Should You Buy a Rental Property in a Flood Zone?

Should You Buy a Rental Property in a Flood Zone?

3 thoughts on “Should You Buy a Rental Property in a Flood Zone?

  1. Thank you Clayton, your videos are very informative. I was thinking about Indianapolis to start investing but was not sure if that is the best area to start.

  2. I'm using the next year or so to research about real estate investment (rental propertied) but a lot of friends are really advising me to not go in real estate because they themselves failed, because of the "risk" . I believe it's a good path but and by knowing the ins and outs you can do great. So Could you make a video on the top risks or reasons why people end up failing with rental properties and exits staretgies Incase something does go really bad.

  3. Great video. I live in northern New Jersey and have been looking for a multi family as my first home. I’ve been throwing offers and searching for over a year and decided to go and buy a single family instead. I found the perfect home in Wanaque, the realtor informed us it was not in a flood zone which was great news. They accepted my offer and upon further research the updated FEMA maps zoned the house a flood zone! Now I don’t know what to do. I do not want to buy a house that I will be stuck with forever. I’m worried that I will have a hard time selling in the future.

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