THE ROOM: explained (2019)

THE ROOM: explained (2019)

Welcome to Cinema Summary ladies and gentlemen. Now, what would you do if you could wish for anything
your heart desired and it would be brought to you? We’ll be exploring what can happen in such
a situation and the consequences that can apply. This is The Room (2019). So the movie starts off with Kate and her
husband, Matt, moving in to their new home in Springwell, Upstate New York: its a real fixer
upper that has a mysterious wall blocked off. While cleaning up the kitchen, Kate finds
a colorful if dead bird, which is just one of many weird items that are in the house
like this key that Matt finds. After Matt finishes removing the barricade,
he notices something weird with the wall and after scratching off wallpaper he finds a secret
door with a weird lock. and after putting together a key, Matt unlocks
the door and together with Kate, go inside. Though after walking in, the lights start
flickering which gets Matt to call the power company. and the next day, the power guy comes and is shown
a mysterious machine beneath the house weird cables and wires seem to emerge from it. It’s a weird thing that as the power guy puts it is
“Older than his grandma” that he has never seen before in his life After looking it over and just before leaving, the power
guy reveals to Matt that the previous owners got killed in the house. Something neither Kate nor Matt knew and so he
does some research on the Springwell House Murders and finds that 2 tenants: a married
couple were found murdered and the murderer was caught but his identity was unknown. That night, Matt makes a sketch of the killer’s
portrait and is drawn to the room once more. As he finishes his bottle of spirits, he glumly
wishes for another one. Then there’s a hum, a power outage, and
when the power comes on, like magic, a bottle of the same spirits he was drinking
appears: full, and unopened. So the next day is a day of debauchery for
the two of them as Matt demonstrates the wish fulfilling properties of the Room to Kate
and the two of them go predictably hog wild with wishes. and the morning after, Kate does some
thinking outside, and as she’s out there Matt notices that a necklace that was wished for is missing from her neck. It’s then that Matt decides to surprise
her with a room: a baby’s room and asks for one more try and Kate
isn’t too sure about this. Since they had some difficulty in the past,
having tried twice to no success with both times ending in losing the baby. It was a traumatic experience and Kate
is not willing to try again. Matt goes off for a drive and when he gets
back he finds Kate with a baby. and they get into a spat: Matt is upset
with Kate since sure he wanted a kid but not through the power of a wish they could’ve done this the ‘right’ way
and now that she’s done this they need to make this right and get rid of it. So, the duo go back to the wishing room as
the baby cries and whines for mama and the rooms lights flicker erratically. Matt demands she wishes for the baby’s to
disappear before trying to make the wish himself but he can’t do it either. So, they’re stuck with this baby. Later, as he sits in his studio, Matt’s
eyes are drawn to the portrait he sketched of the Springwell House killer. He does some more research and looking at
a newspaper clipping of the suspect he reads a quote that say
“The Room made me do it”. Finding out that the killer was also institutionalized
for the rest of his life at a mental hospital. Under the name John Doe After grabbing some money, Matt heads to the
hospital of the killer and asks to visit the man Face-to-face, Matt meets John who knows that
Matt’s been living in The House and knows its wish granting properties before warning Matt
to get out NOW or else bad things might happen. After leaving the hospital, Matt goes to get
his car refueled and finds out that the money from the house turned to dust. He then has a horrible realization and rushes
home to test his hypothesis and the results are in: painting, money, or what have you:
whatever part leaves the threshold of the house will age at an accelerated rate, turning
into dust. It’s much later that Matt goes around The
Room, beating it with a hammer and finds wires hidden in the walls leading from the machine
downstairs. Further investigation leads to him finding
similar lengths of wires and cables as well as a strange diagram that bears some resemblance
to a circuit board or maybe a magic sigil. That’s when Kate decides to take the baby
out for some fresh air, and Matt tries to tell her it’s a bad idea without explaining why
and she predictably takes the baby out leading to it aging. It almost dies but Matt decides to help save
the child which has now become a young boy. Kate confronts Matt about his knowledge of
the house and explains as well as he can that the house is like a giant 3D printer that
makes things can only survive within the limits of the house or else it ages to dust. Even a child will age because even “it” is a thing. Some time goes by and Shane, the house made child
is older now and is eager to leave the house much to his mother’s consternation. Kate and Matt having restricted him to the
house due to his ‘sickness’ kind of like that other movie, Eli. Of course this restriction makes him bitter
especially towards his mother who has taken a much larger role in his life as opposed
to Matt: whose become a shut-in, studying the house, trying to figure it out and having
ordered a pistol for reasons we don’t know. It’s after Shane attempts to leave the house
that Kate takes drastic measures in restraining her son: boarding up windows from the outside. Shane gets curious about himself after hearing
his mom and dad talking about him and how he is a figment. It’s the mystery of himself and the house
that drives him to investigate The Room. The next day, the parents realize someone’s
been making wishes and when they enter the room they find that it’s changed into a
forest where Shane has been making a snowman and the parents are of two minds: one positive
and the other negative. Leading to Matt locking the room, taking apart the key and leaving it in his desk with his gun. This gets him in an argument with Kate about
the dangers of Shane’s wishes and his existence. and that’s when John Doe calls the house, somehow, and John gets to chatting with Matt about his
connection with the house as Kate listens in And something John talks about is that there
is a way for creations of the house to survive outside: the creator must be destroyed by
the creation. As for how he knows this: John Doe is a figment
too, a house created lifeform whose parents sacrificed themselves for John’s existence. Thus, Matt has 2 choices: kill Kate and save
Shane, or kill Shane to save Kate. Kate drives off leaving Matt and Shane alone
as she goes off to sacrifice herself only to stop at the last moment while Matt and
Shane talk about Shane’s status as a figment. and it’s here that Matt reveals that
Shane is a fake person. when Kate returns and things get heated between
her and Matt as Shane spies on them. The next morning, he steals some keys and
runs off. When Matt and Kate wake up the doors open
and Shane is “found”: older, taller, and yet still very much a child who has his dad’s gun. Things happen as Kate is knocked to the ground
while Matt and Shane fight and when she wakes up, Matt’s there and tells her that Shane’s
dead and buried outside. But then we see Matt on the
floor desperately trying to find Kate. After he realizes that the lights are flickering
and the Room is locked he makes himself an entrance to find her. As for Kate, she just can’t stay here anymore and wants
out of the house but Matt is pretty okay with just staying here and that’s when he does
a few things that the REAL Matt wouldn’t do. Something that Kate notices As for the real Matt , he crawls through the
wires of the house before he breaks on through to the other side. Back with Kate, she knocks Shane-pretending-to-be-Matt
away after he makes a move on her and runs around the home away from Shane who knocks
her down and does “something” to her. Only for Shane to leave her as Matt breaks
into the fake house and comes in to rescue her, but as they try to leave the House Inside
The Room, things become Escherian as Shane exerts control over the fake house. But the parents manage to trick Shane and
make it back to the real house and trap Shane outside leading to his end. One month later: at a motel, Kate is in shock
as she realizes she’s pregnant and there’s this long shot that lingers on her shocked reaction
when all of a sudden the lamp in the room flickers. So that just happened but
what does it mean? Nothing good, I assure you and to hammer in
how bad this could be, let’s walk in another person’s shoes for a minute. Let’s say you are a mother and you have
had difficulties giving birth: having had a traumatic experience that has made you afraid of trying. Then a solution comes along that bypasses
any trauma for the sake of an instantaneously granted wish: a child borne from no mother
or father except for that of a magic house. You raise it, and then the child is magically aged up and takes the form of your husband,
and impregnates you 1 month ago A month passes, your cycle is funny, you
pee on a stick and it’s positive. I’m going to give you a few more seconds to digest
what I’ve just said, you done? Okay. So what I think happened was that Kate realizes
that she is pregnant and that she is carrying her son’s child. How exactly this would work since anything
created by the house cannot exist outside without aging to dust? Well, remember how John Doe mentions that
you the creator must be sacrificed in order for the Creation to live outside the house? Well, Shane passes on at the very end of the
movie but not before the fertilization process finishes up inside of Kate as we saw Kate
stay inside the house to keep Shane out. In order to, y’know, “terminate” him So yeah, that’s a rather icky thing to think about.
Let’s move on Then there’s the lamp flickering in the
motel room. This I believe is not the movie saying “The Wish Granting Properties
of the Room have moved” instead it’s acting as a reminder for Kate
Reminding her that she has not truly escaped the consequences of her wishes. Now let’s briefly talk about the Wishing
Room for a minute: it’s a very enigmatic plot device of the film, that has little
to no explanation for who made it, when it was made, or even why it was created although
I think it can be easily reasoned out as to the why, y’know, to grant wishes But something to note is that it’s ancient,
probably as old as the house and probably created by the person who built
the house in the first place considering how integrated the machine
is within the walls of the house Now with that said, what was never elaborated on
are the limitations of the wishing room: Kate and Matt wish for smallish things so to speak
although we see that given a wish and the desire of something, you can literally transform
the interior of the Wishing Room as we see in the case of Shane. now I am assuming that age and mindset affects
the scale of a wish as we only see Shane doing things like making an entire forest inside
of the room or transforming the interior of the fake house into an MC Escher painting. Though this is merely speculation on my part
though it should be a factor that is considered but what do you guys think? Do you agree with what I’ve said about the
meaning of the ending? My thoughts on the Wishing Room? And if you’ve seen it, what do you think
of the movie? Let me know with a comment down below and
with that said. Thank you so much for watching ladies and
gentlemen, if you enjoyed the video leave a like down below and subscribe to get updated
on my latest uploads. Have a good December, Merry Christmas to all,
and I wish that Santa brings you all something good this month

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  1. Explained segment starts here:

    Heyo everyone! Hope ya'll are having a good December, college is picking up and internship hunting is a pain in the butt. This will probably be the last video of 2020 from Cinema Summary and it's been a pretty awesome year for the team apart from some hiccups, bumps in the road, and the occasional crash. With that said, I'm still surprised that so many people like what this channel has been producing and it I say this full sincerity that I am extremely grateful for all the support that you have shown to this channel.

    Now for some news: Cinema Summary will still be continuing next year though it will probably slow down as I pursue an internship. Still, I'll try find time to work on the channel, respond to comments, and produce videos.

  2. Great video man! I didn't really understand the ending and that she was pregnant from Shane (allthough i guess i could have figuered that out) and your video shed some light on it. Thanks, and keep it up👍

  3. Well after thinking my wish would be very simple…"I wish behind this room is exact copy of earth, with the same people and solar system". In this scernario you can live on earth but be like a god 😛

  4. I just finished the movie…and i found your video. She is clearly pregnant (that was to be expected) but it could easily be either her son's child or her husband …as we saw that shane was watching them do it on top of the table (thats when he learned how to do it (we don't know how much time passed after that…but ..lets assume the child in her womb is shane's). The only real question now that remains answered is the flickering lamp. That (IMHO) means she is still in the room in a made up hotel, leaving her husband outside without being able to enter back in.

  5. As we do not see how they're leaving house I think they're still in the house. Kate knew that she is pregnant with Shane so she made a wish and make Matt think they left. Kate loved Shane like real son so she couldn't kill him again. Earlier iel in the movie she even try to kill herself for him. Light flick every time someone is in that room. And in the last scene we see Kate on the bed and Matt behind lock doors. That can only mean that Matt is in the room. Simple as that.

  6. So IF the baby is Shane's, does that mean the baby can't go outside? Does it mean she can't go outside because the baby in her stomach will age and die inside her. I hate to suggest this buuuuut, she might wanna get that "taken care of" at the clinic. Problem solved. Babies cramp your style anyway

  7. Greetings from Poland.

    good cinema, I had such a problem myself in the relationship … (we couldn't have children) … Damn it certainly better than the last Star Wars .. Greetings to the creators !!!

    Pozdrowienia z polski.

    dobre kino, sam miałem taki problem w związku… (nie moglismy mieć dzieci) … Cholera napewno lepszy niz ostatnie Gwiezdne wojny ..Pozdrowienia dla twórców!!!

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