Tybee Island Real Estate – Take a Tour of the Island

Tybee Island Real Estate – Take a Tour of the Island

Are you interested in Tybee Island real
estate? That’s what we’re talking about today and we are starting right now. Hey
everyone, welcome back to my channel. I’m Karin Carr, a Realtor® in Savannah Georgia
with Keller Williams. If this is your first time here be sure to hit the
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the Savannah area and you don’t want to miss anything. Today we’re talking about
Tybee Island. We’ve got a string of islands off the coast of Savannah and Tybee is the easternmost island. There is so much to do out there and it’s a huge
tourist attraction. Lots of people like to go there on vacation but if you’re a
local and you live here, you can go there anytime you want! There are lots of
vacation rentals there and some people like to buy property as an
investment and then rent it out. You can rent it as an Airbnb or a vacation
rental by owner, or people keep them as a second home so that anytime they want to
come here on vacation they can stay there. And the super lucky people live
there year-round. So let’s go on a tour of the island and I’ll show you what it
looks like. Tybee is not a pretentious place at all.
We do have some tall buildings like these that take advantage of the great
water views but we also have a ton of small ranch-style properties, very
modest and reasonably affordable considering that you’re a block or two from the ocean. There are currently 85 houses for sale
on Tybee as of the time of this recording. They start at only $235,000 going all the way up to 2.6 million with an average
sales price of about $800,000. There are currently 30 condos for sale with an
average price of $357,000 and that’s a 3 bdrm/2 bath, roughly 1,200 square feet. There are
currently 15 properties for sale less than $300,000 (both condos and houses).
And if you want waterfront there are currently 40 properties that start at
only $195,000! So if you have dreams of living by the beach you really can afford to do
it here. This is very typical Tybee. These cute, brightly colored properties are very
unpretentious. Here’s a little shot of the main drag close to the beach. There
are bars, there are restaurants, there are lots of t-shirt shops, places where you
can go in and buy a boogie board. But I mean look at these sand dunes!
There’s the pavilion with a big long pier going out. This is the back river
and take a look at these views. Who wouldn’t want to wake up to this every
day? You can have a property with a pier and a place to dock your boat and just
sit on the balcony and wake up to that every morning. So that is our tour of
Tybee Island. Have you been here before? If you have, leave a comment down below and
let us know what your favorite places are. Thank you so much for watching. If
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on the next one.

8 thoughts on “Tybee Island Real Estate – Take a Tour of the Island

  1. Thanks for taking a tour of Tybee Island with me! What are your favorite places to go when you are out on Tybee?

  2. We visited Tybee a few years ago and really liked it! Quiet beach town. We are now considering a move to Pooler, we'll see but your videos are very helpful!

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