Want to break into the luxury real estate market? Interview with former student Jason Peteler

Hey everybody Kartik Subramaniam over at ADHISchools wanted to share a great treat with you all today I headed over to the W residences in Hollywood with one of our most successful students Jason Peteler he was showing me his penthouse rooftop listing at the W residences in Hollywood It’s 45 million dollars worth of real estate and what I love about Jason is that not he doesn’t just sell real estate in LA He doesn’t just sell luxury real estate in LA but he is the creme de la creme of luxury Realtors in Southern, California He’s the real deal He was kind enough to sit down with me recently to talk about how he got started in real estate How we broke into the luxury market and unlike a lot of luxury real estate professionals He is generous enough to sit down with me and share his journey in the luxury real estate business And I wanted to bring that to you Here’s Jason and I at the W Penthouses in Hollywood So thank you so much Jason for joining me here today means a lot same. Thank you so much I’m here with Jason from Rodeo Realty Jason took our real estate class many years ago He has a lot of experience in real estate. He’s been kind enough to sit down at me for a few minutes So describe jason a little bit about where we are today today. We’re in Hollywood prime Hollywood We’re at the W. And we are at the residences of the W Hollywood is getting a huge makeover and It’s probably in my opinion One of the only places that actually still feels like a city in Los Angeles you have people walking around you have the Walk of Fame Netflix just moved out here as well as a lot of other companies Highlight room, Beauty and Essex, so where we are today is the top floor of the W Residences so this is where there’s two different areas you have the W Residences and you have the W Hotel where people stay know the residences is where you can actually buy in to The W and have That kind of amenities that you’re looking for when it comes to security if it comes to Concierg, room service and valet. You get all of that here The top floor is a rare opportunity to own You know about a third of that floor because below us There’s a lot of penthouses, and there are a lot smaller. They’re great, but this is on another level! Tell everybody watching maybe at home or on their phone kind of where you grew up And how you got in there real estate I grew up here in Encino in the vValley and then ended up working for a Company that we ended up doing like international Product launches for fragrance lines candles for like Calvin Klein Abercrombie Elton John Tory Burch by the way obviously Scoring a gig like marketing director is no small feat. How’d you end up there was some interesting probably story? Yeah well it was completely by accident actually I Ended up moving back out and kind of searching for a few job Opportunities after you came back from Minnesota? Yes after I came back from, Minnesota And I had a company that wanted to hire me and I was about to wrap it up and just start working with them and Because all of my other friends were working that day. I decided to go to Rodeo and do that job interview as well I was gonna cancel it’s amazing it sounds bad, but that’s that’s the honest truth And I went in. What year was this by the way it? It was about four or five years ago so 2014 Yeah about that time Yeah wonderful company a lot of agents. It’s it’s the largest single owned brokerage in Los Angeles. If not, California. They do about just the Beverly Hills office about two billion in sales a year. And Kartik you’ve been a huge help in all of this – I don’t want to sound too pitchy, but you were. We try to be like the bigger companies And and then copy what they do, but do it for real estate, right? But we were one of the first people to use drones and to do that kind of storyline video. we were the first into the storyline video too back and Maybe a couple years ago. We did one about a divorce Very controversial, but it got I think the most publicity I’ve ever seen for four and a half a million dollar home I’m always driving by this home, and I’m watching it being built over the last three years and at the time. I wasn’t licensed And and I said one day, I want to sell that home Why don’t when I started to consider getting my license, and I and I got my license and A year and a half after that I’m sitting in that home At a listing appointment, and I got the home. Yeah, it’s it’s and it was a beautiful property gorgeous pool and I decided that if I ever sell this home. I’m gonna jump in that pool so It was a it was a little bit longer of an escrow And we sold it and I lived up to my word I never lied to myself if I tell us something if I tell myself I’m gonna do something I go and I do it and I did it was a cold day, too Wasn’t a warm pool. I think that the most important thing about social media is Portraying yourself in a way that you would want all your clients to see you and a lot of people forget That there are family members who follow them. There’s clients who follow them what You’re a professional now you’re in real estate You’re selling people’s biggest assets That they have more than likely if I took a picture and I was in a room full of all my followers and potential clients and buyers would I show that picture to every one of them a lot of people don’t think about that and It has a negative effect on your social media presence. I have some students of mine that might be Maybe a little over, but that’s they even like over 40 Let’s say that actually don’t embrace Instagram or YouTube or Facebook They don’t really look at as look at it as a way to get business And I just wondered if you could maybe talk have you gotten business from Instagram Oh, yeah, I get a lot of business, and I know that social media is scary to older generations But you learn how to use the TV you learned how to use your VCR This is the same thing, but this is where we’re going if you’re not going to embrace the technology of where Everybody…. I’ll put it this way if you go to the airport I don’t care who you are if you’re at the airport And you look at somebody else are they reading a newspaper? Probably not. Are they reading a magazine? Probably not. What are most people doing? They’re on their phones So why not catch them at that time if that’s where people are looking That’s where you need to be. So you need to figure out even if you don’t like it how to use social media because this is the future and this is where it’s at. There’s there’s three key things. You know you got to be good at marketing You got to be a therapist and you have to know your area, right? I think those are the most important things and you got to work under somebody who already has those traits so you can not make the same mistakes, I mean, that’s Personally my advice to any newcomer in this industry is is don’t try to do this on your own Learn from somebody who’s already done it. You know if there’s already a template figure out how they did it and Copy it and make it your own later on after you learn the rules Wasn’t that great? Jason is so generous with his time. He is a great example of what’s possible in real estate and Part of that started with a good foundation and where he got his real estate license and where he took his classes I’d love to connect with you on Instagram you saw Jason’s Instagram in the video mine’s on the screen I’d love to connect with you and get to know you on and offline, but I want to give a huge Thanks to Jason for being So generous so kind and so giving with all the tips that he shared as to how he broke into the business how he uses Instagram to build an audience to break into the luxury real estate market and again Jason I want to thank you so much for sitting down with me It means the world to me and I know all of our students benefited from the time you spent with you at the W

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