See a Small Apartment Become a Glamorous Dream Home

(calming music) – My life as I was growing
up was extremely adventurous. Coming from an Army background, my dad moved all over the
country, every couple of years. I think we took our home
with us wherever we went. So my sense of home was really more people than a place, growing up. (chime tones) I think as I moved into adulthood, became a finance professional, I think the need and the
desire to put down roots grew stronger and stronger with time. I’m looking for a very calm space. Something that, you
know, would make me feel like I’m in home every day. I was very clear that I wanted
to completely customize this, just for myself. I, therefore, agreed with the builder that I would take the place,
pretty much bare shell, with absolutely nothing inside and I would build out everything according to my style and my design. I started using the Houzz app, which I had heard about from my sisters, while in US for inspiration, started browsing through
photos, creating ideabooks, basically, you know, trying
to find all the things that could suit my sensibility and which I felt would look
great in a home for me. I managed to find some very
interesting professionals on there, read through the reviews, saw the kind of look that they had done through all the pictures
that were up there. Eventually, I thought the
team that I would work the most well with was Smit and Rajvi. – Shalini had a lot of ideas in her mind. – She was like, “I
would want these colors. I would want this. I would want this.” She came to us with an entire
ideabook made on Houzz. It was really thrilling for us, to know that she was so strong in her head of how, the design, she wants it. She had a vision in her mind, but I think she just needed
some help executing it. – A lot of the very diverse,
disparate ideas I had, we were able to harmonize everything and bring it together into one place. I wanted a lot of color. I wanted some bling. I like brightness in my every day life and I wanted the house to reflect that. As I started working,
extensively with Smit and Rajvi, we were able to communicate and
collaborate with each other, through the Houzz app as well. – And through Houzz app and the, and kind of the ideas we got, we were able to accommodate
all that into a design. – We wanted to create an open, airy look. So while there are some
demarcations in a few walls, as we look around, we will
see that there is still a lot of open space, which
makes the apartment, honestly, look much larger than it really is. – When we are short on space in general, and that’s when we came onsite
and we saw the apartment. We realized that to fit in all
the ideas that Shalini had, all the challenge, the original layout was in such a way that it hindered light and
ventilation and there was, it’s all very rigid. So what we did is we
opened up the entire wall into a glass partition with a wide door and you backed it up with a blind. – The master bedroom, if
you see, it has a lot of textures in it, like
the rest of the house. It is a little more sober, subtle, but if you go inside the master bedroom there is like, it’s a
combination of modern and rustic style infused together. Again, as you go into the walk-in closet, the peach and the pinks
and everything is repeated inside the walk-in, so
that’s how the connection of the space is still there, two colors, but it’s different in terms of style. – So much, I think, of our time is spent, at least your personal time
is spent getting ready. But I was very clear that I
did not want to compromise on my dressing area and my cupboard space. So that was really the genesis for the idea of having a walk-in closet, which meant, of course, giving up space for
perhaps a second bedroom. But for me and my lifestyle, I thought it was definitely
the best decision and in retrospect I have
absolutely no complaints. – She wanted to display
her watches and jewelry and that’s when she told us that she wants an island counter. Now, to have an island
counter in a restricted space or something, was a challenge to us, but we made it in such a way that the island counter itself,
she displays the jewelry and the belongings of Shalini on the top and the bottom drawers for her clothes. – I’m a very social person and I’ve always had a lot of friends visit, you know, I entertain so much. One of my largest dreams
in fact to the design team was that I want a stunning bar which people look at
the minute they walk in. – The bar is the most
distinctive feature in the house. It was tailored after
specific size bottle, the sizes of the bottles and the glasses. The bar had to be very
opulent and, you know, had to be an awe-striking feature. So that’s when we played with
a lot of light and texture in the bar. The center table itself is broken into four small, square pieces. When there are more people
coming and, you know, socializing. They can use each piece
of the center table for their own interaction. The grid of nine ground
mirrors the we’ve done. As soon as you enter, it
interacts with the person. Also it adds a depth to the living room. Even the TV, the television,
we made Shalini sit and we matched it to the eye level and we got the television just right, so that, you know, she is very comfortable at watching television. – I think we took a decision
to make the bathrooms slightly larger and offer a
very luxurious look and finish, with gold tints in various
places in the master bath. And I think that’s another
space that has turned out, you know, beyond my expectation. – All the wiring in the house is concealed in a very interesting way. We had the trillium move
the main distribution board in a way that we can conceal
it near the television and the wires are just behind,
right behind the panels. But also, you can open up that panel and use it for your WiFi
system or music system. And the wires are all concealed
in a very perfect way. – Finally my dream home was ready and with great excitement,
I moved in here. It’s been awhile now and I
think everything that we planned has, is working beautifully. Every inch of space has been conceived for a particular reason,
and I’m using it for that. So I start my mornings in the living room with my cup of tea and my newspapers. I spend a lot of time
getting dressed for my day, which I know is going to be chaotic, so that little bit of peace in the morning allows me, you know, that
quiet time to enjoy myself. As I inhabit the space, I
realize that I’ve actually made these four walls into a home. It is unapologetically all about me and I think I enjoy every
moment of my day here and I can’t wait to come home every day.

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