The Property Investing Strategy for 2020! | Simon Zutshi

The Property Investing Strategy for 2020!  | Simon Zutshi

– Hello, it’s Simon Zutshi
here and in this video I want to tell you about a very
time sensitive opportunity to encourage you to
watch all this video because you’re not going to
want to miss out on this. Now, I believe that 2020 is
going to be an incredible time for you to invest in property and something is going to
happen in January 2020 which is going to make
it much easier for you to find really fantastic property deals. So let me explain. At the end of each tax year,
people have nine months to complete their tax return and needs to be done by the end of January. So in January 2020, everyone’s going to have to put their self
assessment tax return in. Now, there are 1.75
million landlords in the UK and this will be the
second year where landlords are starting to see the
effects of Section 24. These are the tax changes
that were introduced in April 2017, whereby
as property investors we are taxed differently
from other business owners. What this means is, if you own property in your own name, which most landlords do and you’re a high rate taxpayer,
which many investors are, it means you’re going to pay a lot more tax on your property investments. So what does that actually mean? Well, it means for the same amount of work and effort and hassle,
you’ll get paid less and less over the next few years. Now, if you own a company,
you’re not affected that’s why many people
are starting to invest a buying a company
structure, but for landlords who’ve owned for like 10, 15, 20 years, owning their own name is
always the best way to do it but now, they’re going to pay a lot more tax. Now what this means is, we are
seeing many more landlords, thinking about selling
up and retiring early. In any market, there’s
always people coming in and always people leaving, but right now there were more and more
landlords thinking about leaving. How do we know this? Well, I run a network or
property investor network we have 50 meetings all over the country and I can tell you at
a very grassroots level we see what’s happening
and we’re seeing more and more investors,
coming to these meetings, wanting solutions and thinking about selling up and retiring. So why is this a good opportunity for you? Well, this January 2020,
it’s gonna be a second year where people are going to be
getting their tax returns and seeing they’ve got
the same income coming in but maybe paying a lot more tax. Are we going to see more
landlords looking to retire? What that means is, there’s an opportunity to potentially help those people to buy some of their properties. Now, if they sell all
their properties in one go they’re going to pay a lot
of tax, it’s really good for the landlords to space out their sales over a number of years
and so, the best way to help them do that is with a tool a strategy called a purchase lease option. This is a way that you
can control property, get cash flow and equity
growth from a property that you don’t even own, it’s
incredibly powerful strategy. Now, there needs to be
certain circumstances of this strategy to work, in other words the seller doesn’t need the money now. Well, landlords selling out
probably don’t need the money and also favourable mortgage conditions and landlords some of the best
people to do options with. So you’ve got all these
things coming together you’ve got this unique
time where landlords more than ever are thinking
about setting up and retiring. If you want to get into property
or expand your portfolio the next 12 months are gonna be the best opportunity to ever do this. So I’ve got something
very special for you. In January, I’m gonna
be running two events, one in London and one in Birmingham. One day events, which is
going to explain everything about the current opportunity
and exactly step by step what you need to do about it,
so you could gain cash flow and extra growth from
properties you don’t even own. Now, I normally charge for
all my training seminars usually about 500 pounds
for a day, they all come with money back guarantees,
they’re amazing events. I don’t really do free events
for a couple of reasons. Sometimes when information is
free, people don’t value it and secondly, I like to get a better quality of positive,
someone’s paid for it, it gets rid of all the time wasters you only have good people in the room. However, because this is a brand new event I’m doing get ready for
2020, I’m going to be filming these events and I will
have a nice large audience in the event for the video recording. So I’m going to make an
ethical bribe, I’m gonna say you can come along to this one day course, learn everything about the opportunity and what you need to do
to start taking action. Instead of paying the normal 500 pounds you can actually come for just one pound. Now as we a pound, that we’re
gonna donate to charity. However, if you fail to turn up we’ll charge you 100 pounds, no show fee. There’s pretty fair because sometimes if you haven’t paid, they’re not committed they don’t take action and
it will be a real tragedy if you miss this day
and the valuable content I’m going to share. So all you have to do is click
on the link below this video and there’ll be a link
to go through to a page to pay your pounds to secure your place if you want someone else to
come, they can come as well they need to pay their pounds. And I said, if you don’t
turn up, we charge 100 pounds but if you do turn up,
you get an incredible day with me just for one pound. There is an opportunity
that upgrades to a VIP where you get lunch and
refreshments and also you get to sit the front
of the room and a workbook and you could do that if you want but you don’t have to do that. Click on the link below
to get all the details I look forward to seeing
you this live event in either Birmingham
or in London in January to help you get ready for 2020 and this incredible
opportunity of the decade. So, I’ll see you there.

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