Vish – 17th September 2019 – विष – Full Episode

Vish – 17th September 2019 – विष – Full Episode

That nurse gave you herbal
concoction in this glass? And after drinking this you
felt giddy and pain. Yes, Aditya. – Alia, why didn’t
you t ell me about… …the herbal concoction earlier? I wonder what she
has mixed in it. Hey… no. No. She is dead! You were right, Aditya. Because of the herbal concoction
I was getting pain. Oh God. Alia, it’s okay. I am so sorry, Aditya. I didn’t believe you. What if something happens
to our child? Nothing will happen. Nothing will happen to our
child and you. Just relax. It’s not your mistake. But Aditya, what will we do now? First of all, we have to find out
if the nurse is Sabrina… …or someone sent by Sabrina. But how? Exactly. Security guard will click
some photos… …of yours for verification.
– How is it possible? I can’t remove this veil
in front of strangers. As long as veil is over her face,
we can’t know her truth. It means,
we have to create a situation… …so that she is forced
to show her face. Right. Aditya,
if she is really Sabrina… …then I have a solution. Smoke of margossa leaves. But how will we burn margossa
leaves near her. I have an idea. What a trouble! It’s so hot. Listen. The fan in my room isn’t working. Call an electrician
to fix the fan. Or else install air condition… …or shift me in some
air conditioned room. Will Mr. Aditya’s room be fine? Don’t be ridiculous!
– Staff only gets cooler. Fine. Put a cooler inside. I am not your servant. Go and get it yourself. Stupid Shyam. I will skin you alive. Insolent man! Our plan has worked. I have turned off the fan
in Sabrina’s room. When Sabrina asks for cooler… …tell Shyam to give
her this cooler. What’s this smell? This smoke will kill me. Where is it coming from? Oh. So it was their ruse. They had kept margossa
leaves in the cooler. Now that the secret is exposed… …let’s play the game openly. Our doubts was right. She is Sabrina. Aditya, how could she cross
the vermilion… …barrier and reach
the Kothari estate? Open the door, Aditya! I know you both are outside. Don’t be a fool. You too know that you can’t
stop me here for long. What do we do now? Just a minute. Hello. I am Aditya Kothari. Send your black cat commandos to
Kothari estate immediately. It’s an emergency. Okay? A very dangerous creature
has entered the house. She is very dangerous. Sir, we will reach there as soon
as possible. Don’t worry. Whatever that creature is,
we will nab it. Hello. Mr. Aditya Veer Kothari. And Mrs. Alia Kothari. Greetings. Were you looking for me? Here I am. Sabrina is back. How did I cross the vermilion
barrier and barged in? Are you wondering this? See, how well I know both of you! I have brought a good news. I have crossed the vermilion
barrier… …and not just barged
in the house… …but I have reached
your womb… …to your child also. Now I am just waiting
for his birth. What? What are you saying? I am telling the truth. I had put poison in
Aditya’s body… …and that herbal concoction
that I gave you. It has done its work. The child growing your womb… …will be mine. It may look like you… …but its nature will
be just like mine. Venomous. Congratulations. Venomous creature is going
to be born in your house. Shut up! Why? Are you in pain? I was in pain… …when my Vishayla had died. Vishayla! Aditya, I was in pain… …when I had lost you. Now I have no pain. Aditya,
whatever I wanted from you… …your child will give it to me. He will become the biggest
venomous creature of the world. He will make me immortal. He will carry forward
my venomous clan. Now you two get used
to this pain. Because now for you two… …the pain will only increase. No matter what happens to us… …but nothing should
happen to this baby. Alia, relax.
Nothing will happen. Okay? I am there.
I won’t let any harm come to it. How did Sabrina return? She will ruin everything. First she was after you,
and now… …she is after this child. Alia,
I don’t understand how Sabrina… …crossed that holy barrier. High priestess said
that Sabrina can… …never break that protective
shield… …so how did this happen? She broke the protective
shield and barged in. Now think,
how will we deal with her? Aditya,
what if she harms our baby? Alia,
nothing will happen to this child. Nothing will happen to it. Okay?
– You just don’t lose hope. How?
How can I not lose hope, Aditya. She has become more powerful
than before. Didn’t you see her
dangerous form? What will we do, Aditya? How can we stop her? – The way
we had stopped her earlier. Alia. Alia, our strength is one. But we won’t give up. We have to fight till the end. I am going to meet
High priestess… …in the monastery where
she is meditating. Yes. Only she can help
us at the moment. Alia, I am worried about you. In my absence if Sabrina
does something to you… Aditya,
nothing will happen to me. I will take care. I promise. But at the moment… …it’s important that you
meet High priestess. Please go. Only High priestess
can save us now. But at the moment,
High priestess needs help. Hello. Were you talking about
how to deal with me? Actually, you have tried so much. You tried everything. But what happened? Could you stop me? No. So stop wasting time. Deliver this baby quickly. I will take it and leave. Simple. Shut up, Sabrina. Just try to touch this baby. This baby has now become
venomous baby. Just like me. You know, venomous baby. You may have put your
poison in it. But don’t forget that it’s
still a part of my body. Have you heard about
womb culture? Subhadra has taught her
son Abhimanyu about… …the battles when
he was in womb. I will also teach this baby
while he is in my womb. And I will bring him towards
righteousness… …from the path of evil. I get headache when
I hear sermons. Womb culture and all! Fine. You can try that also. Let me see this magic. Listen. This… What has happened here? Where is High priestess? A venomous-girl named Sabrina
attacked High priestess and us. We have yet not found High
priestess’s corpse. Even if she is alive… …I wonder what Sabrina would
have done with her. Oh God. If High priestess is not there… …who will tell us the method
to fight Sabrina? Do you know… …how to fight that
venomous-girl? How to defeat her? A common man can’t fight Sabrina. But there is a man who
can fight Sabrina. But at the moment he is in
the custody of a nymph. Nymph?
– Yes. Where can I find this nymph? She lives in the world
of darkness. Darkness is her strength. You have to ensure that,
when you got there… …there should be light. Or else you can’t last
in front of them. So many priests. What are they doing? To give womb culture
to the baby we… …have to chant Gayantri Mantra. Okay, priest. Remember one thing. Until this chanting
isn’t completed… …none of us will stop. No matter what… …this chanting shouldn’t
be interrupted. Or else it won’t be effective. Okay, priest. You have to take care
of this holy lamp. Until this ritual of womb
culture isn’t over… …this fire shouldn’t be doused. No. Not Gayantri Mantra. This child is my last hope. They don’t understand that
my poison is inside it. He can even die because
of the Gayantri Mantra. I have to stop them somehow. Alia. Have you gone mad? You can’t chant Gayantri Mantra. Stop it. Why? Will you stop me now? You don’t understand. Gayantri Mantra’s pure power
can even kill this child. Try to understand me. Stop it. Priest, go away.
Back your bags and just leave. Now you have realized
your position. Don’t you pity my innocence? Weren’t you very arrogant? Now are you scared to see them? Priest, you start the ritual. She will try hard to stop us… …but please don’t stop. Stop chanting Gayantri Mantra! Don’t be foolish. Stop all this. I have a splitting headache. Stop it! Oh no! Oh no!

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