True Apartment Horror Stories Animated

I am in my mid-40s this is what happened nearly 20 years ago one day I’d visited one of my friends at his apartment which was very old and shabby there was an entrance to an elevator in the center of the corridor I can’t remember well but my friend lived in unit 701 or 801 on the 7th or 8th floor so looking at the apartment building from outside the main entrance his house was on the far left and one summer day my friend said he was alone and didn’t have any plans so we called two of our friends and had a drinking party the four of us had been drinking since the early evening and just before passing out we all lied on the floor turned the lights off and started talking while talking to each other a beam of street light entered through the window and was shining on the ceiling I guess the streetlights on the first floor the apartment complex were on of course we were talking while gazing at the ceiling all of a sudden the white ceiling turned black as if something covered up the line at that moment we looked out the window while crouching down someone with a creepy vibe was hanging on a steel bar outside the window since the light was shining from behind that person we could not see his face clearly then after making an unidentifiable gesture he smiled showing his white peel and without making a sound we were so shocked at that moment that we stopped talking and were frozen with silence suddenly one of us picked up an empty bottle of wine and ran toward the window shouting kill that bastard but the creepy guy had disappeared after a few minutes we went out of the apartment to see where he had gone but we could not find him we could only hear his stomping footsteps and assumed he entered the corridor and went down the stairs going down the stairs is the only way that stomping sound could be made it sounded like he descended to the first floor and was walking around so we followed down the stairs looking for him but quickly returned to the apartment still filled with fear at first we thought it must have been a robber or some crazy guy laughing in front of the window but when we came back to our friends house we were all shocked the distance between the end of the corridor and the window of our friend’s apartment was too long for someone hanging onto the still window bar to jump across only a crazy person would try and fall to their death ordinary people can’t even hold on to the steel bar we thought that maybe someone had committed suicide by jumping from the roof of the apartment and cut the steel bar while falling so we went down to the first floor to see if a body was there but there wasn’t a single trace after that experience I never visited his house again

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