Vocal Coach Reacts To Luther VanDross | A House is not a Home | Live | Ken Tamplin

Vocal Coach Reacts To Luther VanDross | A House is not a Home | Live  | Ken Tamplin

Hey gang welcome back again to Ken Tamplin
Vocal Academy where the proof is in the singing. This is going to be a special
video for my singer friends out there because I’ve been wanting to do a vocal
coach reacts to Luther Vandross for a really long time and for a very specific
reason Luther is a master at mixed voice and probably a lot of people don’t know
how much I really like him and appreciate his talent but let’s just go
ahead and dive into it and we’ll talk about it along the way here we go. I haven’t seen this so I’m hoping this is gonna be everything I’d hoped it
would be. So let’s check it out. A house not a home it’s live at the NAACP awards. I love his charisma. You got Dionne Warwick in the
audience. Okay. Now okay so again talk about mixed voice. (sings) right. Now
is he in chest and just using a lot of air. Is he in mixed voice down low or
is he just still in chest the whole time or is he entirely in head voice. You kind
of never know with him he’s that good at it right. He’s actually in mixed (sings) right he’s mixing his sound down
really low. Now he’s notorious for being able to mix really low, mix really high,
have a percentage of chest head mix anywhere in his vocal spectrum, his vocal
registration and the dude is just awesome. He’s gnarly man but let’s
continue to go rock here here we go. See that mix. Hear that. He’s mixing all over the place. So he’s not one just one voice. He’s sure got them in the palm of his hand that’s for sure. (sings) The tone the warmth of his sound is just off the
charts beautiful it’s like Barry White but not quite as no girthy but he’s got that
beautiful warm airy tone. His pitch is just spot-on, he’s got these sexy notes
and I love his charisma. He’s – it’s a very unpretentious sound. It’s not like you know you’re being forced to listen to this sound and he draws you into his sound
instead of you know demanding that you listen to it. So it’s very winsome so I
love that about it too. It’s just all the way around man it’s really cool. You can kind of like listen to it all day. You know what I mean. His vowels (sings). Good vowel placement. There’s that air. Good note. Did you (sings). He pulls it back in a really super
like a seamless head…chest mix. He pulls it back in a head. Now like I said he’s
one of the few guys that I know of in the R&B world that actually sing a high C
you know c5 for male tenor, belt it and then you know piano it’s called you
know (piano mezzo Forte) Forte and piano. You know come piano all the way back into a
mixed voice right or a chest resonance sound and then go back into that full
belting sound and that is very difficult to do so. So he goes from mezzo piano, mezzo forte from forte backword. Mixed voice. I love his confidence too. He’s got this perfect vowel placements.
You know guys have this singing course out and I know I talk about all the time but it’s
called How to Sing Better Than Anyone Else and I show you exactly how all this
stuff is done, how you can achieve it you can do this. Takes some time this..he did
not just walk in and all of a sudden start singing like this. You know he had
to work at this too. It took him a while I’m sure to figure some stuff out
but he is certainly a master and we learned from the Masters and he
absolutely is one of those guys that we can learn a lot from so let’s continue. There’s that mix pulling back. I’m gonna go ahead and stop here because it
goes on for it looks like another couple minutes doing the kind of similar
stuff but anyway do you guys get that (sings) that you know mixed voice or all the way
back in head voice in a really low position and bring in chest and pull
it back in a max and back forth that is some singing brothers. So anyway thank
you for joining me Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy where the proof is in the singing.
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peace out.

100 thoughts on “Vocal Coach Reacts To Luther VanDross | A House is not a Home | Live | Ken Tamplin

  1. Dear Ken!! I wanted to badly hear what you had to say about his grand finale!!!!! 😭😭😭😭 Oh noooooo now I'll never get to know hahahahaha

  2. Was worth to listen to the end. This is probably Luther’s greatest performance imo. The greatest silky voice of all time. Just makes you warm inside and out. And the man knew it!

  3. I can sing very soulfully in the shower… And if I grab the right parts in the shower I can hit those Mariah Carey notes. ☺

  4. Beautiful I love his scat great choice may he R.I.P. Ken, do you have any remedies to offer example, hot tea to sooth and care for your voice before & after singing ? I worry as I'm older about this aging voicebox brings home the bacon thankful always, a pleasure! Also how about David Coverdale what ya think of him? Blessings 😊

  5. Yeah awesome mixed tone, in and out falsetto without any detectable cracking. Very good use of crescendos. The epitome of R&B.

  6. These type videos are so helpful with learning the difference in head and mix. Can you do a reaction video to El Debarge “I Like It.” I would love to see what you think of his falsetto!

  7. Hey! love your videos and energy, could you please react to "Guns N' Roses – You're Crazy live 1988 at the late show" !! awesome performance!

  8. Raise your hand if you own some of the 80s slow jam or smooth groove tapes!
    *raises hand*
    Luther was so smooth..he left us way to soon!

  9. This song is very personal to me so I started crying (even during your reaction). When my cat noticed, she immediately ran over to me, sat down on just two legs, and used her front paws to wipe away my tears.

    This song is another masterpiece by Burt Bacharach and Hal David, sung by the "talent by God" Luther.

    Excellent review by you, Ken, and thank you.

  10. Gone too soon! Luther was one of the greatest, if not the greatest R&B singers of all time. I too could listen to him for hours. One of the closest people I can think of that captures some of that same magic is Michael Tait. Natalie Cole and Michael English in their primes could give him a run for his money too. Thanks for sharing and God Bless bro!

  11. Hey Ken happy that you mentioned the legendary iconic Ms. Dionne Warwick!! Luther did a fantastic job on honoring Ms. Warwick that night. He admires Ms. Dionne so much and have stated that she is definitely a pioneer, she is his favorite, and that he have learned so much from her vocally. I can certainly tell that he learned from her as well from his vocal delivery, mannerisms, and performance style. You should do a reaction on Ms. Dionne. Here is a suggestion: "After you/I'll Never Love This way again live 1982" performance. React to second half of video where she sings "Never Love this Again". You will see what I mean 😁😊👍

  12. Hi Ken, I saw Luther live back in the early 1990’s, and what an Awesome show. Singer Lisa Fischer was one of his background singers (What a range she has). Thank you so much for this reaction video!

  13. Ken, Luther Vandross had so much quality in his voice, it's very informative how you also explain the techniques he applyed and there's alot to learn from your reactions to these great singers!!!

  14. One of greatest male singers of all time, if there's such a thing as a Mount Olympus of the voice, he surely would be there

  15. I’m man enough to admit he had such an incredible tone. I used to listen to his records In the 80s and 90s and just admire the great tunes and vocal dexterity. He was the master of chill out, feel good music. So amazing was one of my favourites.

  16. Couldn't help but smile the entire time. Luther always has that effect for me! Unbelievably beautiful voice. Thanks for covering it, Ken!

  17. Sir Ken please do reaction in the song of Dionne Warwick with Luther, Stevy and Whitney "that's what friends are for 😊😊😊. Big fan here from Philippines

  18. Great vocalist, he had hypertension and diabetes and died young, keep an eye on your blood pressure throughout your lives everyone.

  19. Can you imagine what heaven sounds like. He has a wonderful voice gone to soon like many other. What a choir there is in heaven.

  20. Wow! So happy to hear your reaction! Luther is my favorite singer ever! I raised my thumb before I saw the video!
    I remember the first time I saw Luther at the Grand Rex, in Paris thirty years ago, in an intimate concert, with the wonderful Lisa Fischer in the first part. He came to the audience before the concert. I was sitting in front of him and he shook my hand. His voice and presence were awesome, and I knew that no one could surpass him musically in my life.

  21. Uh oh!..Your subscribers are up to 777 (k)..You should now do a video for Danzig..Mother is his best song..You can wear your MISFITS shirt that's been in your closet since the 80's😂😂😂😂

  22. I was born and raised on the Motown sound and you will never find any genre that gives you more in the way of emotion and connectivity with the audience. I'm curious what your thoughts are on another great, Al Jarreau.

  23. Ever thought of reacting to Peabo Bryson or James Ingram since you’re in the r&b realm? Cool as always Ken!

  24. Can you do Maxwell – This Woman's Work cover (MTV unplugged) performance. Not so much for his voice which probably was destined to be lost, but for this specific performance. One of the reasons why i think this would be a good one to do is that there are many that think this performance is one of the best live rnb performances ever and others that hated it because of different reasons once of which its kate bush's song. I personally thing performing this must have destroyed his voice over the years. He has had alot of trouble with his voice in the last decade or so.

  25. also, i love singers that are good at their craft..where you can really dissect the nuances of what they are doing.

  26. Ken, i requested you to do another streak of these older videos and so I’m happy! It shows tons of versatility and please, please, please do Patti LaBelle “over the rainbow” at the Apollo she has ton of rock qualities to her performance style and voice.

  27. One of the great things that Luther does is that he'll over anunnciate the consonants with his breathiness. He said he sings songs about falling in love instead of making love. He captures you in the moment. Thanks for the review, Ken.

  28. Loved this but how can you cut that performance off? Ouch! Now I have to go listen to the rest I remember it well.
    Hey I got an ad for another vocal coach at the end. ….noooooo that's just wrong! 🤓

  29. His voice is effortless & so smooth , no strain or trying too hard , id love to hold an audience in the palm of my hand like that , until then I will just have to watch him on repeat ! .

  30. I enjoy this milder selection, Ken. It’s a reminder that range isn’t everything; beautiful singing needn’t be on the verge of a controlled scream. This really made me appreciate the power of technique.

  31. You should do a reactions video for Bobby Caldwell. I propose either his best hit "What you won't do for Love" or his duet with Vanessa Williams "Baby it's cold Outside". They did a live one for Jay Leno and the video is on Youtube.

  32. Hey..
    Today my vocal teacher kind of scared me. She said i need to recognize sound before song and if you can't tone deaf is the main reason
    But the thing is she is not telling me properly how do i train myself or my ear or any exercises for that .
    She is just sing this note sing that note ohhhh you can't.. too bad
    can you please make a really helpful video on this topic and if you have pleeaazzzeee guide me to that video.

  33. Oh I LOVE you for doing that reaction! Because I LOVE Luther Vandross and this version of the song! Thank you so much! 🙂

  34. Good health, Ken! It is very interesting to know your opinion about this vocal https://youtu.be/mve3-fEuTHA https://youtu.be/35Dwo4QVLqs Diana ankudinova. In this video, she is 14 years old. She's from Russia.

  35. Great video, and thanks for all your hard work making these videos.

    I'm going through a tough time at the moment, and these videos are helping me.

    Thank you!

  36. Hey Ken, not sure if you've done this or not but I thought I'd send you the link. This is "Plush" live in 2010 and one heck of a version too. Here is the link > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nXOd8J4cbo4

  37. Ken, can you please share your thoughts and hopefully stories about Neil Pert?
    I don't typically fill with sadness over celebrity death, but this one hurts terribly.
    God, please stay awhile during this time with the Pert family.

  38. Oh, you need to see his version of "A Change Gonna Come LIve". LUTHER is one of the best male vocalists ever.. Its a shame not many vocal coaches online react too often to these great R&B/Soul singers, as they have a LOT to teach.

  39. Dont care what anyone has to say about it, but Luther is and will always be the greatest vocalist ever. he can't be matched. As you said, a mix master!

  40. Hey Ken. First time requesting a vocal coach reacts. How about Heatwave – Always and Forever? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d3DSQTDGMxY. Would love to hear your reaction to a similar voice. He's not Luthor but had a great range and was smooth with the transitions from chest to mixed to head. Thanks.

  41. Oh my! The king of sweet seduction! Luther was the master both of his voice and his audience. You could never take your eyes off of him on stage or on screen, nor could you ignore his voice when it came on through the radio. Hypnotic, seductive and soulful. I firmly believe that given some basic melody he could've sang from the Yellow Pages ( you youngsters out there just have to google that LOL) and make it sound sexy. Every joy and every heartache was amplified by his incredible smooth voice. He was a legend. Thanks for reminding us all of his unique talent.

  42. This is straight up some of the most beautiful male vocals in pop/rock I have heard. How did I miss it all this time! Thanks so much for this.

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