where I’ll set up too.
Like I’ll be facing this way or maybe I’ll be facing this way I don’t know. I
haven’t come up with my genius plan on how I’m gonna film and set up my filming.
Then you have the closet right here. Not walk-in but enough for my additional
shenanigans. And guess what I’m moving in on the day that they happen to be
renovating the stairway. So of course you guys will probably hear some bangings
in the background but today in the week they are renovating the place. So again
that’s the closet. That’s the shelving area. Probably use this as a little desk area
and then we’re going to come out of there and then head into the kitchen. You
guys can kind of see the kitchen. White drawers. White cabinetry. Silver
microwave. so we’re for a little closet here as
well we’ll love that these are the floors there is no linen closet that’s
just the water heater and then we have the rest of the bathroom this is me
looking rough but then they also have a little mirror right here well toilet
that I’m thinking of maybe like cutting something here like a chest or something
that kind of keep my linen I don’t know I’m still trying to decide but I do just
I don’t know if become accustomed to a linen closet so or maybe there’s some
room and it’s not really any room in here and I keep any linens I don’t know
if you guys have any ideas let me know down below and then we have the bedroom
I’m sorry there’s some boxes up here I literally set up my internet during my
lunch work so I got my keys at noon and then I had already gotten my equipment
for my internet so we have just the bedroom and then those are the lights
again another thing I don’t like is there is no lighting so this is my
ceiling there is no light up here so I’m gonna get some kind of external light as
well this is my closet it’s a pretty decent-sized closet when
the other thing they said they were gonna have to fix is a shelving the
shelving is a little weak so that is something we noted and they are going to
come fix but other than that the shelving is pretty good and again that
is the apartment so my mini apartment tour video I’ll probably take you guys
along as I like furnish the place I probably will furnish it over the next
couple of months though so you probably won’t get a furnished house tour for why
Oh Carlene until the holiday it’s maybe it’ll be like a holiday see it with the
Christmas tree decorated type of it feel but I’m I’m buying everything in pieces
so I’m like a myself and then already got my bed it’s a new bed so I got my
bed already trying to figure out way dresser a nightstand I wanted I didn’t
know if the flooring was consistent throughout the place so I didn’t know if
my room also had these same floors it does not it’s carpet it as you guys saw
so figuring out how I want to kind of play that as well
but yeah this has been my unfurnished apartment for tomorrow I actually move
in with movers I have movers coming through because I just don’t feel like I
can put my family through this again they have been so generous to help me
move several time over the last six years
well not that many times I was of two years at my first ever apartment that I
moved to in Charlotte four years at my house that I shared with my roommate and
then this most Kurt eventful business as well so again I just wanted to take you
guys through and show you guys my unfurnished apartment so today is moving
day finally the boxes in the back have stuff in them now so finally it’s moving
I’m just waiting for the movers to get here my sister’s with me quietly to the
side just show you her shirt uh-huh she’s came for moral support because I
don’t know if I’m gonna lift a finger in this situation like I want to help but
it’s like I don’t know if I can help because they might have some kind of
rules and yet it’s like helping tests you could damage something and be on
them I don’t know the rules of moving with a company because it’s my first
time doing it but it should be exciting should be quickly they said it was gonna
start at 9:00 that would be here at 9:00 but then they called and said they were
running a little behind which I’ll give him that
they said 15 minutes I’ll give them 15 more minutes to them be like with it
yeah but yes let’s get this process started
sores unit that I have kept most of my things in for the last few months this
is the moving company I went with they had rave reviews on the Internet so
that’s why I decided to go with them hopefully they are good so back in the
apartment now just waiting for the movers to get here it was really fast
they started at 9:15 it is 10:45 a.m. and I’m just waiting for them to get
here but it’s been literally no time I mean I live about 30 minutes away from
where we started so travel time included it didn’t take them that long so they
stopped for gas that shouldn’t be here in a couple minutes and yeah get this
place start it gonna be full of stuff in a minute I’m probably gonna just tell
them to put it here and then I’m gonna decide where to put everything because I
can’t remember we are faced with what boxes were what what goes in one bedroom
versus the another so yeah it’s gonna be pretty chaotic but it’s moving good
so far the progress it’s so many boxes in here it’s crazy I seriously have a
problem and we are done already so we are now at
Target going to get some of that home dog whore it literally took them two
hours exactly to move me in to bunny situation I have a buddy my sister’s
getting nobody to I already know it’s gonna be alive trashcan for both the
kitchen and the bathroom you know whether I want to get it from here or
hand guys need great grades of color maybe I’ll get my pillows from here but
not rest of this stuff we really had buddies work I got Makayla a book bag to
go back to school and she is going to college and next week actually she was
in so I got her college look back and my stuff and we’re still probably gonna
go drop this off and then make a trip to home goods and then probably still go to
at home but I got some cute little pillows I had to get my essentials that
I can’t live without you know the pillows and campers and things so next
up is the home goods and marshals and there’s the target over there so it’s
really a one-stop shop for your home planning and in from home goods I really wanted
for the days of the week for content planning so it is 2:30 and we are really making
good use of the day we are now at home good store number 3 still have to find
some comforter a trash can that I like and like bath towel for like when I wash
my hands after using the sink so then I see what at home has and the lucky thing
is everything is really close to each other too so I’m not really going for
the 5 of the things that I need which is awesome that’s cute that one’s too you another session that I like more than
one I think that it’s more with my grace I think I am good for the day all I need
now is the major furniture like you know a dresser of nightstands things of that
nature I usually get the same thing have been getting the same thing for the last
I say 14 years or 15 years I was a freshman in high school I think even the
necrosis been airing out I actually got that from Amazon I got this from Amazon
on Amazon Prime day I got the headboard bed all of that and the mattress for us
then a $300 primed a do so that be bed together
what is looking like for you’re gonna see the full thing one day when I do a
furnished home tour but again together a less than 300 headboard you don’t need a
box spring with this light red because of course it’s in there and yeah prime
date came through free girl I don’t know what it is typically but I will link
though that and that’s right down below for you guys so it is that minute twenty
seven pm this is my bed this is the holes that I got sorry for
it being kind of darker again like I said it’s 7:27 so the Sun is going down
and you can kind of get it overview my family was just here checking the place
out so you can kind of get a view so it’s a little bit wrinkly but this is
the set that I got from at home I want it gray and then I came upon this and I
loved it what screamed love to me it’s a little black love I know it’s basic to
have little a club in your home I know girls get a lot of flack for it quite
frankly I had it on my wall at my last place live laugh love I know I’m one of
them girls but this time I’m not gonna put it on my wall but it is cute to have
a pillow so this is what I kind of wanted this set from at home but I
really liked it it was 49.99 it was that eight piece set so it came with the
comforter the two decoration pillows came with the comforter set the shams
the other pillowcases and it did not come with sheets so I had to buy the
sheet separately look I think I did a good job matching my sheets and then
their eighth piece of it was a bedskirt I did not use the bedskirt because she’s
kind of like the way it looked as is but I like the bed still have a lot more
unpacking to go but I will again alert you guys later on the progress I am
exhausted from the day so I am probably going to finish unpacking some stuff my
TV is down there but I can’t turn it on because my internet guy doesn’t come to
tomorrow I thought I could set it up myself I bought the self install kit and
then I learned that my place isn’t actually wired for Time Warner Cable
which the first time my place hasn’t ever been so tomorrow morning they’re
coming and wiring it so don’t have any Wi-Fi or internet or anything like that
today but tomorrow should have it all so I didn’t show you guys this but I went
to Ashley Furniture it was very quick I was in there for 10 minutes because I
knew what I wanted had already talked to the person so I ordered my couch good
news bad news is it will not be here until August 30th so I have a long time
to go before I actually hit my couch so I got my couch I love it it’s a sleeper
chaise couch I really wanted a sectional type I needed that
for lounging I was looking at other sleeper couches I wanted a sleeper couch
because again my sister’s going to college soon and when she comes back I
know she’s gonna want to stay with me not go home it’s often not to say she
doesn’t like staying at home but I know she’s gonna be college and I want to go
back home she has an older sister who has her own place so I know she’s gonna
want to stay here so that’s why I wanted a sleeper couch and I also have friends
who like to stay over some time so sleeper couches we’re very important to
me so I wanted a sectional sleeper couch and I think I got the right one it was
under five hundred dollars again when I when you guys see it I don’t know if
it’ll be in this vlog or my next video but you’ll see my sleeper couch at some
point so having said all that I just wanted to sign off for today and say
I’ll see you guys probably tomorrow or the next day
still got some last-minute things to pick up so I might take you guys along
on that journey good morning today is Tuesday August 13th
I know haven’t seen you guys in a couple of days hair it is totally different but
I’ve made some progress on the room a situation of the room front and the
unpacking front got a long way to go been taking some breaks probably won’t
edit at all this week just so I can get some things done and that means there’ll
be no video next week but of course I have a very understanding audience so
you guys out here to watch my vlogs or singing them behind the scenes the
people who don’t will be like where’s the video girl this weekend it would be
like yeah I don’t know my life yeah I don’t know my life but you guys do so
today I’m dressed for work of course I’m going to work it is Tuesday so I’m gonna
run to work after work I’m probably gonna go to Ikea to get my dresser a
student have a dresser that has halted some of the progress because the stuff I
need to put in my dresser is still in the moving boxes so I’m gonna go to Ikea
after work which is on the other side of town so to be like a 50 minute drive and
while I’m on that side to kind of probably go get my brows done by my lady
who used to do my brows when I lived on the IKEA University side of town so I’ll
get my browser from her she’ll be like I say you went about a year I know I’ve
been at Miss Lac and I told myself I was still gonna go to her you and I moved
and that journey never happened so I’ll be taking you guys along on today’s
journey so I am altered just took me about 50 minutes to an hour to get over
here to the University side of Charlotte I used to live on the university side of
Charlotte I just came over here to get my brows done one thing I don’t miss is
the light rail and the stops I’ve been at this light now for about five minutes
waiting to turn to go to Ikea so brows are done I am in the IKEA
parking lot and if you guys can see a storm is a-coming
a storm is approaching so what a perfect time to go get furniture I know I
probably said or if I didn’t say let me change the dynamics I know I probably
said or if I didn’t say it I wasn’t originally gonna get IKEA furniture for
my apartment nothing wrong but if I can’t furnish your honey that last home
was furnished by IKEA but I just wanted something different this time but I
didn’t think about this was grown up people furniture and you know real
furniture it takes time to deliver so they were talking like four to five
weeks and I was like it’s just a dresser and a nightstand
I need a dresser and I said because I didn’t have to put things a dresser I
have no dresser it’s not like I had my old dresser I gave up my dresser when I
moved like I get like I said oh I’m about of a whole new furniture when I
get this house but I did not think about having to wait that time period for it
but with IKEA you could just go in there and get it in and walk out the store so
it looks like I’m gonna have a IKEA dresser the nightstand
nothing wrong with it my couch I did get from Ashley home store though I did get
that last weekend it’ll be here the end of this month so I can wait on a
couch can’t really wait on a dresser at the bare minimum so I’m gonna run in
here real quick hopefully it’s not a rainy and catastrophe but I feel like
it’s gonna be really pick the perfect day to come to IGN and really make it
the perfect day when isn’t a blowing originally want it
but it literally it’s gonna take too long to assemble like this is a
two-person job and I’m really looking for a different dresser that did kind of
like this dresser it goes with the great so now I am back I apologize about the
Sun going down it’s like cutting and my face look very weird but I decided I’m
gonna cut the video out here I’m in the parking lot of high on a garden my
favorite hibachi spot again in Charlotte I have my kid stuff in the back it was
processed getting there in the car but Annabelle not say for hours let’s
not even be crazy by tomorrow after I get done building this I will have a
dresser and I will have a bathroom storage shelf because I don’t know if
you guys noticed in my blog I don’t have a linen closet so I’m gonna try to turn
my coat closet into a semi linen closet so I got a little show for that as well
which you guys will see and my completed room tour that I will do pretty soon
not anytime soon cuz of course you guys know I still got quite a few boxes in
that house but I will be filming that soon overall this has been a very smooth
move I hope to say that moving company again Hornets moving in Charlotte that’s
like 4.9 stars on a line and that’s why I went with them was because they were
so highly revered they were very affordable to less than what $250 which
if you really factor in the fact of renuyu Hall having to put gas second
that you long for get insurance but that way you go know what else you get with
that you all it would be still pretty expensive so for me not to have to lift
a finger a figure wasn’t lifted I didn’t have to
bother my family after they wrote people in order pizzas and all that I was able
to get it all done in less than two hours love them so overall I have to say
I loved the moving experience really think I’m gonna love my apartment but if
you guys want to tune in and lock in make sure you’re subscribed to my
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