The Home Kit | Aer Lingus | #HomeAdvantage

The Home Kit | Aer Lingus | #HomeAdvantage

Ireland’s Six Nations Championship
is off to a winning start. Next up, it’s Wales. I’m here in Cardiff to lay down a big
Home Advantage challenge to some Welsh fans. All these fans have to do is change
allegiance from red to green. Let’s see who’s up for it… Come on Ireland! Come on Ireland! I did a quick video, and she says you’ve
got the best looking legs when your shorts got ripped… Stop it, stop it. Those red jocks, they
were the worst thing I ever came out with. Too much red going on around Cardiff.
Anyone wanna turn green? And under no circumstances would you
cheer for Ireland over Wales? Wales, deffo All the time? Yeah No… No, you couldn’t do it? No, I couldn’t do it… But why not? No way, no way! No! No, no, definitely… Support Ireland? Never… We have a small challenge. If we were
to say that yee would travel as Irish supporters to the match… We’d send you and your dad Ian
over to watch Ireland take on Wales. With two tickets, accommodation
and flights… And you have to cheer for Ireland… Yeah, ah… go on, I’ll do it There we go! Would ya give it a go? No, no, I can’t do it… Good man, oh, he looks on point. Wow, wow, wow, wow… Instantly he looks more handsome,
doesn’t he? Come on Ireland! You’re fine, you’re… I feel like a traitor! No, no, you shouldn’t, you shouldn’t No to the two match tickets… Yeah, yeah No to the flights and accommodation… And no to Dublin… There’s only one colour I see and
that’s red laughing) We love ye for it Oh, great… Oh, that’s made me cry now Yeah, brilliant That’s lovely, thank you so, so much… ye’ll have a great, great time… Come on, Ireland! Oh, I never thought I’d say that…
(laughter) You’re in trouble when we get
home, boy, you really are…

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  1. Ah lads, that's just brilliant – come over to Tenerife and I'll show you fans who would swap sunshine and heat for a cold chair in the Aviva stadium in a heartbeat – and my daughter would be able to invite her pals over to our apartment on match day without excusing the shrieking coming from where-ever I'm listening to or watching the match. Come On Ireland!

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