Voices Of Success: How A Forbes Billionaire Got Started In Real Estate

Voices Of Success: How A Forbes Billionaire Got Started In Real Estate

My name’s Roger Wang. I’m the Chairman, Founder
of Golden Eagle International Group. I found out that in California real estate,
most of the income properties is based upon the so-called income multiplier. For example,
if the income multiplies 10 times, so if a building you can produce $10,000 then the
market value will be somewhere around $100,000. So we call it a 10 times multiplier. Then
comes the question: if you can bring up the income of the real estate of a building is
that is equal to you, you can have sudden or handsome reward by doing so. So I get something like 20% below market value
and after a year of work, fix up the building, so I doubled my investment right away, then
I say this property is a very simple formula and if I can keep doing this if I can better
equipment with my management company with my so-called this handyman to fix a building,
bring some value and service to tenants, ask for a higher rent, reasonable rent, then I
increase the value of the real estate. Success is a journey. if you think you’re
successful, it’s over, the game’s over. and the success is a personal feeling, you got
to feel good about yourself. So long as you feel good about yourself, as long as you feel
you make some impact no matter in business, in family, in your social life you can call
yourself a success. If you just measure success by the amount of money you have or by this
amount of power you control, I think that success will be easily forgotten and cannot

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  1. This man is a hack. I live in a building he owns and he treats it like a slum. I am actually going to court today because the city has put the building into a program for slum lords to force them to fix issues and limit their ability to harass tenants. He should be ashamed of himself and they way he ruthlessly abuses people.

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