Shake Shack Burger Challenge at Home | Faster, Cheaper, Tastier Recipe

Shake Shack Burger Challenge at Home | Faster, Cheaper, Tastier Recipe

If you want to make Shake Shack burgers
much faster, cheaper, a lot more delicious and probably a little more healthier at
home. This is the recipe for you! This format that you’re going to watch
is our original format which in Turkey, we have lots of take aways. So, we order
some food and in half hour – 40 minutes the takeaway comes in. So, the challenge
is about until the takeaway comes in, I’m going to make everything from scratch.
We’ll try to make it faster than the takeaway comes at home. So, for today, I’m going to make the great Shack Burger and its incredible mayo sauce. Together with
its crunchy and with wiggly chips altogether probably under 30 minutes. I
didn’t do it from scratch but we can always do it on scratch, it’s just two
minutes different. So, if you’re ready guys, we can start! Okay, first we
start by ordering. (speaking in Turkish) Hi, two Shack burgers, two regular chips, mayo sauce please. How much? 62? Okay, bye.
They said, they’re ready in the store, five to seven minutes. They are really
fast but the takeaway here right now doesn’t work because we’re kind of far
away. So, one person from us is going to go and get it. But in total, I’m going to
arange my phone in 30 minutes. So that… ayy, one second, pardon! Sorry guys! I started the
timer. Timer is here. So, I’m going to first, turn on the heat for the potatoes.
I’m also going to turn the heat for cast iron to cook the burgers. There is
sunflower oil. But whatever oil that you do the frying, would do. So first, I’m
going to take the skins off the potatoes. In Turkey these gadgets are sold in ferries, boats. For these, we have the organic bin so these are going to go the
soil, keep in mind. So, it’s quite fast, if I was making my own potatoes, I wouldn’t
de skin them because it’s very tasty, and etc. So, we no need. But, because we’re
doing the challenge, I am. Now, I have a cutter like this. So, I’m going to cut
them this thick. A little thinner..
Slices like this. This is how the wiggly potatoes are made. If any of the slices
are too big, you can always go and cut them again and become something like this.
Now, the potatoes are done. I’m going to check, whether the oil is okay, it’s
great. I put some wood and if it’s frying like this, it’s done. So, I take the
extra water out by a clean towel. I want it to be crunchier. So, the water makes
it more moist it’s going to be less crunchy. So now, it’s frying really nicely.
I’m adding all these. Now, all the potatoes are in. I turn the heater a bit
more because now that all these goodies are in, it will lower the temperature of
the oil. And now, I can go to make the mayonnaise sauce. Two tablespoons of
mayonnaise, a half teaspoon of mustard, two pinches of sugar, 3 garlic, like this. The
most important thing about this mayo And garlic flavors so I’ve also
added a bit of garlic powder as well. The fresh garlic works differently, the
powder works differently. Two of them together is really good. And then, for
spiciness I’m going to put almost a half of teaspoon of paprika and mix all these
together. And to this, for the flavors to open up, I’m going to put, these are my
pickles that I made, two tablespoons of pickle juice. This makes the whole
difference. You know, we can now see the redness of the paprika sauce right now.
But with the pickle juice and two three minutes inside the sauce this is going
to become redder the dots will disappear and the whole taste is going to get
blended. If you do not have pickle juice, you can use vinegar but the pickle juice
is like amazing in this. Don’t use sweet pickle juice ,use if you can
find non sweet, not like German style but Turkish style pickle juice. I’m going to
taste it. It’s very nice but I’ll add a bit more
pickle juice and you can change this according to your taste.
For now, it’s really really great. So, the sauce is done,
chips are getting fried. Now, here comes the burgers. For the burgers, what I’ll
need is two cups like this that I’m going to use when I’m cooking, butter for
the bread, some lettuce, some cheese and one tomato.
This is not something waste this is really good for the soil, for the world.
So for now I haven’t thrown anything away. I’m going to use the tomatoes with
the skin on, two slices for each burger. In some burgers they use one. I have to
cut the bread. This one? Normally, in United States, when I checked all over
the world in other countries, they use something called the potato bread but we
don’t have it in Turkey. It was very similar bread that you buy in a
supermarket, or one day we can make a different one. The most important thing
about the Shake-Shack burger is the meat. I shot a little video, just
before I started for you to understand the difference. What makes Shake Shack
burgers much different than any other burger chains. Usually the most
well-known burger chains, what they do is they prepare the meatballs or meat
patties early, probably in a factory or something and then, they come frozen. The
difference of Shake Shack is they never get freezed, from the butcher to the
burgers. To be able to do this, what they do is this is the animal, this is the cow,
calf and the meat is from this area which is around the ribs. It’s really
fatty, it’s closer to the bone, it doesn’t move. So, it’s very very tasty. How its
grinded is also very important. For example, this is double grinded and this
is just grinded for once. The difference, as you can see is this is
like each is like small packs of juice and taste whereas this is much more
minced. So, you have to ask the butcher for a single grinded meat from the ribs.
If all these things are ready, we can order and start our challenge. Now what
for the meats, it’s 200 grams for two burgers so I’m going to divide this into
two like this. No salt, no pepper, nothing. I make a whole
round thing, like this. I’m going to put a bit of salt to my pan. I’m going to put a
bit of pepper to the pan and there’s nothing, just the meat. I’m going to put
the patties like this to cook. So, if you do not have something like this, you can
use the bottom of a pan or something. And the shack part what they want is they
say we wanted crunch at the bottom, they want to really really cook the bottom
side. It’s very important as they say. I’m going to turn the burgers like this. And
now, on top of them, I’m going to add two slices of cheddar cheese. For them to
melt, I’m going to put them small cups like this and I put a bit of butter for both
sides and put the bread to the melting butter. First the sauce. Then the burgers. Then the lettuce comes, like this. I’m
going to put a little bit more than they usually use, and two slices of tomatoes,
and to the top some more mayo. The burgers are done.
How many minutes? 20 minutes.. In 20 minutes, we’re almost ready. I’m going to
put the extra sauce for the potatoes. The potatoes are golden now. I’m smoking hot, yeah thank you Burak! Beauty is in the eye of the
beholder so you see me burning, he’s seeing me as smoking hot.
Again the hoca comes and ask for the potatoes. We have a church nearby, the
bells are ringing, they wanted from the cheese as well and also the hoca wants!
The most important thing is we don’t crowd the potatoes,
take all the excess out with a sieve, salt it. Here we go, the burgers and the fries are
ready, 26 minutes but actually, it was ready five minutes ago. So all done, under 30 minutes.
Probably, three or four minutes later, they are going to come with the order and we
can’t make the tasting. Now, I want two candidates wants to taste it. Come Tunç, of course Burak because he just said great things about me in this
video. Would you like a blindfold? We had, we lost it. Okay, okay. He really doesn’t see it. Okay, first, we start with you. Now I’m going to give you the chips of
the burger. The burger that I have given you, I’m going to give the chips of the
that burger. Now the other one. What’s that?
Try the chips. First chips of the second one? I have mixed the… Bravo!! I’ve mixed the chips. In both we won.
Okay, we can take it off. Now, I would like you to try the mayo actually. Try this
one. You like your job, don’t you? Burak, the rest of the burger is yours.
What I did was I mixed up the chips, with this burger I gave you my chips and you
like the first ones chips which was these, these are. You like the second
burger and it was ours. And it was just dripping with the juices, so I had
all my hands were… Perfect!
So, you can eat the rest. So, if you like this challenge and if you want
us to make other challenges, please write them down. If you liked the video, please
definitely like it; so people like you will be able to see these videos. And one
thing you should definitely do is to subscribe to our channel. Thank you so
much and take care..

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