100 thoughts on “Watch Live: Iran strikes Iraqi military bases home to U.S. troops

  1. Everyone thinks there are is a good people, until finally all good people destroy the contents of the earth. Greetings of peace

  2. We can't have Iran attacking our US soldiers. I seen not long ago Congress complaining about Trump and he's killing of the General and not wanting a war. It's just like during war in Iraq in come close to election time and the democrats and some republicans started during the same thing.Congress needs to be more supportive of our troops.

  3. Qasem Soleimani was nothing. Then he got close to Khaminei. Then they brainwashed the Iranians and made him something through state propaganda.

  4. My heart goes out to the people of Iraq. They have suffered under brutal regimes, invasions, proxy wars, more invasions, genocide and rampant terrorism and civil unrest for far too long.


  6. It is likely that there will be a massive attack on the eleventh of this month, Saturday.👁 11/01/2020 11:11 👁

  7. Iran will not quit attacking before they got their pound of flesh. The General was a military target however attacking him lead to an predictable escalation of the situation. Iran can in this situation not even consider backing down. Trump has no plans for the new situation exept escalating the situation. When one attack the hornets nest one should be prepared for the outfall, we will see what is going to happen when Trump answers and answer he must. If he does Iran will be in a situation where they are going to fire all missiles or loose them.

  8. God I hope ww3 starts it's well over due and needed they need to quit playing and kick it off ASAP oh yeah reinstate the draft get everyone involved let's get it done America/Iran what you waiting for

  9. Qassem Soleimani, the Iranian military general who was killed in a U.S. airstrike in Iraq on Thursday, was responsible for the deaths of over 600 U.S. soldiers in Iraq. General Soleimani and his Quds Force were responsible for the deaths of hundreds of American and coalition service members and the wounding of thousands more,” the Pentagon said. “He had orchestrated attacks on coalition bases in Iraq over the last several months — including the attack on December 27th — culminating in the death and wounding of additional American and Iraqi personnel. General Soleimani also approved the attacks on the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad that took place this week. That's something you don't just turn your head on.

  10. Request to news reporters. Please do not laugh or smile while reporting. It just seems inappropriate time. I am not defending anyone but just for the sufferings of this world.


  12. I really hate Iran. I'm still can't get over 1979. Let's hit them hard and move on. Take them out of the oil business. Charge Iraq for our air base, take our ball and go home. Flush the whole middle east.

  13. Dec. 27 (unidentifiable) rocket attack killed 1 US contractor in Iraq. <trump fails to identity proof of where rocket came from> – Iran stated repeatedly that they were not responsible –

    Dec. 29 trump sends airstrikes to Iraq and Syria command centers (military bases) and killed 25 Iranians without following congress policy.

    Dec. 31 Iranians protest and attack US embassy. – iraq and Iran are allies, Iraq is in the middle – trump sends 4,000 more troops.

    Jan. 3 trump kills top Iranian general and commander in another set of airstrikes without following congress policy. – trump said they were posing an imminent threat. – <honestly, at this point, you’re looking like the threat, I still need that evidence>

    Jan. 7 Iran retaliates and sends series of missiles to two US military bases in Iraq. – no casualty information given. trump has yet to respond. 4,000 troops embark arrival. –

    trump insists all is well without gaining any casualty and damage information.

  14. I legitimately would vote for Trump if he called off any further attacks. Iran said they don’t plan on attacking further, unless if we of course would plot further action. Something’s telling me he will use this situation in his favor by allowing peace & that’s a lot to say about that man.

  15. Hegel once said: we learn from history that we do not learn from history. just Remember Vietnam or Korea war for US. Troops definietly waste of lives..

  16. Hard revenge
    This is not yet a vengeance It was a corner of a vengeance
    Revenge is the destruction of Israel and the destruction of all US military bases in the region
    الله اکبر خمینی رهبر
    مرگ بر امریکا مرگ بر اسرائیل مرگ بر انگلیس
    (Allah Akbar Death to America Death to Israel Death to England)

  17. Obama and Clinton destroy Libya and brag and joke about drone strikes and the media praise them. Trump is trying to pull us out of Afghanistan and Iraq, fires John Bolton(whom he was no doubt pressured to take on) and kills one guy, that’s behind and responsible for killing a senator and U.S. soldiers in Benghazi and destroying tankers on the free side of the Staite of Harmuz, not to mention Saudi oil targets, and he’s called unstable. I don’t get the Trump derangement Syndrome, and he’s to the left of democrats from 20 years ago. In fact…he was one. Not saying I like the guy but he’s a moderate. The left and media have gone crazy. The news has become a joke. Can’t we all just be moderate again and stop the war mongering on both sides. I would hate to see how ever worse the world would look like if detractors Hillary or even Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer we’re in charge. Iran would have taken over Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Israel by now and we’d surely have WW3 with a nuclear Iranian Supreme Council. Most of the war hawk republicans wouldn’t fair much better. Not to mention, Bush never should have led us into the Iraq war. It was unjustified and all it’s done is make it more unstable with the Shiites in charge.

  18. While Trump is busy twitting about Iran, Putin is in Damascus celebrating Orthodox Christmas with Syrians like a real statesman, from there he moves to Turkey to open a new Russian gas pipeline.
    Russia has a better leader!

  19. America always wants war, and we people of Iran never had a good life because of our government so we are not scared of any wars or death so let it beging..

  20. do not awaken a sleeping giant. Small boy (iran) poking a bear in the nose with a twig. Uncaged. Iran please stop..its going to be devastating for you.

  21. Американцы, забирайте своих сыновей с чужих земель домой, и готовьтесь к обороне… И молитесь на милосердие людское, ибо милосердие беспощадно !!!
    Americans, take your sons from foreign lands home, and prepare for defense … And pray for the mercy Of humanity, cos mercy is Mercilessly!!!!!!!!

  22. 80 US troops killed in IRGC missile attacks
    An informed source in Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) has said the missiles fired at the US airbase in Ain al-Assad in Iraq has left 80 US troops dead.

    Iran Press/Iran news: The military source said that the missiles hit vital points of the US airbase, heavily damaging drones, helicopters and other expensive military equipment, inflicting a significant loss on the US Army.

    Meanwhile, other informed sources said that the exact number of US casualties is not accurate and the details will be announced later. No official US source has indicated any casualty figures as a result of Iran's missile strike.

    According to the first source, 15 missiles hit al-Assad base none of which were intercepted by the US Army radar system.

    The precision and severity of the missiles launched were so high and severe that some have simultaneously destroyed several targets vital for the US.

    The US military base in Ain al-Assad, Iraq, is one of the most important bases where all US drones and helicopters are deployed.4,000 US troops are deployed in the very base.

    The US wounded troops have been moved to Baghdad through helicopter, with the US Army urging Iraq healthcare sector for help.

    In a statement released in the early hours of Wednesday morning, the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC) confirmed that a US airbase in western Iraq has been hit with 'tens of missiles'.

    The attack came in response to a US terrorist drone strike days earlier that martyred the former Commander of Quds Force of the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC) Lieutenant General Qassem Soleimani.

  23. thats late for stop the war
    its a terrible start and nobody know when time its will end up
    and we it means the iranian really didnt want to start the war
    and we are too sad for our general because he was amazing person in iran and he was the kinddest person in iran all of us liked him and we know him for our father actually he was our father in law

  24. America need 150000 troops to fight iran . All US friends in the region are potential target Hezbollah will attack the occupied palestine shia from hindustan and God knows which of the ……stand countries will descend on US friends and allies in the region

  25. US think the Iranian government is weak and took out their General and call him a terrorist with the ballistic missile strikes on US bases proven the US wrong miscalculation on the US.

  26. What President Trump is doing is what we have needed for some time he is a true American president Go Trump!

  27. China and Russia are awfully quiet… This is sending me more paranoia, 1.2 million Filipino overseas workers are in the middle east and i know a few of them. Damn it Trump, you're dragging more people into this war not just Iranians!

  28. Trump just got played by the deep state I am afriad! Where is the video footage of the base being hit??? Also probably cover up for the Ukrainian plane crash too

  29. I'm in living in iran and its amazing how ignorant my people are to the seriousness of this situation… . our government and the us government are making VERY BAD decisions. Hope this hole thing doesn't end in a war !

  30. This isn't the revenge… just the start. Iran national security person said they won't do just one operation, but a series all across Middle east.

  31. America politician starts war… now American innocent people pay for this their Army has also family… i wish American people ignore this president and stand your voice against trump

  32. America lost Middle East so starting a war with Iran isn't the best move. US should learn to respect its limits. How can you strike a top General and expect Iran to stay silent? Donald Trump should go for a vacation.

  33. Iran is NOT a friendly foe but a deadly radical regime that hates America & our country being free, just as the elites & Socialist comnie Dems & Dem Congress. They do NOT have our welfare at heart, only to subdue & conquer us at any cost. They use the word "patience". Bide their time to the last moment we have them backed into a corner. Then they use taqiyya from quran or lieing to further the cause of islamic radicals. Example: Omar & Tlaib who hate America & Israel even though they r dual citizens. Not really citizens but our enemy in our own government from within. Need NO MORE dual citizenship & no more islamics should be elected to our state or federal govts. Should be a law. They go by by their oath to allah & not oath to our country. This should not stand. Vote all of them out. They need to pay for their crimes & be locked up. They r radical terrorists & CAIR sponsored by organizations BOMs & hamas. What is wrong with this picture & scenario? This is very relevant & needs to be addressed in our laws. There r communists also in form of Socialism that Aoc & Pressley, Bernie & each of the other Dem candidates gor president support along with all their destructive policies. Its good against evil. Better thank God each day we have a real president who cares. And NO, u cannot have American patriots guns. Then there would be no way for ppl to defend themselves against a tyranical govt if ever comes to that. Our forefathers were brilliant. God Bless America & our Constitution.

  34. so would it be plausible that america blew up their own base, why ? as means to justify next action… for example america taking out a general then something else would cause concern for purposeful intent of invasion, taking out the general based on war crimes or the like could be deemed as a good thing to do, then the retaliation justifies next action… so if the intent is to install the central banking system or whatever of interest to the elite, everywhere around the world, to create a 1 world economy, order etc… taking on iran would be on the agenda….

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