Running a Screen Printing Business at Home VLog 4

Running a Screen Printing Business at Home VLog 4

what is up screen printers welcome to
another edition of running your screen printing business from home today it’s
Sunday we have a lot to catch up on so we’re getting a little bit of a late
start today because it is Sunday but we’re going to knock out a lot of
projects today so we’re gonna go ahead and open up the shop it’s a little cold
outside y’all stay tuned and we’ll show you what we got going on today generally
I would go ahead and open up the shop as in just open the garage door
but I think what I’m going to go ahead and do first is just turn on our screen
printing equipment so to start warming things up in here as you can see we got
a lot going on over here these are all orders that were working on start to get
a little disorganized might be time for a shop but we’re trying to keep our
overhead costs down we have this print you like how I did that we have this job
to finish up it is a six color spot process job you can see the half-tones
that went down these are 100% polyester shirts and you can see our six colors
that were working with so we have this to finish up and quite a bit other
things stick around guys will show you what we got going on while things are
warming up in the shop I’m gonna work on some back-end stuff on the computer one
of the things I’m gonna work on you guys out there might not realize but doing
all this back-end stuff we’re creating these videos on YouTube it’s taking
quite a bit of work I’ve revised my thumbnails
put my mug as a the icon I’m going to go ahead and revise this banner to make
everything looked a little more consistent with the rest of the channel
let’s dive in now that we have that all finished we’re
going to set up some artwork for plotting okay now we have our artwork all
digitized let’s end the plotting software we’re gonna do some plotting
and we going to double check all my settings everything looks good take a
look at our preview looks pretty kick-ass let’s let it rip okay now that the plotting is all
finished it’s time to do some weeding let’s do it time to fire the trusty heat press while
the heat press is warming up I’m gonna sort out my shirts get my numbers and
then I’m gonna place the numbers on top of each individual shirts that way to
make it a lot quicker to heat press these things I’ll show you what we’re
talking about not sure if you guys know this but one of the things about TSC if
you pick up shirts it kind of looks like me picking up the groceries watch okay
gang we got everything I’ll sort it out this was talking about for each t-shirt
I have the corresponding number ready to go so I’ll make it as quick as possible
so we I’m not shifting two shirts let’s heat press some shirts this thing on okay it’s time to get
after a little bit of that firewater for
those long night runs okay
we’re good to go now okay everybody we got that all taken
care of now we have to do a back print for
another order to finish it up as well presses all broken down we have our
screen set aside let’s get the other screen loaded up it’s a print flash
print with white but we’ll get these taken care of okay guys we got that all taken care of
we have one more order to do it’s pretty simple fifteen shirts print flash print
take us about I don’t know why I keep doing that like I have a watch but so 15
shirts one color white I believe is royal blue shirts print flash print
they’ll take us about 15 minutes it’s two o’clock in the morning right now
gonna go ahead and finish this up when I’m finished with this I’m gonna go edit
this video I have a client coming over at 8 o’clock in the morning so I don’t
know I might get a couple two or three hours of sleep I might not even go to
sleep I might just stay up so okay it’s all part of the game so stick around
we’re gonna go ahead and finish these shirts let’s do it well I think that’s
just about concludes our day because these were all supposed to be excuse me
royal royal blue and we have some black shirts here so looks like somebody
messed up and I’m pretty sure it was me let me just go ahead well I’m beat
that’s about it for today guys be sure to subscribe click the Bell
notifications that way you’ll get updates as to when we post our next
video be sure to like our videos share and we’ll see you guys next time

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