San Francisco Real Estate Market Update

San Francisco Real Estate Market Update

Hi! My name is Fred Glick and I’m the Broker of Record here
at Onerent and also I’ve owned real estate. I understand what you’re going through. It’s crazy out there. Let’s take a look at the current rental
market trends in San Francisco here on Glick Watch. Everybody asks,
Why are rents so high? The constant rise of tech
companies in the Bay Area is directly contributing
to the increase in population. Companies like Uber, Workday
Facebook, Google are hiring talent from outside
of the area and bringing them in here. The problem is there’s not enough places
for them to live. And we can’t even convert things
quick enough. So where is the market going? Even though CurbedSF in September said “A one bedroom is $3,420,
and a two bedroom is $4,720″ “that’s down 2.7 percent year over year
and 0.8 percent since last month.” Now the dots are connecting. Over the past year because of
the global economy new election, and job crisis the pace of rent increases have been
up and down in the Bay Area. However the demand
still will be consistent over the next few months for sure. What can a renter do? First, think about your day. What kind of schedule do you have? Maybe, you could take Bart or Caltrain and live a little farther away
than you wanted to. There are cool hidden
in the neighborhoods that has some lofts in Oakland
or something that’s new construction in Burlingame. Look around. Because of the “Looney Tunes” housing
market in the “Sillycon Valley” and the rest of the Bay Area. you may have to give something up
to get what you want. Learn about our full comprehensive
market trends on our real estate blog
at Thank you for watching. and be over lookout
for more Glick Watch.

2 thoughts on “San Francisco Real Estate Market Update

  1. Have you ever asked…

    How can there be a housing shortage in every major city in the world?

    I call bullshit, this is a function of investment and low interest rates that will one day turn around.

  2. Oakland, Daly City San Jose, Richmond Berkeley, Los Gatos, and more over are all over priced because landlords are taking advantage of the fact that there is little regulations especially due to air bnb

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