The Property Brothers Design a Forever Home for Their Parents

The Property Brothers Design a Forever Home for Their Parents

>>Jonathan Scott: We’re Drew and Jonathan
Scott from “Property Brothers.”
[Jonathan Scott, Property Brother; Drew Scott, Property Brother] And we have also brought
in our Property Parents. Joanne, Jim, they’re the
[Joanne Scott, Mom; Jim Scott, Dad] They’re going to stand in for you
guys. We want to show you a few things you can do around
the house to make it your forever home. [Property Brothers (And Their Mom and Dad) Design Your Forever Home]>>Drew Scott: Tell me something
that is a frustration for you for outside your house.>>Jim Scott: Well, if the parking isn’t
close, that’s a frustration because I have a bad knee.>>Drew Scott: Right. That’s actually what I like here,
is there’s a roundabout driveway, so you don’t have to
worry about backing in and out. [Make sure your driveway gives you easy access to your door.]>>You just pull up nice and
close to the front door, and then you pull out.>>Jonathan Scott: What else?
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When you see first impression of a home, what’s something that’s important?>>Joanne Scott: OK, I’m kind of
an experienced tripper.>>Jonathan Scott: You don’t want to have a trip hazard. So right here at the front, one
of the first things I’d do is make sure that it’s a nice, level
entry right into the house.
[Add a smooth incline to create an accessible entryway.] The fewer things you can
stub your toe on, the better.>>Drew Scott: On top of adding that grade
so it’s nice and even here, having a double-wide
door is great for anybody who needs wheelchair access into the
home, too.
[Door should be at least 36 inches wide for easy passage.] And for almost anybody
out there, it’s important to build community. So I also love having a garden out front, just somewhere you guys can be
out here, working your green thumb. [Plant a garden in your front yard as a social connection to neighbors.]>>Joanne Scott: Definitely, yes, I love that. We spend a lot of time in our
garden.>>Drew Scott: Should we get inside?>>[Jim Scott] Sure.>>[Joanne Scott] Yes, great.>>Drew Scott: Is there anything missing that
you think this front entry should have?>>Jim Scott: More light?>>Drew Scott: Actually, that’s a great
point. You want to make sure your
house is well lit. One, that’s a safety thing.
But also, two, just for function. We would definitely put
recessed lighting throughout. [Lighting is important for safety and can make a space feel larger.] It’s very easy to run recessed lighting.>>It does need more lights.>>Drew Scott: Just tell me if you
can think of anything else. Jim Scott: Oh, no bench to sit on.
>>Joanne Scott: Yes, some place where we can sit down and put our shoes on.
[An entryway chair or bench is an inviting and useful addition.]>>Drew Scott: Exactly, function is so important. I mean, I sit down to tie my shoes. So you need to have function,
and also on top of that, it should have a nice runner in
[Add a rubber-backed runner rug to prevent slips.] Tile can get slippery, and that’s a really
bad thing. Let’s head into the
lights.>>Yeah.>>I like the fact that it’s a
good-size living room. If we were renovating this
house, I would actually level out the ground here, so that you
don’t need to have that sunken living room if
it’s going to be a trip hazard for you.>>If we clean up the
ceilings, get an abundance of light in here, it would feel
nice and spacious.>>There is an element in your
living room that I know you really love when you are
sitting down, playing cards or reading a book.>>The fireplace.>>The fireplace. Don’t always just think function.
It’s important to think how you like to enjoy a space as
well. And if you like a fireplace,
then put in a fireplace. Electric units nowadays,
you have ones that look like a gas fireplace, easy to install,
and it gives you an ambiance. Have a look at that shag
carpet. I’m pretty sure that’s
trapping a whole lot of things that will make you
sneeze, so if you are someone with allergies, like myself,
I think it’s a great thing to make sure you have
surfaces that are solid surface. You could put some area rugs in,
but something that is easier to clean. There is so much that could be
done here in this living space, but why don’t we move
into the kitchen.>>Oh, OK.>>OK.>>No. 1 tip, save money on
haircuts and have a low fan in your kitchen, because this
would just trim a little off the top, and that would be
perfect.>>This is a very closed-in
kitchen.>>Yeah, closed in.>>What do you think, when you
look around the kitchen?>>If this is a forever home,
you want to have counters that are appropriate for the people
that are using them.>>Yeah, actually that’s a great
thing. If you open something like this up,
you would have the great sight line, and when you put in an
island, you could have the breakfast bar at a
different height. It just makes it easier so that there’s
options. Make sure that your appliances
are up to date. You don’t need to match the
brand, just look for a great deal. Technology nowadays is so much
better, it can make your life easier than trying to
struggle through old appliances. Also, when you are thinking of
appliances, wall ovens are a great option because that is
better on the back than going all the way down for a range
to get into the stove.>>So, what about these cupboards
here?>>Oh yeah, trying to get to the
back of a cabinet>>Yes.>>can be really hard. Pulling out a drawer is
a lot easier. I prefer to have drawers,
not cupboards like that, because then I can pull it right
out, I get access to everything instead of trying to
get down.>>This is another area, too.
Tile everywhere. You are working with the sink.
What if you spill a little bit of water? That can be a
safety hazard, to slip on the tile. Put a little rug, and also
make sure you have a pad underneath. Or you can
actually stick it down to the floor to make sure
it is not going to slide on you.>>I think we all agree, this
kitchen has a ton of potential. But we would also want to
do a pretty major renovation.>>Yeah.>>Oh, I have more rooms I want to
show you guys. Here is the bathroom. This is actually a little larger
than your average bathroom, but you want to make sure
you have lots of accessibility. I think it’s important to
try and frame in for a water closet, have the toilet
in a separate area, because that way you can have
grab bars with walls on either side. This countertop is really
really low. I think that would get sore on your back. Always think about the
height of your countertop. And it is nice to have a
medicine cabinet or some open shelves that are
up at your standing height, because then it’s easy
access for your toothbrush or your brush or anything else
you need to have instead of bending down to the cabinet. You can also get toilets a
little taller, too. So, really old homes tend to have
low tubs, low toilets. All of that stuff should be raised
up. I think a bench in the bath here
would be a good thing, and older folks sometimes have
trouble stepping over that.>>Yeah, you have the taller
tubs that are therapeutic. They have the bench inside,
and you open the door, sit in and close it. Whether you do that or
whether you do a shower, you can also have a
bench in the shower. Think about where the plumbing
is in the bathroom as well. If you keep it where it is
when you are upgrading the space, then you are going to
save some money, too. Just freshening up with a bit of paint
and new lighting can go a long way because you can make it feel
like a brand-new space. What’s the most important thing
for you in your master suite?>>Sleeping.>>The bed.>>Prime example. The bed is
the most used piece of furniture in your life. You spend a third of your life
on that piece of furniture. So you have to invest in having
a great night’s sleep.>>If you don’t have the
budget to spend thousands to replace your mattress,
you can always look at a mattress topper. That can give
you a little bit of added comfort, whether you need
a little bit more of a firmness or little bit more soft. The bed height is a really
important thing as well. A lot of mattresses are thicker,
and on top of a box and on top of a bulky frame
it can then mean you have to jump up to get into bed.>>Yes.>>So, what’t the ideal height
for you?>>This looks pretty good, right
here.>>You have to look at the bed
frame, look at the box spring, there are different
options for low-profile box springs, or sometimes a bed
frame doesn’t require a box spring at all. Also, to give you a good night’s
sleep, a lot of people need to have blackout shades on their
windows. But you have stylish options nowadays.
You don’t have to just get a solid black sheet to put
over top of your windows. You want to make sure your
master bedroom feels inviting and it’s stylish, the
way you want to have it, but it’s also functional. Thanks so much for hanging out
with us. I hope we’ve inspired you to make your house
your forever home.>>I’m going to take some
measurements because I would love to renovate this

39 thoughts on “The Property Brothers Design a Forever Home for Their Parents

  1. Some really good tips here – except for the area rugs. They are just not very safe for seniors. What I would recommend instead are any type of anti-slip flooring that's available today. You can check out my article on Fall Proofing a home to see all the different ways you can make a floor less slippery.

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  5. My pet peeve for builders and renovators is the Kitchen. NEVER and I mean NEVER put the refrigerator in a corner next to a wall. You can't open the door.

  6. Absolutely LOVE Drew and Jonathan. Especially because they show you can be famous and still be kind and love your family.

    All I would ask is for Drew to set up a non profit for women going through a divorce and living on social security disability. Building small homes and helping everyone have a safe place to live that they can afford to live in. Drew and Jonathan would be great landlords.

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  14. I very much appreciated this video. As a senior woman living on my own (in a 2-bed, fairly roomy apartment now after selling my home), you hit on all the things that concern me. As your parents indicated, the heights of things are a big issue with seniors and you hit that nail on the head (no pun intended). My apartment needed a few modifications, and you helped me solve a few (especially the pull-out kithcen drawers, as was a grab bar by the shower (FYI, most apartment owners will install these at no expense for you). Thank you! P.S. Love all your shows. So wholesome! They make one feel happy.

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