Tiny NYC Studio Apartment Tour With Vintage Decor | Sweet Digs Home Tour | Refinery29

Tiny NYC Studio Apartment Tour With Vintage Decor | Sweet Digs Home Tour | Refinery29

Hey guys! I’m Maria. Welcome to my sweet digs. If this is your first time watching, make sure you click below to subscribe. I live on the Upper East Side of Manhattan and I pay $1,800 a month for my itty-bitty studio up here, which by normal human person standards is an obscene amount of money. But by Manhattan real estate standards is actually a steal. Come on in. The first door that you get into is my bathroom. As a former Beauty Editor, my bathroom is very important to me. I’ve got these great shelves that I got at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Total storage. Beauty here. I have all my beauty products lined up in the way that I use them. All my serums. All that type of thing. My favorite part is this little sign that says: You are better than unicorns and sparkles combined. I love it. Always try to remember that. This is my closet, but it’s not very pretty in there at the moment. It’s actually the only closet in the entire apartment. So in here is my cleaning supplies, my clothing. I have all of my suitcases and stuff up here. It’s kind of filled to the brim. So I don’t have a pretty closet like a lot of other people. But it does the job well. Whenever I tell people how much I spend on my studio, they are shocked that I pay as little as I do especially considering the outdoor space, the fact that I have laundry in the building, and a separate kitchen really makes it worth my while. Now if you follow me this way into the kitchen. Again, itty-bitty space. I only have these cabinets. One little drawer in here. So again, the name of the game is find storage elsewhere. So I hung up this amazing Ikea rack with all of my pots on it. I have my serving bowl, my mixing bowls, my tea kettle, my soup… My knives are on the wall. I’m someone who actually really enjoys cooking. I’m one of the rare New Yorkers who uses her kitchen. I don’t keep sweaters in my stove like some famous New Yorkers have said they do. Now onto the living area of my apartment. This is basically it. I really wanted this space to feel as open and as calm as possible especially because it is such a small space. I wanted to kind of make it feel as open and flow as naturally as possible which is why you’ll see that I have pieces that kind of link together and make the space move in a really fluid kind of way. Instead of having a side table for my couch and a side table for my bed, I wanted something that kind of holds both parts of the room together. And this also doubles as amazing storage. I use this as my end table. I keep my extra linens in there. Candles. And the great thing is when I do have people over to entertain, I can use this as a buffet. And everything on top of it, goes into the bathtub. That’s my little secret of how I keep things organized here. This apartment, believe it or not, actually took a ton of planning. I signed the lease on this apartment a month before I was able to move in. And I was living at my parents’ house at the time. So this whole wall was planned out in my mother’s basement. We were laying pictures down on the floor, measuring between them. And then as soon as we got in here, she hung this whole thing with command hooks. It’s like the easiest thing in the entire world. It’s great and it looks beautiful. But the only con is now I can’t move around my furniture ever because I have a focal point. My favorite part about my apartment is definitely the blue chest of drawers that I have. My mother found it on the side of the road when I was a junior in high school. And it was wood. The wood was gross. It was stained. And she really polished it up. She painted it and turned it into this gorgeous piece of furniture that’s actually followed me around to two or three apartments. My mom made it for me pretty much which makes it super special. It’s irreplaceable. I love it here. I don’t plan on leaving anytime soon. I’m a big fan of blankets, textiles, and like layering of blankets and textiles. So I actually have this little throw. I have a quilt. And then I have two blankets underneath. I love a cozy bed. And then on my window sill is my little altar that I have with my sage. I like to sage my apartment every equinox just to kind of keep the energy flow in here really nice. And then my plants to keep the air nice and fresh. Let’s go outside! So people ask me all the time how I actually found this place. And it’s a great story. I’ve been looking for three months. I was living at home in New Jersey just to kind of give myself a little bit of breathing room because apartment-hunting in Manhattan is insane. And I had an offer in at another apartment but I saw this one on Craigslist. And I saw the balcony. And I saw that it was in my exact perfect neighborhood and in my price range. And I jumped at it. I actually was the first person to see this apartment. I came with all of my paperwork and I signed on the spot because I just absolutely fell in love with it. That’s it. Thank you guys so much for coming by and checking out my sweet digs. Now get the hell outta here! Thanks for watching! To see more videos, click here. And to subscribe, click here.

100 thoughts on “Tiny NYC Studio Apartment Tour With Vintage Decor | Sweet Digs Home Tour | Refinery29

  1. Ahhhhh millennials…drinking from Mason jars and saging each equinox all in one room for almost 2 grand. If you've got the bucks, go for it, hun! The world is your bathroom, who am I to judge which toilet you decide to throw your money down.

  2. No place like New York! This apartment is adorable…love the balcony. Plus laundry in the bldg….a steal for $1800.00.

  3. Well appointed and charming. For NYC, not expensive at all, especially with out door space…it is like a bonus room and perfectly utilized, reading area..friendly space for cocktails or am coffee.

  4. It looks very nice. But, the Rent….I live in Texas and pay $650 for 1 large bedroom, Living room, large, bathroom and laundry room. I feel sorry for y'all.

  5. Crazy how the cost of living from one state to another varies. I have a 4,000 square foot home on 2 acres. My mortgage is 1,300. NOT RENT. MY MORTGAGE. No wonder why everyone's moving to AZ. It's affordable here.

  6. I like the way it's decorated, especially that beautiful blue "chest of drawers". Good sense of humor as well.

  7. Dealing with mice is not worth it and I know every building there has them. All these transplants are so ridiculous just to be in NYC.

  8. It doesn’t look like much though, she can do a lot better as far as how her place looks.And I’ve seen better and bigger for that price.

  9. I’m more interested on her job like damn what do y do that allows you to live alone with 1k to spend on rent

  10. I pay less than a $900 mortgage for a 3 bedroom home in Eastern Oregon. It's a beautiful open concept with granite counter tops, 2 ovens, wood floors, and a garage.

    I can't believe people will pay 2k for an itty bitty apartment in an overpopulated, polluted city. That is insane!

  11. Your apartment is adorable and thank you for sharing. I've never been to New York, but all the apartment videos make me want to visit and New Yorkers seem cool even the accent. I by the way live in New Mexico, not Mexico as some confuse the 2.

  12. I was interested to read if somebody else was bothered by her voice. I do not think she does it on purpose. But it sounds like she is constantly on the verge of crying.

  13. I think she has made great use of the space but the cost of the monthly rent is outrageous ! I would go stir crazy in such a small home ..I like to do a weekend visit and shopping but guess I am just a country gal at heart 🤗

  14. I like it, I used to have one for 1100 in Brooklyn like this when that was pricey, but then I moved out further to a no name area of Queens and have a place three times as large for less than she’s paying, and groceries etc are dirt cheap here, so I can afford to save for a down payment on a house now

  15. I can't breathe just looking at that entry way…not to mention the lack of natural lighting…🤢😖😖

  16. You have a lovely place! Have you thought about putting another mirror in your bathroom where that empty space is. It would make your bathroom look bigger!

  17. We pay my husband and I 1400$ for a studio apartment in the Bronx so considering the location of your studio it’s actually pretty cheap

  18. This is such a great apartment! I love how you've made a tiny space into something that looks much bigger. That must be a dream come true living in NYC!

  19. As a California girl I’m always watching videos about NY apartments and shudder at the smallness and the price that goes with it. I pay $1292 for a 3000sf house on 1/2 acre of land in Sacramento… that’s a mortgage, not rent. But that’s beside the point. I want to say that i LOVE your apartment. It really is adorable and so much better than the dozens I’ve seen videos on in the past year. You did a great job with it and I’ve seen hotel rooms that didn’t look as comfy as your place. Enjoy your space!!!

  20. In Texas I heard you can get a mansion for $1800/month. Just saying. In Chicago here and suburbs, you can get a nice big apartment for anywhere between $800-1500/month. 😊

  21. For a small place- tidy use of space , I would personally get rid of some clutter. Pick a small number of fave items 'with a story' lol, Believe me – i started with a basement walk in closet of clothes and have thinned it down (albeit over the years) into a minimal yet great quality wardrobe…just cool pieces with multi-functional uses. After losing 2 family members successively – when you go through the motions dealing with their 'stuff' – you really acquire a great sense of what's 'stuff' and what's loved and cherished by a person. Wish you all the best x

  22. I payed 450 a month in Connecticut for a small studio.only one state away.A hour difference in travel time.

  23. She's killing her voice with that vocal fry. She should get some voice training and therapy to get rid of it or she is going to sound like an old crone in a bout 10-15 years after she has created nodules and broken enough blood vessels on her vocal chords. I got a stern lecture from an ENT when I went to him to find out why I was starting to sound like Gravel Gertie. He told me that if I didn't get rid of the "fry" I would eventually end up with irreparable damage. So, now I talk all purty and my voice sounds like he said it should.

  24. Now this is more sensible i wish the other viewer's could have come from where i just was to this apt. Last apt in the village the size of a closet had to share a bathroom ok all this was just 200bucks less than this apt and that cash difference is from a 1bedroom to a 5bedroom in my opinion for an example of what just 200bucks more can give u. Girl actually thought it was a steal um?mmm hell no this one right here is a steel. I don't know if she's in the village but she's in upper Manhattan the village is so overrated if i had the coin to live in Manhattan well 1st i wouldn't live in Manhattan money or no money i luv Brooklyn but as i said if i had to it would be in SoHo

  25. I wish there was such a thing…as a Studio House….a house with no walls or doors or rooms….I would be so in love with that concept.

  26. Wow! You said at the time of your video you love your place and you would never leave. Are you still there? Your apartment is awesome!! You and I have lots of the same taste. I have too many blankets and bedding but, my dad recently bought me a very velvety throw and I have a quilt my grandmother hand made when I was about 6. I moved into my apartment Oct. 13, 2000 it was my first apartment on my own not sharing it with anyone. I did the room for rent in a house, I did the basement for rent for years – I moved out of my parents house when I was 23. Left a very good paying job for that era, left a huge bedroom in my parents nice house – Patriot Blue paint by Ralph Lauren and on one side of the room was this gorgeous knotty pine wood. Went to live in NJ in a very nice quaint town but, the apartment was a total dump. I was on the end so I had extra windows, 3rd floor, no elevator. I loved my job as I worked at a nursing home where they also had children. My boyfriend at the time was on probation so couldn't move out of state. It didn't work out with us, so within 2 years I came home, funny – my old position in Arlington, VA was open so I applied and got the job back – and started back in a basement apartment but, with good raises I worked myself up to my own place where I am currently still living until Sept. 30th I am moving out. I have been month to month since October 2001 and now for some unknown reason they are making everyone resign a years lease by Oct. 1st. With my parents getting up there in age I do not want to feel trapped into a lease. If I had to break it I would have to pay the remainder of the year. When I moved in it was $625 a month, I am now paying $1467 a month. When I moved in all the utilities were included and now as of 3 years ago we all have to pay for water – the billing is always a month behind and they estimate it in a very unfair way. But, my complex is known for being the largest one bedroom apartment in the Northern VA area. I live in Alexandria City, minutes from Old Town, 8 minutes from Washington, DC and I will be moving back to Arlington, VA to live within 5 minutes of each parent and they both live in an awesome area. But, I noticed in your kitchen at the time of the video you had a pink tea pot (mauvy more like) and I have the exact same one that was my grandmother's. I just washed it out about an hour ago to wash out the dust before packing it in the box with bubble wrap. I do not have an entrance way like you do with a nice long hallway, you open my front door and you are right in the living room but, my living room is HUGE with a coat closet on your left and the closet to your right I have all my craft supplies in there and one antique cobbler's bench and an antique very heavy old black mirror I hope to sell in the next couple of weeks. My balcony is literally from the living room wall down to the end of the dining room wall. I have 6 large glass panes that are literally from the ceiling to the floor and the entire length of the balcony. I have tons of antiques and many curb side finds. I tell people all the time my idea of curb appeal is seeing cool furniture out on a curb, I come home and put my mask on and get out my sanders, etc and refinish many pieces. I have 2 outlets on my balcony. About 5 weeks ago they started working on our balconies and so they have a large piece of plywood with a brace blocking my door so I can have the screen open for fresh air but, cannot go out. I am so hoping I can sit out there and eat and drink coffee and read before I leave from here. Terrible time to start the balconies when finally the heat wave is gone and the nice Fall weather is showing itself. Anyway, your very hip and so cool and I wish I had a friend like you. Your decorating is so very cool. I wonder what your mom would think of my wall decorating. People walk in and look around and often say, "OMG look at all this s………!" But, I love my place and I call it my Giant Shadow Box. Every corner has a story to tell. I never recycle gifts, they never go on a yard sale. I keep them out and then rotate them. Some I may have never used but, maybe one day will like them. I reinvent many of my curb side finds into very cool items. In my bedroom I made my own head board with scrap lumber and I dragged home 2 old white shutters on a curb, I sanded them down and painted them bright yellow and in the slats I hang sewing ideas and have hooks where I hang my scissors. I go to Home Depot scrap bin and if you find corner molding, dental molding, any type of trim that is less than a foot long, it is free. I come home and get my miter box out and my saw and I make photo frames out of them. I paint them or stain them. Anyway, sure didn't mean to write a novel and its close to 3am and 7am will come quick. Luckily I am only 4 miles away from work. I use to walk to work for many years until we merged with another business and moved down the road. Have a super Friday and a super Labor Day and hope you are well and happy. My brother lives in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ and my sister, mom and niece are going to our family beach house tomorrow thru Monday on Long Beach Island. I am home to pack and pack and pack. I was born in Perth Amboy, NJ on 9/6/63 but, was born and raised in Bloomsbury, NJ near Phillipsburg, all country and hills and cows and chickens. Oh before I forget too, I love plants and my weakness is nice pots to put them in but, now that adds to the heavy items to move. I also love candles and my friend makes soy candles for every season. I will click on to your other videos to see if you are making recent ones and promise if I comment again, it will not be the size of War and Peace. Blessings, Rebekah in Alexandria, VA

  27. I currently live in a 3000 S.F. house in California. I am looking to downsize and minimize….I love the cozy, warm space you have created here…inspiring! Also, love how grateful you are of the chest of drawers your mother made for you…very sweet!👍

  28. The place is not that small. But I believe the decoration doesn't fit there. The furniture is so big and looks really old, the bed is so high, and it's a really bad idea to put walls in this kind of space, walls make this kind of spaces look tinier. That table within the bed and the couch also makes the place look tinier.

  29. Found the building online. Filled with registered sex offenders. Level 4 rapists and pedophiles, that's why it's so cheap.

  30. Her voice sounds like somebody that’s annoyed and is subtilely trying to tell you to cut the conversation short when you’re telling them a story.

  31. There are remodeled shotgun homes bigger than this w/ a full kitchen, 2 bedrooms, bathroom of course, & living room/ dining room w/ a small porch, parking for at least 2 vehicles, & fenced in yard for $350 a month where I live. They are cute, but the crime on those streets (not beside or across, but like a block down) is high crime. I pay $963 for 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 3 walk in closets, patio w/ glass sliding doors, laundry room (yes, I must have a laundry room in any apt I live in), linen closet, pantry, living room, dining room, & a descent kitchen that also has a bar & if I wanted, I have room for 4 stools. I also have what they call a mud room when u walk in from the main door.

  32. I really like what she did with the place. Using that dresser to tie together the lounging and sleeping areas of the main room was genius. 🥰

  33. Im 22 and I still live with my family, but there’s something awesome about watching people live alone and see they’re style, especially how they can compromise small living spaces

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