100 thoughts on “We Return To Our Childhood Homes (Part 1)

  1. Link: "Go be free little one!"
    Rhett: "big one actually"
    Link: "you were already free, continue to be free!"
    Oml 😂

  2. Aww!! The red-eared slider turtle was so huge and cute!! It is crazy when we grow up in a small town then go back and see how much it’s grown and changed.

  3. I've heard of buies Creek south Carolina but I've never heard of buies Creek north Carolina and I've lived in North Carolina all my life…

  4. Hi guys I’m new here I just wanna say that I like this video(watching this is the first video that I’m watching right now)

  5. Omg i cant imagine if they had invited a freind over and saying hey wanna play no kids in the Future? Or bust eachothers nuts game lol

  6. 13:10 "Now, in 1992, bike helmets did not exist." LOL Only if you were a kid. By 1978 I was already always wearing a bicycle helmet when I rode my bicycle and a motorcycle helmet when I rode my motorcycle, a skateboard helmet when I rode my skateboard (My local skateboard park required you to.), and a seat belt when I was driving my car. (Almost nobody wore their seat belts in 1978.)

  7. Your never supposed to move the turtles when their crossing the roads but if your worried about them getting run over then you lift them up by grabbing closer to the back of their shell to be safe just incase its a snapping turtle and bring them to the edge of the road of the direction they’re going

  8. I realize that I am close in age, but I am amazed at how many very similar (and very specific) memories that I had with 2 of my best friends from back home. Awesome few episodes my friends.

  9. Okay i wish i was a kid growing up when phones werent a thing and i wish i lived in a town small enough so i could ride my bike places and i wish i had a best friend like that. Heh, im not crying😅😥😭😭😭😭😢

  10. The part with them in the graveyard not finding anything to do is so real. You always imagine an old childhood town existing in a time capsule, but in reality stuff got torn down, unrecognisable things got built up, saplings you planted grew into great oaks, and familiar homes are housing strangers.

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