90 thoughts on “The Avener – We Go Home ft. Adam Cohen

  1. Wow! That's packs a punch! Mind blowingly awesome. Love it to bits. Well done and your voice gets better and better every time I hear it. 😍💞

  2. First of all, im here for Keana. But then I realize that they're good! And the music video is amazing! Good work!

  3. could do without the"coke" commercial in the beginning lol. anyway I love this remix version better than the original. he has a vocal remembrance of Bruce Springsteen kinda.

  4. The clip is really great. Congrats. Also, to The Avener and his close ones, we stand with you aswell as with every people who suffered losses from Nice attacks. Your music is universal language, helps us evade, relativise, transcend twisted human rules. (Also, we are waiting for the third button 🙂 )

  5. Se faire larguer sous acide ca doit être un vilain bad trip et une horrible redescente!! Torse nue dans le desert de nuit, je pense pas qu'il a survécu au tournage!

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