Top CRM Recommendations for REALTORS®

Top CRM Recommendations for REALTORS®

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that the no.1 question asked in the real estate space REALTOR® to REALTOR® is, “What’s the best CRM?” or some variation on that lines like “What CRM are you using?” or “Is there a new one? or “I need one.” just along those lines. We’re obsessed with this as a people. CRM, if you’re not familiar the Client
Relationship Manager, Customer Relationship Manager, whatever it is that you use trying to keep organized your current clients, past clients and future clients and then maybe your Christmas card list. And so, when we’re trying to be
organized. We would love someone to do our work for us as REALTORS® ’cause in general we are wonderful with people but this organization skills seem to have skipped to lack us in the gene pool. So, I was asked again, “Hey Leigh! what should I use?” I’m gonna give you all 3 different ideas. I’m not gonna give you as an idea top producer. ‘Cause even though I know they’re affiliated with a lot of our associations and they do some really cool stuff they’re too expensive in my opinion. ‘Cause I’m cheaping, y’all know this. And the other thing about top producer that kind of drives me crazy, is that it’s incredibly bloated with features. Basically, what’s happening y’all, every time some REALTOR® used it and said, “Hey, I wish it had X.” they told top producer and top producer said, “Well, alright.” And so, it’s akin to having a house that’s got every upgrade that was ever imagined and everything in the world. It still has the function you need but you almost can’t see past it and you paid too much for it because it had things that you didn’t need or want. So, I don’t really use them so sue me. Anyway, here’s what I would suggest. For most REALTOR® an excel spreadsheet is plenty or if you like to live in online world use Google sheets And all you need y’all is the name of the person, the address of their property. I like to sort by city and zip code as well so I can reach out to specific pockets of people and then put down on their their email
address, phone number if you have it and then you have extraneous information that will be helpful to track things like, today they bought their house or their birthday. But frankly, y’all aren’t going to do anything with that, so your spreadsheet really should to see basic things. I would also include the date, so that you can track you business year-over-year maybe that’s how you keep up with your clients. The beauty of Excel is you can download this into email newsletters or into one mailing list or you can just kind of go through it and highlight it make some phone calls. Now, maybe you want something that’s a little bit fancier than that. What my team and I use is a product
called highrisc and it’s by a company called Basecamp, where you can do project management. And if you don’t speak southern that’s H I G H R I S C Highrisc I don’t know how Yankees would say it, but my people say highrisc. So, in here it’s pretty much like an online rolodex and that’s why I like it. Because y’all know I’m kind of an old person. And so, when I’m looking at my
contacts I can see what activity has happened, so who’s written a note in the client file maybe we send out a thank you for them bringing us their friends and family we want to keep note of that in the file, so we know who our best advocates are and we update their contact information. But most importantly in here what we have are tags. So, each of my people has a tag for a category whether they bought with me or sold with me or they’re a friend from church or a family member or one of my best advocate clients and I called those my diamonds. The people who are going out there getting me at-bats. So, I can track that in highrisc, highrisc cost 50 bucks. It’s cheap, which you know is what I like
and it does what I need. Now, if I use Basecamp for my transactions it counts to connect there. We however use realty commander for managing transactions because I haven’t found it all-in-one solution that I like. Now, the 3rd thing I learned to suggest you all as an option is if you have a CRS designation. So, you’ve become a certified residential specialist. In that network one of the newest benefits that come out is an included CRM. So, it’s free one I’m still getting comfortable with it. Because since it’s free, that’s even cheaper than my highrisc we might move over to it. There’s some real nice benefits to it and even if you’re not a CRS, it’s a really cool CRM to check out. It’s really mobile friendly which is what I like, the one I use highrisc sucks on mobile. So, this one’s really good on mobile and I’m waving in my case ’cause I’m talking to y’all in my phone. But, in my agent desk it geo locates where you are. And so, it shows me CRS is near me, agents near me that are in the network, trust me they’re listings has my listings. And I really enjoy that because I’m able to see if there’s been a price adjustment or new photos at it by one of my local realtors who’s on here. And actually I showed a buyer one
of my competitors listings ’cause it came up in my agent desk and it was the right house and we have I found it anyway maybe, but maybe the shortcut is buy enough time for us to be the winning offer. You’ll also see in here and thing about this is so wonderful the CRS network lives in here, if you’re looking for a way to place your buyers and sellers with agents and other markets
that have an idea of what they’re doing you can use this network to find a CRS
REALTOR®. And even better you can click the filter and pick out the CRS who is a major investor in the REALTOR® party. So, it’s another extra reason to use this
one. So, there’s 3 ideas. One I don’t like, I’m sure you have your favorite. Feel free to include that in the comments and I’ll see you next time.

14 thoughts on “Top CRM Recommendations for REALTORS®

  1. Best CRM is the one you are or will use. I may have transferred to four or five different ones. I would suggest sticking to one that's not provided by your brokerage and learn it well.

  2. Lee what a great video. Everyone is always looking for the "NEXT" big thing when they never used what they had in the 1st place.
    Keep it simple

  3. Thank you for mentioning us Leigh! The Agentdesks Network + CRM is available to download at Basic version is free for everyone and CRS Designees also get the Professional version for free (worth ~$200/year).

  4. I use and like Contactually. The bucketing feature is intuitive, but tags can be used too. Follow Up Boss is also a good one.

  5. Hilarious! Just got licensed here in Texas and was searching for some CRM solutions. Thanks for the vid!

  6. Hi Lee – I've been with Top Producer. Beta testing RealSuite but the one I think I'm leaning towards is LionDesk. Appears to be loaded with powerful features.

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  8. Thanks…..Im my city St Paul mn here Is news clip: 2018
    'Nearly 59,000 construction permits pulled in St. Paul during the past decade have not received a final inspection from the city, leaving it unclear whether work has been done to code, or at all.'

    Note: most realtors are not safeguarding this issue. Causeing low quality homes but get maximum $.
    unsafe wireing, fire hazards, poor energy efficiency. Basement moisture, black mold.
    Old houses should depreciate unless they are gutted out. That means every wall and wireing and dead mice removed. Then inspected per the code just like a new home.

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