This is What $1 Million buys you in NYC | Luxury Apartment Tour

this is what 1 Million Dollars buys you in New
York City one of the most frequent questions I get asked in this series is
to showcase more realistic and affordable luxury places in the city in
this series we have toured some of the most expensive real estate in the United
States I’m talking properties that are out of reach for even the 1% in this
video sponsored by Best Buy I’m going to take you on a tour of what you can buy
for $1,000,000 in New York City the average price for a home in America is
just around $200,000 while here in Manhattan the median price for a
one-bedroom apartment recently reached near 1 million dollars so while this is
expensive for the majority of the country here in Manhattan
1 million dollars is this close to realistic as you can get for buying an
apartment we’re walking up to the apartment now which is located on the
border of Murray Hill and Midtown this neighborhood is definitely one of the
more affordable in New York City there’s tons of families that live here it’s
relatively quiet but on the other hand there’s tons of bars and restaurants
right nearby and a big shout-out to Best Buy who hook this apartment up with ring
security products which are comprised of the alarm system doorbell and camera
they work together to monitor your home and keep it safe while you’re out there
exploring the world making it a great holiday gift for the traveler on your
shopping list this is the front door entranceway and were actually to take
the stairs up to the apartment because this building does not have an elevator
this apartment was actually built in the 1920s and most apartments from this air
do not have elevators and luckily for me today this apartment is on the top floor
I actually can go in it and another thing this apartment does not have is a
doorman and that’s something you won’t typically get with a more affordable
apartment but with the ring doorbell it allows you to see who’s at your door
from anywhere using your smart phone and you can also talk to the person at the
door via the app just like we did it’s perfect for guests and especially
package deliveries which can be a real pain especially if you do not have a
doorman now entering the apartments we have a large open floor plan
with 11 foot tall ceilings and that classic New York City exposed red brick
like I said earlier this building is an older building you definitely get that
New York City Heritage feel when you walk in this room for added security the
ring also has sensors on doors and windows to alert you when they’re opened
up and for a small monthly fee you can even have professional monitoring help
right off of the entryway we have the kitchen and now this is a pretty great
sized kitchen for a New York City apartment it’s also important to note
that this kitchen was recently gut renovated and it has all brand-new
stainless steel appliances especially in this price range renovations are one way
to definitely increase the value of your apartment if you’re looking to sell it
in the near future and I have to say one of the most unique things about this
kitchen is having a dishwasher built-in if you live in the city and you live in
an older building you know having a dishwasher that is that’s considered
luxury in New York City moving on from the kitchen we’re gonna head over to the
living room and dining room which takes up the majority of the space on the
first floor as you can see this apartment is one giant open floor plan
but it’s segmented out by the furniture to carve out different areas in such a
larger room here we have the traditional living room layout with this large
leather couch up against the wall coffee table right in front and the
couch face is one of the more unique features of this apartment a working
wood burning fireplace with these older buildings you might have to do a little
bit more work as far as renovations go but you can’t replace that classic New
York charm this is authentic New York City living and then of course above the
fireplace we have a large TV perfect for entertaining your guests the total
square footage on this first floor is just about 500 square feet as you know
living in the city every square foot counts and this apartment does a
fantastic job utilizing the space for many different areas another example of
saving space in this apartment we have these custom cabinets here against the
wall right off of these cabinets we have the bathroom this bathroom is still
under renovation recently there was a glass shower put in a brand new tiling
we also have a washer and dryer built into the bathroom most apartments you
have to either go downstairs to a basement to do your wash or send it out
somewhere in the city having your laundry right here in your
home it’s pretty awesome speaking from an architectural standpoint having a
spiral staircase in your apartment is a very space efficient way to get to the
second floor they take up less space in a traditional staircase and I think they
look pretty cool and the staircase goes up to the second floor master bedroom
the master bedroom is just about 300 square feet and that’s pretty large for
any apartment in the city when you do buy an apartment in this budget range
it’s very rare to have two stories in your apartment again speaking of space
the master bedroom has this custom closet with these two very large sliding
barn doors I think it’s a nice touch and then over here in the corner we actually
have a space-saving treadmill which folds up when it’s not in use
having outdoor space in New York no matter what type of apartment you are
living in is definitely a luxury especially if you have a view like this
one behind me it definitely adds a certain ambiance you can come out here
at night have dinner with friends it is a decent sized outdoor space it’s just
about 150 square feet most people in the city would be thrilled to have any
outdoor space at all but check this out this apartment has not Juana but two
rooftop decks to have a one-bedroom apartment especially at this price and
have two outdoor spaces that’s kind of unheard of in New York City up on this
second rooftop deck we have an additional 300 square feet of outdoor
space everything that we’ve shown you for 1 million dollars it’s pretty rare
find this is definitely a gem in the city with all this extra rooftop space
we also have the ring hammer out here which is a great way to keep an eye on
guests his furniture while he’s in the living room or elsewhere it livestreams
video to his phone 24/7 with all this rooftop space there’s more than one way
to access this apartment the ring security system it really ties
everything together with the doorbell the camera to make a great gift and it’s
available at Best Buy it is the perfect holiday gift for the traveler on your
list so you can monitor your home while you’re out there exploring the world
learn more about how Best Buy can help you give the gift of peace of mind this
holiday season with security products check out the link in
the description down below and make sure to comment your favorite feature in this
apartment and with that I will see you in the next episode

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