Too Close To Home, Roommate Could Be Father Of Man’s Child (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Too Close To Home, Roommate Could Be Father Of Man’s Child (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Please be seated. Hello, Your Honor. Hello. This is the case of
Wiseman v. New and Duncan.
Thank you, Jerome.
Good day, everyone. AUDIENCE: Good day. Mr. Wiseman,
you say the defendant
was a good friend of yours, and you let him move
into your home. You claim he repaid
your generosity by sleeping
with your girlfriend. (AUDIENCE GASPS) Yes. JUDGE LAKE: Now, you’re
both here… NEW: No, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: …locked in
a paternity dispute over which of you fathered
two-year-old Brett Wiseman. (AUDIENCE GROANS) Yes, Your Honor. Mr. New, you claim
when you first moved in, your relationship
with Mr. Wiseman’s girlfriend was strictly a friendship. Yes. You argue it
only became sexual
when she confided that Mr. Wiseman was not
treating her right. Yes, Your Honor. (AUDIENCE REACTS) You claim you’re
very protective of her, so much so, you
would not let her appear
in this courtroom today… Yes, Your Honor. …because she’s pregnant
with your child. High-risk pregnancy.
Yes, Your Honor. (AUDIENCE GASPS) Her name is Ms. Duncan and
she will be joining us shortly from her hometown. AUDIENCE: Wow. Mr. Wiseman. Yes, Your Honor. Please tell me about
this paternity dispute. Well, how it came in play was she was cheating on me
with his cousin. And I would go to sleep,
and I didn’t know that my cousin was going
to sleep early, and they would be downstairs,
just him and her. She would be telling him
problems that me and her
was having. And then, just like she did
with his cousin. And then he was there to, you know, sugar coat it,
whatever they did. And next thing you know… Okay, so Mr. Wiseman… NEW: Okay. WISEMAN: Yes, Your Honor? How did you even find
out Mr. New had slept
with your girlfriend? Uh, somebody in her family
came and told me. AUDIENCE: Wow! What did that person tell you? NEW: We told him ourselves,
Your Honor, once we started
back together. Huh. Oh… JUDGE LAKE: What did
that person tell you? Pretty much told me, like,
if you can’t see it… ‘Cause I mean, it was just,
you know they was becoming too close
of friends. And they finally told me,
like, “Look. We know
for a fact that, “they been doing
stuff together.” So that’s how I found out. And you had no idea? No. I had suspicions. Because, you know, like,
there would be certain times, like, they wouldn’t know
I was coming over, and they would be sitting
there, like… For instance, with a water hose
all sittin’ there, getting each other wet,
all hugged out, and then I would walk up… NEW: Your Honor… …Amanda would walk away
from me. NEW: Your Honor, that was after Brett
was even born. Walk away from me. That was when me and her
was already together. No. And she was at
her grandma’s house.
Lie again. WISEMAN: Well,
she likes playing… She was at her grandma’s house because they was
already broke up. ‘Cause he cheated on
her so many times and
she was letting it go. Knew about…
Knew about it! Okay, first… She… She’s the cheater. Knew about it and all that! That’s why he’s so protective. AUDIENCE: Oh! He’s so protective because
you have to be with her. ‘Cause if you ain’t stuck up
her butt 24/7, she’s gonna go
to the next man. I let her… (AUDIENCE GASPS) I’ll let her do
what she wants. So, I mean, yeah… She don’t…nobody but me. (AUDIENCE GASPS LOUDLY) Okay, hold on! Mr. New. JEROME: Please respect
the language in here. You gotta watch your language
in this court. NEW: I’m sorry. Jerome, please stand
in between them. Mr. New. You gonna have to
get it together.
Or you gonna have to go. Yes, Ma’am. So, you make the choice. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDS) You make the choice. Can I talk? Can I talk,
Your Honor? Can I tell you what happened,
Your Honor? When you talk,
say it respectfully! I will. Keep cursing, and you’ll be gone.
I’m just serious. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDS) I’m not going
to tolerate it. All right. All right. Now, tell me how did you start a relationship with…
I guess, was it Mr. Wiseman’s girlfriend,
or ex at the time? At the time… How did this go? When we first slept together, he was… I don’t know how
to say it without cussing. So… (AUDIENCE MEMBERS LAUGHS) You don’t know how to say it
without cursing? No, he was a… Somebody she was
still sleeping with
at the same time. He was the one that was
crying all day until he got
what he wanted. And then having
sexual relations
with other women. She’d never told him
that she knew that. So he thought it was all cool. He always… He was cheating on her? Yes, he always accused
her of cheating
when she wasn’t, so she did sleep
with my cousin. That was a year or two
before I even knew him. I mean, our first
eight months together she cheated on me
with her ex-boyfriend. She was with both of us. (AUDIENCE GROANS) I mean, she’s always
been a cheater. All right. I think it’s time
we hear from her. Um… (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Joining us from her hometown. Ms. Duncan, thank you
so much for joining us. We understand you
could not be here today
per your doctor’s orders because you are pregnant.Right. Yes.And, uh, we understand.
And, uh… You have two men here who are potentially
the father of your child.Yes.Can you please explain
to the court the circumstances AUDIENCE: Oh. surrounding this situation, and how you’ve arrived
at this point?Yes. So, how it happened was,um, me and Jeremiah
were going through problems.
Tylor, Jeremiah, and I
were friends at the time…
So, when you say Jeremiah,
that’s Mr. Wiseman.Yes.Okay.Umm, he… Tylor was like
somebody I confided in
at the time.
And, um, Brett…It happened… Me and Tylor
did sleep together
at the time that Brett
had been conceived.
Um, but that was
because me and Jeremiah
were going through problems.
I confided in Tylor in that.So, you’re admitting
that you slept with Mr. New, while you were still
in a relationship,
albeit rocky, with Mr. Wiseman.Yes, I did.Okay. And so, did you
sleep with both men during the period
of conception?Yes, I did.(AUDIENCE GASPS) And you did not use
protection with either man?No.JUDGE LAKE: Okay. (AUDIENCE REACTS) And so, once you found out
you were pregnant, who did you tell?Um, I told Jeremiah
’cause at the time
I wasn’t really
talking to Tylor.
So, you told
Mr. Wiseman first?Yes.Because after you slept
with Mr. New, then you weren’t
speaking to him. ‘Cause you were still
with Mr. Wiseman when you found out
you were pregnant. Mr. Wiseman, when she
told you she was pregnant, did you immediately
think it was your child? I mean, I definitely
was happy, but I had doubts,
you know what I mean? ‘Cause, I mean,
our relationship, you know… Then when I found out
about him… NEW: For good reason. So, yeah.
I definitely had doubts. Had you found out
about Mr. New before you found out
Ms. Duncan was pregnant,
or after? Uh, kinda before. I mean,
I was being told. I was definitely being told
by her family that they
was sleeping together. JUDGE LAKE: So, you heard
the rumors? Yeah. So, when she told you
she was pregnant, did you say,
“I’m the father”? Did she say,
“And you’re the father”? Yeah, she definitely had me
definitely trying to believe
I was the father. And at any point,
did she change her tune? Did she say, “You know,
on second thought, “it could be Mr. New’s”? No, I signed… I signed a birth certificate
and everything. You did? Yeah. So you supported her AUDIENCE: Whoa! throughout the pregnancy? Yeah, I was there. NEW: Only for the pregnancy.He was there
throughout the pregnancy
No.and when I had him.But, she had
broke up with him. And then we started
talking again, because he cries
about everything. She don’t break up with you. Bro, whatever. She just plays both parts. She keeps me there,
and him there. That’s all she does. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDS) I mean, she’s always done it. I was there every day. I know what happened. Yeah, and he was
just a friend. I’m there every day now, supporting your kids, bro. He was just a friend. Okay, no you ain’t. Yeah I am, what you do? That’s why my kids
call me Daddy. What do you do? Right, do they call you Dad? Because… Because they’re
your kids, bro. Do they call you Dad? So, hold on, Mr. New… And when Brett’s old enough,
I bet he does. I bet he don’t. I bet he does. ‘Cause I’m the only one
who does anything for him. But if it comes back
that he’s mine, you ain’t
even gonna see him. I support your kids. Yeah, no you don’t. I buy your kids
school clothes, bro. DUNCAN:He’s not gonna
not see him.
You don’t do nothin’. What did you say, Ms. Duncan?I said you’re not gonna
be able to stop Tylor
from seeing Brett
if he comes back yours
because I’m pregnant,
and we’re engaged
to be married.
What a mess. So, Mr. Wiseman, you have an older child
with Ms. Duncan as well? Yes, Your Honor. AUDIENCE: Wow. Yeah. So, you and Ms. Duncan
potentially have two children together? Yeah, which… And yet she’s engaged
to be married to you, Mr. New, with a new baby on the way
that’s yours? Yes. (AUDIENCE REACTS) Mr. Wiseman, why do you believe Brett
is Mr. New’s child? ‘Cause it’s possible. Yeah, it’s just a possibility. You know? When you get told that there’s a possibility
that it ain’t yours, I mean, what can you do? So, you’ve been told
that there is a possibility this child is not yours. Yeah. And you’ve been told that
by Ms. Duncan? Yeah. Yes, Your Honor. Okay. So, you were honest
about that, Ms. Duncan?Yes, I was.I did tell him, but,
I mean, it was after
Brett was born.
And it was the last time we…
This last time we had split up
for good,
I had told him that
Mr. New may be Brett’s dad.
Um, I believe Brett is his,
fully, because he looks
just like him, I believe.
So, you believe Brett
looks like which man?I believe Brett looks
like Jeremiah.
And that’s Mr. Wiseman?Yes.All right. Mr. Wiseman,
when you look at Brett,
do you see a resemblance? WISEMAN: No. You don’t? I mean, even with my older,
oldest kid, she was with her boyfriend
for eight months with me and both of them
and then got pregnant with him
a month later. So there’s a chance
that he’s not even mine. ‘Cause you was doing what?
You was doing the same thing
I was doing. So, know what I mean? Get outta here, bro. So, now you’re stating
in court today that there’s potentially
another paternity issue? If he wants to say that…
If he wants to say that,
I know it’s his. It looks exactly like him. I mean, I… NEW: Both of them. JUDGE LAKE:
So, your feeling, Mr. New, is both children do look
like Mr. Wiseman? NEW: Yes. And he has no reason
to doubt? NEW: None at all. And yet, Ms. Duncan
has already stated that she slept
with both of you two Yes. during the window
of conception Yes. without using protection. Yes. Well, that’s why I’m here. But… So, Mr. New,
you brought a witness. Yes. I’d like to hear from her.
Please stand, Ma’am. State your name. Heather Prater. Ms. Prater,
you are Mr. New… What relationship are you
to Mr. New? I am Amanda’s sister. You’re Amanda,
Ms. Duncan’s, sister? Yes. What do you have to add
to this situation? I’m here to find out the… Who the father is because if it does come
back Mr. Wiseman is
my nephew’s father then I think he needs
to be there more financially, emotionally and all that, because Ty…
Mr. New has been there
for the last year. And a half. Through it all. I mean, she’s the one
that was telling me
they were sleeping together. JUDGE LAKE: Oh! (AUDIENCE REACTS) Oh, I mean… JUDGE LAKE: Oh. While you was where? Asleep somewhere.
Crying probably. And of course, of course… With a pillow in between
your legs. If you’re gonna be with my,
um, mother of my child, of course, I mean,
he’s gonna be around him
more than I can be. ‘Cause, I mean,
I can only get
him so often. I can’t have him…
Is she gonna let me… We bring them
whenever he wants ’em. I gotta…
I bought the car and put the gas in
just to bring ’em, bro. And you ask for rides
away from them. Get out of here, bro. No, no. Yes. Say I’m lying again! No, bro. You’re lying ’cause I just
recently… My car just
recently broke down. Your car?
You ain’t got no car! Okay. Your dad was letting
you use a car, bro. No, it was my car. (AUDIENCE GIGGLING) JUDGE LAKE: So… Get out of here. You ain’t
got no job, no money! You don’t got…
What are you doing? I’m supporting your kids! I was just recently working… No. Yes! With what job? It don’t matter
what job. The reason why I had
told Mr. Wiseman… JUDGE LAKE: Let’s get
some order, let’s get
some order. I want to hear
from your witness, Mr. New. The reason why I had told
Mr. Wiseman is because for the well-being
of my nephew. So, you admit
you told Mr. Wiseman that your sister, Ms. Duncan,
was sleeping with Mr. New? And that it could be
a good possibility that my nephew was not his. Ms. Duncan,
this is quite a mess.It is.And you’re in the middle.Right.JUDGE LAKE: Do you… What do you feel?
I mean, do you feel badly? Do you feel like Mr. Wiseman
got what he deserved? I mean, this is
really messy!I mean, I feel…
I do feel bad.
But I believe everything
happens for a reason.
I mean, I told him the truth.It may have been later on.But I did tell him the truth.Even if it was after
my sister had told him.
What’s interesting is, legally, Mr. Wiseman is
the father because he signed
the birth certificate. Yes, Your Honor. And yet, Mr. New is the
person taking care of the
child financially because he lives in the home
with you both. ‘Cause he can’t. WISEMAN: No. He won’t, he don’t want to. How old is Brett?
He’s two?He’s two years old.Is this confusing for him?Um, no. He knows
Jeremiah as Dad.
He doesn’t get confused.
He knows Tyler.
He knows Jeremiah.
Um, when he sees Jeremiah…Hold on, hold on now! Hold on. Who does he know
as his dad? DUNCAN:Jeremiah.But the truth is,
either one of them
could be the father.Correct.What does he call Mr. New?Um, Ty-ty.But Ty-ty could be his… NEW: He said that
before he said, “Dad.” Da-da. No, no. Bet. Bet he did! Bet he didn’t!
No, he didn’t! Bet he did! Bet he wasn’t talking none
when I come! (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Bet he wasn’t talking
none when I come. Okay, okay. Bet. I got him to say,
“Mom, Mo-mo.” (IMITATING NEW) Bet, bet, bet! PRATER: Stop. Yup. We need to find out. You all betting
while Brett is losing. WISEMAN: Right, exactly. You all betting… (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) NEW: Brett is not losing
because I take care of him! JUDGE LAKE: Brett is losing… NEW: I take care of Brett. …because there is an issue
regarding his paternity. You walk and talk
all you want and yell back and forth. It doesn’t change the fact
that the woman has said… NEW: He doesn’t change
that he don’t do nothing. No, the woman has sat here
and testified that she slept
with both of you during the window
of conception and there’s a question
as it relates to the paternity and any child
that doesn’t know for certain who
their father is is in a difficult position. I think it’s time
for the results. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDS) WISEMAN: About time. There you go, Judge. Mmm. Thank you. I’m going back here. These results were prepared
by DNA diagnostics and they read as follows: In the case of
Wiseman v. New/Duncan
pertaining to whether
Mr. Wiseman or Mr. New is the father of two-year-old
Brett Wiseman, it has been determined that the biological
father is… Mr. Wiseman. NEW: Bet he don’t do
nothing about it. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Bet he don’t. Yeah, I will. Bet he don’t
do nothing about it. I’ll definitely step up
and do what I need to do. It’s about time.
I bet you don’t, though. I will. You all have a very negative
history together. This is an absolute
nightmare for a child. And Mr. New, even though,
look, you may be right, but the righteous need not
wave a flag. Sometimes it’s just okay
to do the right thing, and just say, “I did it
because I wanted to do it
for the child.” I do. You don’t have to make
everybody else feel
so badly about it that now they don’t even
wanna come forth. It’s obvious Mr. Wiseman
has not stepped up
to the plate the way he needed to. But now that he knows
for certain this
child is his, you need to do it. Right. You have to do it. I will. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDS) And Ms. Duncan? I’m not gonna come down
as hard on you ’cause honey, I don’t want
you to get emotional, but girl, let me tell you… (AUDIENCE CHUCKLES) You know you made this mess. And you have got to be
about the business
of cleaning it up. Do you understand? Court is adjourned. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDS) (BANGS GAVEL)

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