Smart Home in 2020: a DIY affordable smart home (Philips Hue, Roomba, Lockitron, IFTTT Alexa)

So you want to set up a smart home, and
you don’t want to break the bank. That is absolutely doable. With a middle-class income I’ve turned my apartment into what I think it’s a rather smart
apartment. So I’m gonna give you a tour of the devices that I own and how they
work, I’m gonna put price tags on all of them so you can see how much I paid also
I’m gonna touch briefly on how to set them up but if you have any other
questions about that just shoot me a comment and I’ll try to get to as many
replies as I can otherwise I’ll just make another video explaining that let’s
do it my favorite smart device and the one I
think you should buy first is Philips you philips hue is a set of light bulbs
that can change color you can buy a kit that includes your Philips u hub which
you only need one of those and then it includes three color light bulbs like
they want I have over here now the cool thing about hue is that it’ll connect
these light bulbs to the internet so you can trigger actions obviously change
their colors from Siri or Alexa or Google home but beyond that you can
connect your hue system to an app called it this than that it’s this really cool
system that lets you trigger actions that cause an effect on your lights or a
bunch of other devices but on you it’s just so noticeable and so fun to have so
for example on if this and that you can set up so that whenever you receive an
email one of your lights turns red or whenever somebody mentions you on
Twitter one of your lights turns blue you can even connect that to can like
outside things like whenever it’s about to rain in your city your lights can
turn a little bit warmer I don’t know whenever the International Space Station
flies over your city all your lights turn purple or the color cycle and or
they blink or whatever so by allowing yourself to connect your lights and your
home to pretty much anything via apps like if isn’t that or Apple shortcuts
you really appreciate the coolness of having a smart home now a couple of
important things here you don’t want to use your hue lights as your main room
lights what you want to do is kind of use them as highlights like we did here
we have one under or under the couch we have one as a standing lap but that’s
not the main light in the room we also have some of the white ones on our night
stands and then we we set a little simple rules there like if we leave the
night stand lamp on it’ll automatically turn off at midnight you can set it up
so that whenever you arrive home your lights turn on automatically and what’s
really cool is that Phillip is always innovating so they’re coming up with new
light shapes we have like the strip that went under the couch we have the the
Hugo which is this like semi-spherical light that works on battery has like a
four hour battery they have light bulbs for different sockets and now they came
up with this new thing called Entertainment System so whenever you’re
streaming to the TV the lights work have sort of an
extension of the screen so if you’re watching I don’t know Finding Nemo and
all your lights in your house or in your room turn blue and that sort of creates
this little extension of what you’re watching alright so next up I want to talk about
your smart assistants this case Alexa yeah never I know like seven when you
have smart devices then a cool way to control them is a device like Alexa
Alexa versus Google home versus the Apple speaker yeah that’s a big debate I
wanted to make a video about that but I haven’t gotten my hands on one of the
Apple home pods so we have this old nuts old but we have this Harman Kardon
speaker that we had bought a while ago which has fantastic sound and we didn’t
want to waste it so a smart thing to do I guess was to buy the $39 a codon which
can connect via our ciliary cable or via bluetooth to other speakers then the
advantage here was that we could reuse the cheap Amazon echo which the sound is
not that great this is the second generation I’ve seen the third
generation and the audio is much better but it’s still not good enough for like
decent music so you can connect that to any speaker and then save some money
there if you already have the speaker if you don’t that just by the full device
right just by the you know the $149 Alexa or or Google home device so we use
it to control the lights we use it to get ubers we use it to play music and as
an alarm in the mornings it does a bunch of other things I just haven’t found or we haven’t made
it a habit I think that’s a challenge with these smart devices you sort of
have to change habits so now the Alexa down at our office does a bunch of other
things as you can see our office has a much
bigger budget than my apartment I actually made a video about that you’re
gonna check it out no the reason why I bring up the office in this video is
because we hired a really cool team to come up with the internal design for
this space but all the text of the hue the Alexa the locks and the doors I’m
going to show you in a second we came up with that ourselves and we install that
ourselves the point here is you don’t need to buy expensive office equipment
and we actually quoted and like I’m like it but those magnetic keycard access
systems for the office thousands of dollars to set it up we use lockitron
which is $99 per lock and then solve that ourselves and everybody has digital
electronic access to the office that we can add and remove we also made dumb ver
devices smart with these clothes so these lamps are just normal ikea limbs
and then by connecting them to these Alexa can turn them on or off whatever
she wants probably your favorite use for smart devices at the office is the
coffee so we connected one of these smart plugs to a coffee maker and then
whenever we say Alexa make coffee she automatically turns the coffee maker on
and leave it on for 20 minutes that gives us coffee that’s not burnt
out it’s just as magic as smart homes get even though we have to like pour the
coffee and the water in the coffee maker yeah I think that’s sad for the office
to get about home but hold on I forgot to mention we have a Roomba people always ask us if the room is
worth it and you have no idea how much worth it it is another part I wanted to
tell you about one of the coolest hacks we’ve come up with in the past few weeks
we came up with a couple of old iPads that we had laying around in her family
they’re really slow a lot of apps aren’t compatible so they were rather useless
you can find a similar iPad for I don’t know 50 dollars on eBay so we decided to
frame them and we came up with this the concept that we were going for here was
how do we make something that looks like an actual framed picture but that we can
change whenever we want it’s glass on top of it so I can’t really manipulate
the iPad the glass door makes it feel like there’s something inside again and
like baking this this picture inside of the frame he asked the guys at the
framing place to leave these little things so that we could open this frames
whenever we wanted and we try to do it maybe once once every couple weeks or so
put images that would be cool to whoever we had as a guest you can still see it
remember these really old connectors I think that it really adds some cool
factor to the apartment especially if you make it so that people don’t
obviously see that their iPad now last but not least your
entertainment system now there’s a big debate about it but the reality is that
people are moving from watching movies at theatres to watching movies at home
and there’s content now let’s say stuff like Game of Thrones
that’s almost movie quality so in my mind I want to enjoy that with an
experience as as close as possible to the to the movie theater so I bought a
home theater they’re rather affordable these days basic information on home
theaters what you have is of course four or five
speakers set up where the central speaker gives you voices and then you
have surround sound one thing about 4k is you need a good
internet connection speed to be able to stream 4k content and then there’s this
formula that I came across that tells you how far away from the TV you can be
to notice a difference between 4k and 1080p and surprisingly enough your TV
needs to be either very big or you need to be very close to the screen to notice
the difference another little hack that I came across is I stream all my content
via an Apple TV now I’m not endorsing the Apple TV particularly versus the
Amazon fire stick or the chromecast or whatever but if you own either of these
devices you can play around with DNS so as you know I live in Costa Rica and
sometimes when a stream content that’s only available in the US like Hulu my
Apple TV is set with my DNS service which is smart DNS proxy and that way I
get HBO now and I get us Netflix and I get us Hulu but if I want to stream the
local Netflix which sometimes has from TV series I have set the local Netflix
to my smart TV and that way without having to switch around IP addresses you
can just stream for both now another challenge we learning have so many
devices is why do you do with all the cables and that is a challenge you
really need to sit down and solve it in my case setting up these cables took me
maybe four hours we hit it all under our board games which has done a pretty good
job like I said if you have any questions
setting up any of these devices or using any of the features that I mentioned
shoot me a comment and I’ll try to get back to you within a few hours if you
like this content help my channel out by subscribing and I’ll see you next week

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