Tokyo Apartment Tour | New Way Of Living In Japan

Tokyo Apartment Tour | New Way Of Living In Japan

okay, so before the room we’re gonna.. SKY TREE! Today I’m going to be checking out a house in Tokyo However, it’s a little bit different from your normal houses and I’ve got my friend inside to show us around so let’s check it out! Hey Ryan! Nice to see you How are you? Thank you for showing me around! No problem, no problem thanks for coming Want me to open the door? Yeah, please open the door for us wow, it’s already really different from a normal house we actually call this a “social apartment” so we kind of take on a normal house and then we add on a lot of lounge areas a lot of public spaces for people to be social in so how many people actually live here? we have around 130 people 130?! 130! all in this complex it’s 10 stories tall so we can pack a lot of people in okay, then let’s go check out the rest of the house! by all means, the first place I want to show you is the lounge right here This is not what you normally see when you go into a lounge we have the billiard table if you look above it, we actually have this projector right here so we have a 128 inch projector screen so you can watch movies, play games, things like that sort we have wii and all that so there’s no need to buy your own moving on, we have a kind of dining area right here so this is a great place for people to gather we try to make these long tables so you can sit here and have your little kanpai and things like that and a tv set right here if you want to watch something a little quieter and it links to this kitchen right here we have these nice island kitchens right here so you know in Tokyo how you have those tiny kitchens? I was just going to say the first thing I felt about this place was that it’s huge the kitchen! it’s nice because you have actual counter space you actually have a big sink where you can wash your dishes and cut and make things when I first moved here I had this one burner and the little sink and then I was cutting things on top of the refrigerator but here you don’t have to deal with that we also provide the pots and pans, everything you need so everything is brand new you’re free to use it how ever much you want I mean, it’s really clean despite 130 people living here well, that’s mostly thanks to us I think so we actually have cleaning staff who come here 5 times a week so they clean up all the kitchen and everything most people are Japanese that live here oh, most people are Japanese that live here? yeah, so they are very courteous and they are very good at washing themselves and putting it away I think one comment I will get is is it okay if you don’t speak Japanese and you live in a place like this? no, actually when I come here people say hi and hello they don’t speak Japanese with me anymore here so there is actually a lot of people who speak English and a lot of people who actually move into social apartments and these kinds of places they’re looking to learn English and use English so if you don’t speak Japanese it’s OK! 🙂 it’s perfectly fine, this is the place to learn Ahh, you actually got me at no haha we actually have a lot of these high brand items too we do a lot of collaborations with people it looks very expensive, I do not want to break it touching it is very scary for me as well this is a $200 toaster! I mean it’s really good for people who just moved to Tokyo you know, they don’t have any furniture and it’s a big hassle to buy everything you don’t realise when you move somewhere, how much that little stuff adds up even just a cup I like how you have the “World Neighbors” on this that’s how we keep those here don’t steal the cups! 😛 let’s go around here! what’s here? because we do have 130 rooms and it’s 10 stories tall taking things from the kitchen to your room can be a pain so we provide this storage area, each room has its box right here this is the perfect size for like pasta, rice how about the rubbish and everything? who deals with that? the rubbish, we deal with all the rubbish from here we actually take care of taking that out 5 times a week when the cleaning staff comes 5 times a week?! when we work in Tokyo a lot of people tend to be very busy with their lives, their jobs so it’s nice to have that taken care of it really takes a lot off you and we find that when you take out the issues of who’s going to clean when and who’s going to clean what how you are going to clean it then people start to focus on the fun parts of living with each other which is let’s cook a meal together let’s eat dinner together let’s watch TV and so your conversation stop being about what needs to be done and what you want to do! that’s very true you stop fighting over of who’s going to do what or who didn’t do what when me and my room mate fight, it’s always about cleaning you gotta move here! I’ve thought about it a lot actually! so next we are going to go to another lounge area another lounge area? where are we now? so right now we are going to check out the working lounge so for people who work from home or people who are studying things like that we actually provide a separate space so let’s take a peak inside real quick so having a separate space, in my head I can think of it as this is a working space and it’s written on the wall “working studio” it really puts me in the mood to get things done you have to work! pretending to work hehehe I’m sure there’s a lot of pretending to work that happens in here too so now we are off to the cafe which is inside the house

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  1. This is actually such a cool concept! I feel like this would be such a good option for people new to Japan! The neighbours seem pretty chill too 😉

  2. I like the concept! What are the requirement's for an apartment like this for foreigners who are new to Tokyo? I am from the United States.

  3. Great way to transition to Tokyo, and Japanese way of life. Also, nice way to meet new people and a great way to "network" with other folks; learning to speak Japanese and teaching others English – win, win situation all around. Fantastic video, thank you Angela.

  4. Wow. I could see how this would make moving to Japan a nice transition. And I would love to work in that cafe!

  5. LMAO at the last part about you on the bed asking if people can come over thought that was so funny! I’ve been watching your videos lately & I just get more and more obsessed! Life goal is to learn Japanese and go visit with my bf soon! So I’m learning from you ❤️ you also motivate me to start doing videos like this for California since I’m sure people are interested in that too

  6. looks great for the newcomer, but once you realize you can have an apartment to yourself for between 550 ~ to 7/800 + some fees in some cases, you don't want to pay 700 to live with lots of people you can easily see by going to the local pub. But thank you. I may take this option, soon, only because XHouse, Sakura and other Share Houses seem to take longer for one to go through all the location options, price differences, etc., and after a while, one just wants to get to Japan. I have been looking for weeks, and I also do not want to have to get a guarantor or guarantor service at this stage, possibly drop key, insurgence, deposit and utilities. But SOME places do have deals helping one avoid all this; it just takes time. In the end, though, the really thing about this one that I like is one gets his or her own bathroom and mini kitchen – whereas in other share houses that have kitchen in-room or don't, they have a shared bathroom. Been there and done that in Korea. I don't want it again. Privacy and personal hygiene security make one comfortable in the middle of the night like a shared bath never can.

  7. Thanks for the great video! We will suggest that to our Tokyo Interns. Would be great if you might also do videos of apartments in Osaka and Fukuoka. Keep up the good work!

  8. I would really love to be here with MY friends because I'm an introvert who can't interact with people. We'll sort of an ambivert but mostly an introvert which makes life, stressful…

  9. Awesome. I wish I could have lived in something like this before I had a family. This girl is fucking gorgeous as hell too.

  10. is there a way I can live in japan without having a 4yr degree in English teaching I'm 26 yrs old and I'm trying to move to japan

  11. can't imagine ive been watching your videos for 3hour now. how that's crazy.. i wish to be in japan now.

  12. If I ever end up having to live in Japan for work, I would definitely consider such a living arrangement, it's so sensible, social, and good!

  13. Huh, very interesting. Looks like it offers a lot of good services. I may consider something like this in future!

  14. What a great place to live for a single person! I live in New York….about 30 minutes north of Manhattan by the train. Place like this in Manhattan would be over $2000…..I mean just for the Apt. It is ideal for Japanese people who like to socialize with people incl. foreigners or improve their English, as well as for people who just moved to Tokyo!! Furnished Apt. is ideal for them. (^^) Are there a security deposit? Lease signing? I assume NO pets are allowed?

    Angela, I don't blame you for wanting to move there! You saw the place in person & you really seemed to enjoy seeing & experiencing the place. All those extra bonus are so attractive! Large lounge area to do cooking & dinning, working stations, laundry rooms, game room, the bar… though I don't drink! lol! I am bit shy first until I get to know people, so setting like this place would be perfect for me others like me!(^^)

    Thank you for sharing this video. It was very informative!!(^^)

  15. you can check my apartment tour, located in Nakano 🙂

  16. 970 a month?!?!? I was just paying that in SoCal and it didn’t come with many of those perks 😑😑😑

  17. I cant believe a place like this is real !!!  In California its double the rent , especially with all those extras they throw in . Every time he would add another free or included part I kept thinking no way , but when he said how much the rent was my first thought like everyone was " How can I move there " !!!???

  18. This looks like my canadian university dorm. But much more cleaner because japanese are respectful of the common space.

  19. Hi Angela, I just wanted to ask, what's the most crucial things one have to prepare before getting into Japan? In terms of cost

  20. It looks like an apartment complex from the 70’s and should be in Redondo or Laguna Beach , California. Everything is perfect for socializing and getting sleep(when you can find the time) I did that many years ago. I am too old for the partying, at 60 it is time to quit the drinking and up late.

  21. The model home reminded me of our AirBnb in Shinjuku but much cleaner. Looks like a great place for young people. I wonder where the professionals/salary people live.

  22. like the combined areas that are also open to the public it kinda forces you to be social not only with the occupants of the building, but with people in your neighborhood. Anywhere else you can live with people in the same building and neighborhood pass them by and never even say hello. I find it quite a sad way of living, because if you need help and you don't have anyone no one will ever know you might need help. This way of living is a great concept for community living if that's what your looking for.

  23. Ugh, I might actually want to move here if it weren't for my social awkwardness, and I like mini-apartments with the kitchen and all, but this apartment's nice

  24. Maybe it's because I just watched a documentary on North Korea but, it really seems like he doesn't want her talking to anyone without him being right there and it seems like some of their answers are rehearsed. He really has a creepy overlord kinda vibe.

  25. 1/2 the apartment-building ought/should cater to introverts- but overall, a wonderful place to move in to!

  26. Awesome! I’m moving to Japan when I’m older and i have my eye set on a complex in Tokyo or Shibuya.

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