The 7 Levels Of Investors – How To Invest Like A Millionaire Ep.4

The 7 Levels Of Investors – How To Invest Like A Millionaire Ep.4

17 thoughts on “The 7 Levels Of Investors – How To Invest Like A Millionaire Ep.4

  1. Out of the 7 levels of Investors what did you like best about the "6th Level" Investor?
    Post your comment below on this and Share your experiences with
    any of the 7 levels of Investors.

  2. After looking at dan lok chi ming vs dan PeΓ±a, I cant take HIM serious, any one with The same problem!?

  3. I will automatically save 10% of my income into a savings account till I can educate my self enough to earn 10%+ roi. Love you Dan, your making the world a little smarter.

  4. Hello dan nice videos they are very motivational. Watching your videos opened my eyes that i need to make more money. Working with just a paycheack isn't going to make me move a lot foward. I feel the need to invest 37% of my wage i work 6 days in a week bearly have time for my self or my family. i always wanted to invest my money but never knew what or where i should put them to start. I have a very demanding job i berly have time for my self so I i desided to invest in good company's like in the stock market that way i can make my money work for me. In your eyes do you think investing in the stock market companies are enough? My family say im wasting my money but i know and feel that im doing good. I started this month with €10,000 and i already made €1300 profit in my portfolio. But is it enough in with just sticking with stock investment regularly? Keep up the good work =)

  5. Am an automatic investor in terms of my returns for the most part but an active investor in terms of my investing first and spending afterwards to a large extent from the earnings I get from my investments.

  6. I lost all of my savings gambling to get one lucky hit, I'll be trying to get to level 4 now πŸ™‚ It's fine as I'm 22 now

  7. Thanks for all of this Dan Lok. Im still 17yrs old but I really want to learn all of this and you showed up on my YouTube πŸ™‚ Im really glad that I watched your videos <3

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