Voice for Real Estate 72: Flood Ins., CEO, Sustainability, Commercial

Voice for Real Estate 72: Flood Ins., CEO, Sustainability, Commercial

Lawmakers agree with NAR on flood insurance Commercial Realtors are making more money And NAR’s new CEO wants your feedback These stories and more on The Voice for Real
Estate. Hi, I’m Stephen Gasque with the National
Association of Realtors. Long-term, comprehensive federal flood insurance
reform has cleared an important hurdle — thanks to close cooperation between NAR and lawmakers
in Congress. After working together for several weeks,
lawmakers on the House Financial Services Committee agreed to NAR’s request that existing
homeowners not be penalized — if the flood map of their area changes. That protects them from sudden, large premium
increases. Lawmakers also agreed to limit HOW MUCH premiums
can increase at any one time. NAR’s Ken Wingert has more. [QUOTE] Now – the flood insurance bill heads to
the full House for a vote. Once that happens, it’s the Senate’s turn. We’ll let you know how these votes unfold. [SWOOSH] Commercial real estate agents and brokers
are making more money. NAR just released its 2017 commercial member
profile and found the income of commercial real estate professionals jumped more than
11 percent last year, from $108,800 in 2015 to $120,900 in 2016. And the typical transaction volume jumped
as well, from about $2.9 million to 3.5 million, an increase of more than half a million dollars. Here’s NAR’s Jessica Lautz with more. [QUOTE] You can access the brand new report by searching
“2017 commercial profile” on nar.realtor. [SWOOSH] More homes than ever are energy efficient! That’s good for the environment and people’s
pocketbooks, because households spend less on energy. Communities are becoming more energy efficient,
too, thanks to the rise of LED street lighting and other technological advances. To help ensure your views as a Realtor stay
front and center as we see more of these advances, NAR hosted a sustainability summit in Washington
last week. Dozens of experts in technology, planning,
real estate, and other fields put their heads together on how to make these rapid changes
work in tandem with what homeowners and commercial property investors want. [QUOTE] Recent NAR research shows that 71 percent
of real estate professionals say it’s valuable to promote listings as energy efficient…
and more than 40 percent say solar panels help increase a home’s value. [SWOOSH] Mixed signals on home sales. The latest existing home sales figures are
down 1.8 percent, to a sales pace of about 5.5 million units. But pending home sales? They’re up! By 1.5 percent, according to NAR’s forward-looking
pending sales index. In fact, the nation’s real estate markets
have been moving up and down, all year. The reason? There simply aren’t enough homes for sale
for the market to take off. Here’s NAR Chief Economist Lawrence Yun. [QUOTE] Despite the challenges facing home sales,
more Americans are becoming homeowners. The U.S. Census Bureau last week released
its latest homeownership data and the result is an increase in the national homeownership
rate, to 63.7 percent. That’s an increase of almost one percentage
point in the past year. [SWOOSH] Now as we all know, safety is a matter that
no real estate professional can ignore. Sometimes a routine meeting with someone we
think is going to be a new client is actually something quite different. Carl Carter, Jr., a sales associate with EXP
Realty in Little Rock, Ark., is the son of Beverly Carter, a real estate professional
whose life was taken in 2014 by a couple that claimed they were looking to buy a home. In memory of his mother, Carter launched a
foundation earlier this year to help make safety a part of every real estate professional’s
daily practice. He spoke about that on the latest Takeaway
with Nobu Hata podcast. [QUOTE] You can get information on the foundation
by going to beverlycarterfoundation.org. And NAR has safety resources for agents on
the Realtor safety page at nar.realtor. [SWOOSH] Do you have ideas for how NAR can help you
stay central to the real estate transaction even as technology changes the way you do
business? NAR’s new CEO, Bob Goldberg, in a video
he released on his first day on the job, says he wants your ideas for meeting the challenges
that lie ahead. [QUOTE] If you want to
share your ideas, go to facebook.com/realtorsCEO or search “Bob Goldberg” on Linkedin.com. [SWOOH] And that’s our show for the week of July
31. You can get more on everything we talked about
today on The Voice for Real Estate page on nar.realtor. Thank you for joining us and be sure to join
us again as we share the latest news on The Voice for Real Estate.

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