Trends of Dubai Real Estate Market 2019

hi listeners welcome back to my channel ‘EYE DUBAI PROPERTIES” A Real Eye of Dubai Real Estate Market As Expo is coming Near People want to know, what will be happen in upcoming week, month or year in this video, i am going to share with you, the true trends of dubai real estate market, along with a very comprehensive example I’ll request you, watch the video till end and subscribe the chanel eye dubai properties Let’s Assume, there are five stake holders Dubai Real Estate Market Dubai Investor Expo 2020 Exhibition And Expo 2020 visitors Riz1 developer (Dubai Developers) Dubai Population Let’s Suppose, Riz1 Developer (Dubai developer) is developing 20 homes in a month in which 20 are ready and 10 as an advance booking or you can say in off plan which means, demand for buying home is more than supply or construction of homes And in result, the prices of homes are increasing because demand is more than supply this is a basic formula of economics simultaneously, Rents will be higher, because properties are being unique in the market So win win situation for an investor and developer Riz1 developer, comes to know, there is an exhibition is being conducted their area Where three times more people are expected to come As compare to current residents of the city And home building is not a process of days That a long process to finish a building or master community Riz1 developer has started building homes more rapidly for current growing population Plus the quantity of homes for future expected residents to accommodate them to prevent the shortage of homes at the time of event in future so where riz1 was developing 20 homes, now they have started building 200 homes which means, now construction of homes are more than buying homes And population of dubai is increasing but but not as huge as bulk projects are in construction In this situation, the dubai investors are getting multiple options to invest on properties on another handside the dubai developers has to give offers to sell their current stock of properties And secondary owners who own property has to decrease their property prices And Simultaneously, the rents will be down And this is all about basic economics But A right time to invest on dubai real estate property Because dubai real estate market is truely loaded with a lot of property buying opportunities. Riz1 is an experienced developer Riz1 knows, the dubai market has investors And there is good probability that the amount of tourist will visit dubai can invest in dubai real estate market To attract all kind of buyers, the dubai developers made all kind of stock such as sea view park view, golf course living life in sand, man made island did some miracles to make deep water living in fact, every standard of life and build and amazing infrastructure bring advancement in every sector to make a life more luxury yes thats true, dubai real estate market came down by 10 % return on investment to 5% or 6% because dubai real estate market has some natural challenges but still in challenging market dubai property market is giving very competitive returns if we compare with UK, US, singapore and hong kong mega real estate markets yes that’s also true if even 1% expected visitors the real estate properties in dubai and supply of homes and buying of homes come back on the same level then prices of dubai real estate properties will surely get a new height as for as property rents will go high and that will be a real time to enjoy return on investment i know there are many questions and concepts which are needed to be clear further. i am bringing more deep analysis regarding dubai real estate market in my upcoming videos I’ll request you, please post your question on my number +971585868400 i am a active user of whatsapp advise me your topics where people are confused or looking advise to invest in dubai i’ll catch you guys soon. thanks for watching the video!

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