The Worst Path To Financial Freedom

I was asked to make this video on the
worst path to financial freedom. And it just made me laugh because most people
are on a path that will not get them where they hope that it will. And it is
the worst path. And I want to tell you what that path is today. And that path,
the worst path to financial freedom is following society’s gameplan. You understand that since you were a kid.
You were little and you may have had parents that said at some point, “You got
to get good grades.” Why good grades? Because well, if you get good grades, it
starts mattering at least in America in grades 9, 10, 11 and 12 high school. You
get good grades then you can actually have a shot at going to college.
Statistically, you’re going to make double the income if you have a college degree
than if you don’t. So, people then go to college. And in college, they focus on
getting their good grades. And in college you really get to kind of pick the
career that you want to go after. Now, understand college is Career Training,
you’re not life training. It’s not teaching how to be successful. It’s not
teaching you how to achieve. It’s not teaching you how to run a business.
It’s simply teaching you how to work for somebody else. And as an artist, have some
type of skill. I can do computer coding, I can build computers. I’m a doctor, I can
read symptoms. And I’m a manager, marketing. Whatever it is that you’ve
gotten from college. And here’s what we’re kind of told: If you get a good
degree in college, then you can get a job in a field of interests that you have.
And then that company will take care of you for 30, 40, 50 years. But here’s the
problem with this entire plan: First of all, good grades do not mean make a lot
of money. Then when you go to college, a piece of paper, all it does is says that
you’re smart enough to figure out how to get a piece of paper that graduate
college with. So, what do you do then? Then you land a job. And you’re going to do with
that job? You haven’t been taught about money. So, you’re going to probably spend
everything that you get to keep after you put money in a 401k or IRA. And
here’s the crazy part: Put your money in a 401K, put your money into an IRA. These
things will not pay you any money. They’re designed to grow with time. And
they’re going to average 5%. Dude, 5% takes like 20 years to double. So, it’s like,
“This is a sucky plan. I can’t save.” What am I going to do safe? You’re going to give me
a match because I’m going to save 3 4 or 5 percent of my income and
put it in there? Dude, that won’t give you anywhere near enough. But that’s actually
what you’re taught to do. So, then when you’re at the least expensive point your
life, you’re interested in getting yourself a honey,
get married, maybe having kids. Life becomes expensive. So, now you need a
house. Now, you need multiple cars. Then you want to take that trip once or twice
a year. And at the end of the day, do you know what that really means? That means
that you are living check to check. And even if you’re a great saver, you’re
putting some money away. By the time you get to your 40s, you start getting so
inundated with get the kids to their activities and do this thing and go for
that promotion. By the time the 50’s sneak up on you, you know you’re going to realize,
crap! I just spent 30 years of my life in
societies plan and guess what I have to show for it? Almost nothing. So you start
panicking and yet your panic won’t make anything better. You’re not going to get any
more and at the end of the day, you’re going to approach retirement and this is
what you’re going to have. I’m going to show you. I’m going to put it up here on the
board. I want you to see this. First of all when you hit that magical age of
Social Security, you’re probably going to get a check of maybe $1,500 to $2,000 a
month. And by the way, how much life can you
live on for that? Not a lot. Let’s just assume that you have been enjoying what
a lot of Americans do is dual income earning families, they enjoy a lifestyle
of about $80,000 a year when they’re in a marriage or relationship. Average
American makes $44,000 a year times that by 2. Have a
little side hustle. $80,000 a year. So now what happens is I
got some Social Security that’s coming in when I am no longer marketable
because I’m too old. Social Security is not a lot then you’re thinking, “But Chris,
I put some money in my 401k.” Average American at retirement 401k, under
$50,000. But let’s also add to it your IRA and anything else that you set aside.
You’re going to give it to your financial planner and they’re going to
annuitize it and this annuity is designed to payout at 4%. So let’s just
say, let’s be aggressive and say that you had way more money than the average
person actually does. Let’s say you’ve even had $200,000. $200,000 at 4%, do you
know what that’s actually producing for you?
What’s 1% of $200,000? It’s 2 grand. We’re talking about 4 percent is $8,000 a year.
Spread out, we’re talking about let’s just call it $700
month. There, so got 700 here I got 1,500 to 2,000 here and then companies don’t
have pensions anymore but maybe I’ve been working on paying off my house.
Let’s just say you actually paid it off people don’t. Very few do but let’s say
that you actually paid off your house and your house let’s say has a value of
$300,000. Here’s what you got to ask yourself. Now that you’re older now that
you have medical things coming on the rise. Now that you want to visit your
grandchildren. Now that you want to take trips and enjoy life. 700 – – 2,000 – – $2,700 a month. Is that anywhere near $80,000 a year? No! By the way, medicine is going to keep like for a long time. You’ve got decades ahead of you more than likely. Especially if you’re young
right now. So this $80,000 that you used to, you now have to figure out how to
live on like $30,000 a year. You’re cutting your income way more
in half and then you’re like, “I’m out of money, what do I do?”
Well, all of the security I got out of paying off my house, I now need to tap
into my house. I’m going to sell my house. I’m going to reverse mortgage my house and
I’m going to get enough money to live for 5 to 7 more years hoping that I
die after because now I have no money. And at the end of that, people are
relying on government, they’re relying on charity. They’re trying to figure out can
I go to Walmart become a greeter can I get a job anywhere. You have to
figure out how to live the next 1,2 or 3 decades of your life with that
financial mess? How did we get here? Why is this such a horrible financial plan? I
know say some of you are like, “Oh Chris is going to talk about multi-level
marketing or he’s going to talk about businesses that are stupid that people
shouldn’t start.” Man, those people are at least efforting themselves because they
realize that this is a joke. This is, the world’s worst financial plan and what
I’ve done for you today is I’ve cracked the code on the numbers. And I want you
to understand, from this moment forward if you’re still watching this video, it
means that you now know and it means that you have a responsibility to do
something with this information. What you need to do, is take massive action on a
plan that can get you where you want to go. Fortunately, I got my hands on this
information when I was 22 years old. And you know what I decided to do? I decided
to take my own massive action. I found 3 mentors with hard work that had
made 2 dollars happen to all be in real
estate investment. I got in that game. I figured it out.
And by the time I was 26 years old I became financially free. I turned 40
years old this year and for the last 15 years, I’ve been traveling to 40
different countries, I now have a wife and 4 beautiful amazing children.
I spent the day today actually out there with them and when I’m done shooting a
few short videos, I’m going to spend the whole evening with them. I really have an
amazing life and I feel super, super blessed. Right now I’m reaping and I’m
harvesting all of the years of hard work. The reality is I’m going to enjoy the rest
of my life and it’s going to be epic and awesome. And the sad thing for me is that
everybody can but not everyone will. Jim Rohn Kotti, he called it the magic in the
mystery. Everybody can but not everyone will. Why would you watch this video and
not choose to do something to change your life?
The reality is, you may not know what that is. I want to share with you how you
and I can get together and I might be the one to make that difference for you.
May be that mentor. I may not be only you can know but a couple of things that
I would recommend for you. First one is you can get a free copy of this book. The Straight Path to Real Estate Wealth. You cover the shipping and other than that
the book is free. I believe that knowledge is powerful especially if you
act on it. You don’t know if you should act on this short video but if you watch
that it’s going to share with you something that you can do to make a
difference. The second thing, there’s also a link showing you precisely how I
became financially free at 26 years old and I want you to click on that video
right now and watch it because I’m going to break down the steps of exactly what I
did to become financially free. Whether you follow in my footprints or not, it
doesn’t really matter. I made this video today because I’m sick
and tired of people suffering unnecessarily because they don’t do the
math. I’ve done that for you today. Now you know the worst financial plan and
it’s responsibly for you to build up your life, do something greater, leave a
legacy, help other people and for heaven’s sakes, with this one life to
live, live it as great as you possibly can.
My name is Kris Krohn. I’m dedicated to your financial freedom. Get those free
gifts and trinkets, and otherwise I’m going to see on the flip side if you’re a
subscriber, with tomorrow’s new video.

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