Room For Rent

Sarv mangal manglye Shive Sarwarth Sadhike! Sarney Trambkey Gauri Narayani Namostute!! He is Vikash Singh Karki. He is famous very much in girls dream. He is very much upset with hostel noise,
and wanted to leave the hostel in final year of B.Tech. He is Vivek Pal. He is upset with hostel meal. He is a final year student in B.Tech.
But looks like a boy. No any stress on his face.
Everyone is asking about him always. His name is ♪♫♪ Sachin. What you want? Uncle,
Have you room for rent? No, havn’t any. Auntie,
Have you room for rent? I only gives room to girls. Here also not available room for rent.
Let’s go!! I’m not coming with you. I’m very upset to finding a room for rent
from morning. We can stay in hostel.
So, why we trying to search a room for rent? Don’t loose your patience.We can make fun
by staying outside from hostel. Let’s go for room
Let’s find here…. Karki, you knock the door this time. I’m not going to knock the door. I’m very upset from morning and also not going to
enter. You both may go for room. Listen me, I had knocked the door last time. You looks like a honest person. The chance for room
is high. The room owner will impress by you. Listen me. Say yes! Say yes! Ok.
Ok, this one is last time….. I think he is dumb..☺☻ What you whant to say??☺ Uncle,
We want a room for rent.☻ Why you not told me first???
Come with me I will show you….☺ Let’s go… Come here boys… This is a room available for rent. This is kitchen….. Washroom is outside… Proper working fan… One Almirah and one bed….. This is alright for this room…. Very – very good room uncle…. We wanted a room like this… Is any problem with electricity..?? No, not any problem..
electricity is available 24×7… Uncle, how can we bath..??
Is water supply regularly..?? Bro, water is available for who bath daily.
you are looking like a person who don’t
take bath after Holi(Indian Festival) Subtitle: to be continued…

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