We Worked Out At Home For 30 Days

We Worked Out At Home For 30 Days

look I don’t know if you’re like me but I hate gems I don’t know how to use the equipment and I feel like everyone there knows exactly what they’re doing except for me but I feel good when I work out and I want to feel good about getting a workout so for the next 30 days you’re gonna be working out at home no gym memberships no equipment let’s see what happens [Music] hey my name is Chandler Graham dad I am 23 years old I am from Toronto Ontario Canada and I got chosen to be part of the 30-day home fitness challenge we audition over 50 people on Instagram and we selected her for 30 minutes every day we are going to do a mixture of jumping jacks flutter kicks mountain climbers and burpees white Corgi elbas 2018 was probably one of the hardest years for me I spent most of the year taking care of my mom because she was diagnosed with breast cancer didn’t really get time to focus on myself and I just feel like it’s time for me to get back into this I have a healthy relationship with fitness but as far as like actual exercise I do not feel confident and getting a full body workout knowing the moves that I can do to work different parts of the body let me tell you something first I am already a person who works out I work out in an average of I don’t know three times per week working out every day finding the strength of the discipline to do that every day that’s crazy I work really hard to maintain my weight because I lose it like this and so to work out every day for 30 days could drastically change my appearance than a positive negative weight I just don’t know I shouldn’t be scared of exercise and I shouldn’t be intimidated by it so I’m really hoping this challenge will make me feel more confident and capable of exercising in my daily life beginning jumping jacks five sets sortable 20 second rest in between all right [Music] it was really hard for me because I guess my body just isn’t used to that much activity jumping jacks for fire the herpes sucked flutter kicks were difficult and the climbers that climbers need to be the most challenging thing for me it’s a nice mix of cardio strength and balance I liked it Brenda proof I’m doing something wrong decliners cuz I keep messing up my knee so you start with the climbers and Jun slow so that way I don’t hurt my knee I realized I was doing flutter kicks wrong this whole time and no one told me to do them right this time it doesn’t get easier they’re not easy but they’re doable and that’s what’s important if you all wanna thoughts of how much this sucks it’s gonna suck and you’re gonna want it to end but if you’re like whoo yeah that’s not good that’s doing things you get reward out of it so I knew going into this challenge that doing the exercises for 30 days straight I wasn’t gonna see results unless I changed the way I was eating put a lot more focus and attention into the food that I’m putting in my body I need some vegetables you’re eating more you’re burning more calories I’m feeling extra hungry we are halfway through and I cannot believe that I’ve made it to this point yesterday it was a hardest part of the challenge but it takes a lot of dedication and willpower and push through this commit to this and that dedication of willpower is already pushing into my day I feel like my energy levels are way up my sleeping habits have been amazing I think that my body is finally adjusting to the workout I’m definitely seeing some progress especially on that scale I wish it was building up like my chest and other muscles a bit more this is at least teaching me ways that I can workout at home base I can feel more confident in the movements I’m losing a lot of muscular myths doing a lot of this cardio the body a the muscle away my goals have always been to build up and this is doing the absolute opposite it was great because my friends all joined me and I was really great it was really fun and motivating and it’s been showing me and Brenda up they’re doing this workout with other people so I’m back in Texas so I thought what is my sister there’s my sister I did 30 days of exercise that’s insane I did it I freaking did it I am just so unbelievably proud of myself if you’re looking for dramatic before and after photos that’s not this video because I believe that physical transformation and fitness takes time because everybody’s body is different we did this challenge so we could feel more confident in ourselves and in fitness I feel like I’ve grown into a completely different person I my confidence is way up I’ve amazed myself my commitment to this challenge is help me manage some of those resentful and distressing thoughts surrounding fitness towards the end he was always like I hated every second over the last five minutes but then when you were at dawn it was like I and while the goal of this challenge was never to lose weight for better for worse we lost some weight I think I lost a little bit over 10 pounds I lost 9 pounds lost 5 pounds which I need to put back on to stay healthy we committed to the challenge and I know that you can commit to something similar it takes patience it takes time you can achieve anything this is to me not the ideal way and always a chance for you to take it one step at a time instead of doing this hoping to have one Brenda did it Chanda did it I did it and I know that you can do a workout that feels good for you this the next challenge is something I’ve been trying to do for 15 years I’m looking for people who are serious about quitting smoking but not just cigarettes I kicked this habit a while ago and I replaced it with something even more addictive or placed it with the jewel so if you’re 18 years or older and you’re serious about putting the jewel click the link in the description of audition and go to my Instagram for more information about the challenge let’s get better together let’s quit the jewel together let’s do this [Music]

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  1. I feel like I didnt really like this video that much. Like I like the concept, but why bring someone on that already knew from the start that they didnt really want to do it.

  2. That's a well rounded group of people, the guy who's moderately fit but wants to incorporate daily and specific fitness. The gal who wants to start fitness as a whole and focus on herself, and the gal who is trying to gain muscle but losing through the same program. The thing is that we all have different fitness goals and sometimes there's such a heavy balance on the weight loss aspect instead of the whole picture of fitness for every lifestyle. I personally love seeing stuff like that this showcases more than one story, they all did great.

  3. I’m been workin out pretty much almost everyday this year at home and I’ve never thought I would get to this point. I’ve seen definitely some progress and still continue too. I doo take a day off every once in awhile Cause ya know gotta live life sometimes lmao

  4. Why would they do this to Chanda? She was so sad…

    Also those mountain climbers and flutter kicks were atrocious

  5. It would have been nice if you listed the count number and rep # of each exercise so we the viewers could follow the same activity for ourselves. Glad you did not do a before and after as I have found that my own positive body image begins in the mind.

  6. I think for the slim lady, they should've given her at home strength training exercises vs the cardio based workout.
    People lift weights at home too.
    Id be super pissed if I lost muscle. From my experience its harder for me to gain muscle than lose weight.

  7. This was honestly great. I love that they focused on improvement, not weight loss or results. I also like that the last girl lost weight but right away said she wanted to put it back on to be healthy. There's such a thing as gaining weight or gaining muscle and becoming even healthier!

  8. I think so many people believe it 'doesn't count' unless you go to the gym. But honestly you can do 90% of the exercises at home. Why pay 30 dollars a month to do burpees in a gym when you could do them at home? I do loads of different stuff at home using YT videos – yoga, pilates, dance, bodyweight strength exercises, barre… It saves time and money.

  9. I always hade no motivation to work out. Until I found a hobby that I really enjoy which is ballet. After starting ballet I realized I was too weak so I started working out every day. (PS: Yes I'm a male) Lifting girls is not easy 😀

  10. I workout every day it's good but I still fall asleep late its 4am as I'm writing this and I'm kind of lazy. I got my diet and workout on point tho lml. Does give u confidence but that confidence wont flow into other areas of life.

  11. Guys I want someone to motivate me cause I have problems with commitment in work out 🏋 am 63 kilos and I want to lose 13 kilos, I already start gym 3 weeks a go but I still want someone to push me lol, give me like and I will try my best

  12. I actually started doing this, I’m on day 3 and not only do I already start to feel stronger but I can already see my body getting defined with this

  13. You should make a video. Studying for 30 days straight or
    Being nice for 30 days straight
    Pranking my family for 30 days straight
    Not doing anything for 1 week

  14. Sometimes you have to push through the uncomfortably and just go to the gym. The only way to get better is to train.

  15. Exercise plan:

    •5 sets of 10 jumping jacks
    •5 sets of 10 mountain climbers
    •5 sets of 10 flutter kicks
    •5 sets of 10 dumbbell exercises
    •run for 10 minutes

    Diet plan:

    •meat and fish
    •vegetables and fruits
    •brown rice


    Weight: 196 lbs
    Height: 5ft 4in
    Age: 13 years
    Goal weight: 150

    Hopefully I can lose a bit of weight doing this for the next 2 months. I will ad to exercise as I go. I will try to update as I go if I remember. Join me if you would like.

  16. I gonna say buzzfeed dudes shouldn't do the challenge. the guy wanted to build muscle, and the girl wanted to maintain weight. then what the hell you did cardio! you should do weight training.

  17. This is so motivating that push me to step out of my comfort zone! Real experience which i love. Thankyou so much for sharing your experience !!!!!!!!! I believe that we can do it if we set our mind to it, love .

  18. Can someone break down or send a link to the actual workout they're doing? Is it just 5 sets of as many jumping jacks as possible for 20 seconds, rest, 5 sets of as many flutter kicks as possible for 20 seconds, rest, etc. etc.? I'd like to try it.

  19. Who’s sad cause they live in a tiny house with a big family and don’t have the confidence to workout in front of them ☹️🖖🏼

  20. Guys omg I am on day 18 of my 30 day home workout just like what you guys are doing and I haven’t even seen or heard of this video before. Wow also you guys are my favorite YouTubers ever and it’s so cool that it’s a coincidence with you guys

  21. One thing I have read throughout a lot of fitness related stuff, is that if you want to gain muscle you have to eat some carbs and do high resistance and slow exercise repetitions.
    Usually high speed is for weight loss since it helps to burn fat.
    I do understand it doesn't work for anyone.

  22. I'm 9 stone 9.4 and should be 7 and a half, I'm doing this and eating very healthy to get down there. Wish me luck!!!

  23. I am a little overweight but my bust doesn't help with jumping exercises and a tight bra really exhausts my breathing. I don't really know what to do. I'm losing weight more with diet now. Jus 4-5kgs to get back in the normal BMI range.

  24. I love these at home tryings. I went to the gym for months but my acne has gone so bad after the winter that I don't have the courage to go to a gym that is filled with fiTNeSs mOdElS no but seriously my gym is for like "advanced" people and I legit am the only one with bad acne

  25. Those mountain climbers, flutter kicks and jumping jacks hurt my eyes. If you're trying to start working out, search for tutorials on how to do those. These guys' forms were terrible. But nevertheless good job on doing the 30 days.

  26. Wai- I just came back to this and I love her!!!!! She recently did a 11 abs journey series in her channel😮😮💀 (2:05)

  27. For flutter kicks and mountain climbers, is one rep left leg then right leg, or left leg is one, and right leg is two?

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