The Best Book On Real Estate

The Best Book On Real Estate

Welcome back my friend. My name is Kris
Krohn and today I’m going to share with you the best book for rocking it in the world
of real estate today. When I was young and in college, I had the opportunity to
study with some fantastic mentors. And all that started with books. And there’s
a lot that you can garner from a book. I’m going to share 2 book resources with
you today. One of them, I’m going to give you
absolutely for free at the end of this video. But I want you to understand more
of what makes it such a great book. When I started the game of real estate
investing, I started reading books. All sorts of books that I could find on real
estate. From mentors, from Rich Dad, Poor Dad and Napoleon Hills Think and Grow
Rich and and just you know, Multiple Streams Of Income and you know, Robert
Owens’ Real Estate book. And then I would also do their audio programs and
programs they would sell for $500, for a thousand dollars. And I went through all
these programs. And then it came time to actually become an investor and do my
first deal. I was with one of my mentors and I was consulting on everything that
I had read in my books. And one thing I couldn’t quite get straight is they all
had a little bit of a different philosophy of like, well, you make money
in real estate doing tax liens or you make money doing flipping or you make
money with buying holds. And I asked my mentors which strategy is best? And they
couldn’t give me a straight answer. And I thought, “Well, if I do this deal? What
about if I do this deal? what about that?” And they said, “Well, they’re both good
just if the numbers line up.” I was mentoring with people that said, “Well,
there’s a lot of ways to get to Rome.” But that bothered me. I said, “There has to be
a best way to get to Rome.” There has to be a best way to make money. And they
said well, “Kris, that would be really subjective. You’d have to have specific
criteria and then put a complex algorithm together and then put all of
the strategies into a bucket and swim through all of them and mathematically
figure out which is best.” And I said, “That’s a great idea. That’s exactly what
I’m going to do.” I never had to write a thesis in college for getting an MBA or
for anything else. And while I never could be a doctor because I stunk at
chemistry, I was fantastic at math and numbers. In fact, in my stats class, even
though I was dumb as a doornail on chemistry. Like, literally on my second
semester of retaking the course, I got a lower grade after hiring a tutor. Kid you
not. But in statistics I was worried because it was a
wieder class. I never did my homework. I would show up in class and I hardly had
to add any focus and out of 200 kids in the class. I was that they graded the
whole curve on me. I got like a hundred and seven percent or something like that
in the class. So, here’s what I did. I took my mentors advice. I said, “Okay, I need to
know….” For best strategy, you’d have to know your criteria. And one of the two
books I wrote is based on this. That’s why I’m sharing this with you and then I
want to show you how you can get this other book completely for free that will
get you jump-started right now. The criteria I came up with was said, “Well
number 1, it’s got to make money.” So, it’s got to be profitable. But that can’t
be the only criteria. Because you can technically make profits on different
deals but some of them are riskier than others. So I said, “Well, fine. Then it would
also have to have the least risk.” I would want to balance profit to risk. That
makes sense, right? But then I learned that some real estate strategies were
like full-time and demanding and some were passive and easy. So I said, “Well,
then the best strategy would also have to take (Relatively speaking) the least
time.” And then my mentor said, “Yeah, but Kris, some things are hard to do and
some things are easy to do.” So then I said, “Okay, the best strategy would also
have to have the least effort.” Now, just check out this list for a moment because
I was so eager to put this into my algorithm. Are you kidding me? Most
profitable, least risk, least time, least effort. Like I want to know. What’s it going to be?
Is it going to be a flip? Is it going to be like apartment buildings? Like, “Oh, my gosh.
What’s a…” I was getting so jazzed. But I wasn’t done yet. You see in real estate,
the market goes up and down. Sometimes you can make lots of money when the
market goes up but you can what? You can lose money when the market goes down. So,
another strategy was is that it had to be… It had to actually work with the
markets. It had it needed to have very low market risk. And then, I did not want
to be an ambulance chaser. I wanted to do something that would create value for
people. I wanted to do something that would create something useful for people.
And that’s when I decided that I needed one more final criteria. Which strategy
would actually create the most benefit for somebody else that I’m engaging in?
What would create the most service? What would be the most useful? So, I added a
service component because I wanted to be involved with something that created
benefit for people. Didn’t take advantage of people.
This my friends, this was my 6 criteria that I based my original hypothesis on
15 years ago. I built an algorithm, I dumped in literally all 30 of the top
real estate strategies and the best strategy emerged. I wrote a book about it.
I based my portfolio on it. And four and a half years later, I was retired the
same year I graduated college. Now, that book is called “The Straight Path To Real
Estate Wealth.” And if you go to you can actually… You can
get that book. It’s an audio book. It’s also… I did something kind of cool and I
recorded the audio. I didn’t do it verbatim. I brought guests on the show
and we had dialogues and conversations in addition. So, I did an audiobook. I’ve
got the e-book, you know, for your Kindles. And then I’ve got the actual physical
hardcover book. This book has made people millions and millions and millions and
millions and just countless millions of dollars. In fact, right now it’s led to a
billion dollars in real estate. And over a hundred million dollars in profits.
It’s not a small amount. So the strategy is really really good and it’s all on
what is the best strategy. Now, I’m just going to cut to the chase and just kind of
give you the spoiler alert. The best strategy ends up being a hybrid of
flipping and a type of rental called the lease option.
I call it my Straight Path System and the best deal that emerged was basically
buying single-family homes beneath the median at a certain equity
position at a certain ROI, held for short-term buy and hold on a lease
option, sold for max profit while creating an incredible service. Works in
up markets, down markets. It’s freaking unbelievable.
Now, that was a mouthful. I hope that didn’t just go right over your head. But
that’s why I wrote a book so that you can read the book. But I promised you a
free book today because the best real estate book that actually… That’s a long
book that’s like 200 pages. The best book that I can give you is what I call the
ultimate real estate game plan. And I want to tell you what it is and why I’m
going to give it to you for free. What I did is I decided to write a very, very, very,
short book that I could pack with the most intense information that says no
matter whether you’re rich, poor or anywhere in between,
you can become financially free for real estate and this is how you would do
it. And what it does is it shares with you the 4 steps of how you build
wealth into real estate. But what it also does is it says… It’ll take into account
whether you got money or you got no money.
It’ll share no money down acquisition strategies, it’ll share with
you what you do if you do have money. Alternatives to 401ks I raise. It’s a
very, very, short book but it’s designed to basically help you figure out exactly
where you’re at. And if you want to become a millionaire in real estate, what
is the shortest path to making that happen? Now, if you want to get your hands
on that book, you can have it 100% absolutely for free. It’s a gift for me
to you. No strings attached. All you got to do is go to the link in the
description below go ahead and put in your email, download the book, read it and
then get cranking on real estate.

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  1. You yourself are a great mentor. You've been mentoring me, via your YouTube channel, for the past 2 months. One day I hope to work with you. Happy Holidays.

  2. Kris you have to say something about the lease options one more time. Why someone says thay it is legal, on the other side – legal. Kris we don't wanna have problems with it…

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