Toronto Real Estate, where do we stand globally?

Toronto Real Estate, where do we stand globally?

And we are placed third… that
felt weird. Three! That one! Why in the world would someone
want to invest in Toronto? Well, what if we look at it nationally, provincially and locally and take a
high up perspective to understand why investors are looking here in
Toronto at our real estate market, but before I get started,
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button because we’re going to continue to put out fantastic content and I want to
get into specifically today what makes Toronto Toronto and why
are we just so awesome. Let’s start off by looking
at Canada as a whole. Now I love some of these stats
from We have 2.8 million STEM graduates, which
stands for science, tech, engineering, math. In fact, we outpaced the Bay area for the
amount of tech growth that we’ve had. It makes us the 10th largest economy in
the world and number one most attractive country for entrepreneurs. We are second only to Japan as far as
political stability goes and we are, we have the most sound banking
system in G7 as well. We are the least corrupt country
among the G20 members. We are number one for
best quality of life. Number five for best
country for human freedom. And we have three of the
world’s 10 most livable cities, including your favorite one
right here today, Mr. Toronto. Oh and don’t forget we have the Raptors,
so we know that Canada is straight. Awesome, but what about the
provinces and territories? Where does Ontario stand in all of that?
Let’s go across the entire country. Starting with the Yukon. The Yukon saw a 30.32
growth in the last year. We found a loss in the Northwest
territories of just under a percent. British Columbia is up 1.79 Alberta is
down 2.55 Saskatchewan won by 7% in a year. Manitoba is down
almost a percentage point. Our beloved Ontario is up almost 7% Quebec
is up 6.21% Newfoundland and Labrador down almost 7% New Brunswick*
up just slightly. Nova Scotia up almost 6% and
PEI absolutely killed it. 17.2% in one year. Unbelievable. So where do we stand in this list based
on these statistics other than PEI, which is just doing unbelievable. We also trail Saskatchewan
and we are placed third, so we have an amazing country.
We have a pretty good province. Why would people want to come to
Toronto for their investment? Well, first off is a supply challenge that
we discuss in all of our videos. Plug other videos, hit
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within this green belt because it’s creating a supply challenge that yes,
we’ll continue to increase our prices. Of course. We also have the
challenge of immigration, which we’ve done videos on as well.
You can check the immigration video, we’ll tag it in this video, but that is also pushing the demand up
for inventory, which with this balance, supply and demand, we’re going to have ourselves quite
a solid market moving forward. We also are ranked second in North
America for standard of living, but it also comes down to this
where is their profitability? Where’s their money to be made and
growth from January, 2000 to March, 2019 check out some of these figures. We’d beat Los Angeles by 33.67% we beat
San Francisco by 45% we beat Seattle by 61% and we are 133.39%
faster in price growth. than New York City. Do these stats excite you or do
they freak you out a little bit? And this is why I think people are a
little intimidated by the Toronto market because there’s so much demand coming
from overseas into our country because of these amazing stats. We know
how we performed last year. The question is how are we going
to perform in the year to come? I hope you guys enjoyed this
video. Slam that like button. Hit that subscribe button. I’ll see you
next time. Take care and keep it real.

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